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Top 10 Tips To Maintain Mattress

The Hygienic Mattress requires much care, but do not get alarmed; it is very simple to provide this care. You will only need to do some small things which will make a big difference. We are here to save you and give 10 Tips to Maintain Mattress

Like already said, you do not need to spend hours doing this. Just follow a few simple tips to maintain mattress like it is brand new! Let us get started. 

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Tips To Maintain Mattress

1. No Jumping On The Bed

The first one is for all you parents out there who are already busy juggling between many things. Another thing you need to add to the list of “NO’s” to your children is “no jumping on the bed.” 

You must make sure your children do not jump on the bed because it can really damage the structure of your Mattress and even dirty it to an extent. Not only will the structure get damaged it will also spoil the foam and the foundation of your mattress, leading it to wear out within no time.

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2. Good Mattress Support

Just like you, your mattress also needs a good support system to last for long. Each type of mattress needs a different kind of support. For example, a spring mattress will need a matching spring box as a foundation, and memory foam would need strong and solid support. Hence, make sure that the foundation suits your mattress and supports it. 

You can simply lookup on the internet for the best support options for your mattresses, or most of the time, this information comes in the user manual along with the mattress when you buy it. So, you can read through for more instructions. 

3. Use Good Mattress Protector

Investing in a good mattress protector and using it from day one is essential. It is something you should not think twice about because it has so many benefits. The first and foremost benefit is that it will ensure that accidental spills on the bed will not affect your mattress as they are waterproof and save your mattress from these accidents. 

If you spilled something like wine that leaves a stain, this is the best option as it will not let your mattress get stained. It will also protect your Foam Mattress from bodily oils and sweat. This way, moisture or other unwanted substances will not enter the mattress, and it will be clean and safe to use. However, make sure to wash the protector regularly. 

4. Rotate Mattress Regularly

No matter what material your mattress is made of or whatever size it is, you have to rotate it every now and then. By rotating, we mean rest your mattress 180 degrees from head to foot on a wall. Do this at least every six months. 

This will ensure that the pressure is distributed evenly and prevent from forming depressions on your Latex Mattress. Although some of the mattress companies say that this is not necessary, you should do it anyway. 

5. Careful Not To Have Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are not only dangerous to you, but it also ruins your mattress in no time. If you are traveling for a long time, it is best to cover your mattress with something like a “bed bug-proof mattress encasement” to avoid bugs from entering and damaging your mattress while you are away. 

Once you are back, make sure that you do not leave your luggage near the mattress because these unwanted particles dirty your bed and even cause bed bugs and ruin your mattress. 

6. Move Your Mattress Carefully

If you are moving your mattress then, you must be careful not to bend it and damage the mattress. Make sure to secure your mattress using a cover to avoid any dust from collecting and handle it with care.

It may be difficult for one person to move a mattress without bedding it, so take the help of another person to do it. Keep them upright so that they do not sag, and experts suggest that you do not drag your mattress. 

7. Time For Sunbath

Your mattress also needs some time out in the sun for a while. Yes, we realize that it sounds ridiculous, but it is very important that your mattress gets exposed to the sun for a few hours every once in a few months. 

The sunlight will help kill any unwanted bacteria and foreign substances that may damage the mattress. This will also dry out excess moisture and prevent your mattress from getting molds. However, keep the bed bugs covered on the mattress if you are afraid that the bed bugs might enter while it is outside. 

8. Read The Cleaning Directions

We have already made it very clear that every mattress is different and needs to be cleaned differently. So, to know what is best for your mattress, you can simply look at the user manual that comes along with the mattress when you buy it. 

No matter what, one of the basic things to keep in mind is not to pour anything on your bed, as stains and tacky surfaces are extremely uncomfortable. You can try spot treatment for a situation like an accidental spill. 

9. No Pets Allowed

We realize that you love your pet, but it is best to give them their own bed instead of sharing yours. It is great to have your pet cuddling you, but it might damage your mattress. Even if you maintain your pet very well and make sure they are well-groomed, they will still shed some hair, and their feet might also have some dirt from all their walks. So, sadly it is best to give your pets their own bed. 

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Source – Wakefit

10. Wash The Bed Linens Regularly

Having clean linens on your bed is one of the most important factors for maintaining your mattress. It would be best if you change the linens at least once a month. Doing this has many advantages. 

As we use linens, they collect all kinds of dust, sweat, and other bodily oil, which may not be so good for your mattress. Cleaning the linens regularly will not only help you with maintaining the mattress, but it will also be good for your skin and protect it.

Final Summary For Tips To Maintain Mattress

As you can see, you do not need to do anything extraordinary to maintain your mattress. You only need to be more careful about how you handle your mattress except for the mattress cover. You really do not need other products to help you with this. As far as mattress covers are concerned, it is more like an investment as it will last for a long time and saves you money from having to buy a new mattress because the old one wore out.

Follow these simple steps and tricks, and we guarantee that your bed will be as good as new and will also not wear out quickly. We hope you found this article about 10 Tips to Maintain Mattress helpful and valuable. All the best! We are sure your mattress will be great! 

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