VGuard Zenora RO + UF + MB Price In India

The VGuard ZENORA RO + UF + MB Price In India is priced at Rs. 13,049 with color variations of Black and White. For further detailed discussions of VGuard ZENORA RO + UF + MB Price In India, read below.

V Guard Zenora RO 7 Stage Purification Water Purifier
  • Capacity: 7 liters
  • Type: RO + UF + TDS
12/03/2021 02:16 am GMT

The Zenora Water purifier is an advanced multi-stage product designed to last long in India’s west water conditions. It is a perfect product to treat water with TDS upto 2000 ppm. They possess seven stages of purification added with long-lasting filters and advanced hollow fiber membrane.

VGuard Zenora RO + UF + MB Price In India
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VGuard Zenora RO + UF + MB Price In India

The ZENORA RO + UF + MB water purifier is priced at Rs. 7,931 on Amazon whereas it is Rs. 13,049 on the official site.

With the multi-stage purification, the Zenora Water purifier includes four membranes and three stages. The three stages are pre-RO treatment, RO treatment, and Post-RO treatment. The four membranes have Pre-filter with large dirt capacity, anti-microbial pre-carbon, sediment filter, and RO membrane.  

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With the three LED indicators, the Zenora Water purifier is designed to indicate the purification on, low pressure, and full tank status on the water purifier. With the storage, the Zenora Water purifier is equipped with a 7-liter storage tank with a flow rate of ten to twelve liters per hour. 

Other than the above filters, there are three other external filters: post-carbon GAC filter, mineral balancer filter, and UF membrane filter. With a power consumption of 36W, the Best RO Water Purifier In India 2021 is packed with one N water purifier, one prefilter, one user manual, one wall mounting kit, one integrated diverter valve, one white tube, one SMPS adapter, and one RO membrane.

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Summing Up

Overall, the 6.35 Kg Zenora Water purifier has a one-year warranty and a ten-day of replacement policy. 

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