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Upstox Referral Code 2022

Through this Upstox Referral Code, sign up with Upstox and get free brokerage credits in 2022. Here is the guide to use Referral code.

If you plan to open an account with Upstox, you have made a great decision for sure, and you will certainly have a brilliant trading journey. However, do you know, you can use our Upstox Referral Code to open an account with Upstox at just Rs 249?

If you weren’t aware of it, this post would get you every single detail about the Upstox Referral code and how you can claim it. I am sure you are very excited, and so, without much ado, let’s dive in.

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Upstox Referral Code

Upstox Referral Code 2022

Using our Upstox Referral Code link, you can open a Upstox account for as low as Rs 249. Isn’t that exciting? Many people have already made the most out of this offer, and you must capitalize on it too. Further, it is not a complicated process, and I will explain how you can claim the Upstox Referral Code 2022 deal and sign up with Upstox.


How to use Upstox Referral Code?

You might think claiming the deal is a bit complicated, but it’s actually the other way round and in fact, claiming the deal is just about clicking on our Upstox Referral Code link and getting to the Upstox sign-up page. However, the part that some people may find difficult to deal with is the sign-up process, and I will guide you with that as well. 


Precisely, there are two ways to go about opening an account with Upstox. First, there is an offline method wherein you could submit all the mandatory documents at your nearby Upstox office. Second, there is an online method wherein the entire process could be completed over your pc with a working internet connection. Therefore, I am going to guide you through the online process of opening an account with Upstox.

However, before going ahead with the sign-up, I would first want you to get a few things ready with you, and that includes:

  1. Scanned copy of your Aadhaar Card
  2. Scanned copy of your PAN Card
  3. The mobile number linked with your Aadhaar Card
  4. Canceled Cheque
  5. Latest Bank Statement

Step 1: Click on our link to get to the Signup page.

You could start by clicking on our Upstox Referral Code link and get to the Upstox page Sign-up page. Next, you could enter your email id or mobile number and click on the Send OTP button. An OTP will be sent to your mobile number or email, which you could enter and confirm on the Upstox page. I suggest you use your email or mobile number, which is linked to your Aadhaar Card. 

Step 2: Verify Identify and complete the payment process

After that, you will need to enter your Aadhaar card details and verify your identity using the OTP sent to your mobile number linked with your Aadhaar Card. After verifying your identity, you pay the account opening charges, but before that, you must make sure you select the right instruments which can help Equities, Derivatives, Commodities, etc. 

Step 3: Upload your documents and select a plan.

Next, you can upload your documents, select a plan and submit your application. This is pretty much it, and you can expect your Upstox account to get activated within 24 hours. After it’s activated, you will receive your Upstox ID and password to your email.

Reasons to choose Upstox.

Now that you know how to signup and open an account with Upstox, I want to give you good clarity on the service so that you could start without any doubt. The company was founded in 2011, and it launched its mobile trading platform in 2016. There are good reasons for choosing this platform, and let me explain the pros of this service one by one. 

Upstox comes from users with good leverage.

Leverage is an excellent feature that allows you to buy and sell more stocks than your purchasing power. However, the feature is not recommended for absolute beginners unless one has a decent knowledge of technical analysis. Still, with a good knowledge of technical analysis, you can certainly make a lot of money using this feature. 

It is also important to make yourselves aware of the recent SEBI regulation, according to which you must pay an upfront payment of 20% of the total trade value to use this feature.

Upstox has advanced charts and technical indicators.

No one can rule out the importance of technical analysis in trading and investment. Many believe that technical analysis works better than fundamental analysis; however, unlike before, you don’t have to look for experts to learn technical analysis since Upstox comes with all the technical analysis tools and tutorials. 

Upstox Dashboard

Even if you have zero knowledge of technical analysis, you should be able to get the hang of technical analysis in two months with consistent learning and practicing. Most importantly, the platform comes with advanced charts like Candlestick charts and many technical indicators using which you can have the best trade for yourself with high accuracy.

Upstox comes with multiple order types and timeframes.

Different traders and investors have different ways of going about trades and investing opportunities. Upstox is an ideal platform for all types of users since it comes with multiple order types such as AMO, CO, BO, etc. Besides, the platform also has different timeframes to help the traders keep up with the price and volume of stocks.

Upstox helps you trade on the go.

There is a huge difference between the traditional way of trading and how trading is done these days. While in old times, one will essentially have to call the exchange to place and execute an order, traders can keep up with the stock prices and trade on the go from anywhere these days. 

Upstox other charges

What made it possible is mobile trading, and Upstox has brilliant apps on Android and iOS that allow users to have almost all the functionalities they would usually have when using Upstox on their PC, including the usage of candlestick charts and technical indicators. This makes trading ridiculously simple and convenient for Upstox users. 

Claiming the Upstox Referral Code isn’t really hard, right?

I am sure you have greatly enjoyed reading this post and have good clarity on the Upstox Referral Code now. I have explained the procedure of claiming the deal, and just as you have seen in this post, it isn’t hard at all. However, some people may get stuck in the signup process, which is why I thought of walking you through all the steps involved in the signup process as well, and I am sure you are pretty clear with it now. 

Upstox is a great trading platform for sure, and I am particularly very impressed with its mobile apps. Once you start trading on this platform, I am sure you will enjoy every bit of it.

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