Sony Alpha ILCE 6000Y 24.3MP DSLR Price In India

The Sony Alpha ILCE 6000Y DSLR Price In India is Rs. 53,990.  Also, the Sony Alpha ILCE 6000Y DSLR Price In India is more affordable on Amazon. 

Sony Alpha ILCE 6000Y 24.3 MP DSLR Camera
  • Resolution: 24.3 MP
  • ISO: 100-25600 sensitivity range
10/17/2021 05:52 am GMT

Sony Alpha ILCE 6000Y, with its 24.3 megapixels, transforms your everyday images into gorgeous videos and photography that allows you to feel those moments via your shots. Sony Alpha ILCE 6000Y is as powerful as a pro camera while being compact and easy to handle and operate. 

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Image Credits: Sony

With considerably larger image sensors and brighter lenses, a Sony mirrorless camera ensures excellent lighting in your photos. It also boasts a clever image processor that provides clear, low-noise shots even when the Sony Alpha ILCE 6000Y camera flash is not turned on, so your subject isn’t disturbed. Sony mirrorless cameras are compact and simple to operate, so simply holding one will make them the top pick.

Sony Alpha ILCE 6000Y DSLR Price In India

The Sony Alpha ILCE 6000Y DSLR Price in India starts from ₹61,490. Compare and buy Sony Alpha ILCE 6000Y DSLR online at the lowest price in India.

Features and Specializations

With the Sony Alpha 6000 mirrorless camera, your enthusiasm for photography will go well beyond the possibilities of a DSLR. When it comes to folks who want to do some casual photography and possibly pursue it further as a hobby, this is a fantastic option. 

Because of the Best DSLR under 50000 tiny design, it is easy to carry and use. The pictures taken with the kit lens are excellent quality, allowing you to capture high-resolution images and videos. There are other characteristics and specializations of this Sony Alpha ILCE 6000Y camera in addition to these.

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Image Credits: Sony

Take a look at some of the Sony Alpha ILCE 6000Y’s features below: 

  1. Wide 179 AF Points: This Sony Alpha ILCE 6000Y camera has a big area that contributes to good dim light and low luminance performance, ensuring that all of your images come out in good lighting even in dull backdrops, all thanks to its wide 179-point, all cross-type AF.
  1. 4D Focus: With a unique image sensor that perceives both space and time, 4D FOCUS captures moving subjects with unprecedented clarity, allowing you to snap clearer photographs than ever before with even little details that stand out.
  1. Eye Autofocus: Isn’t it true that capturing the eye with a camera is the most beautiful element of a photographer’s job? When shooting stills, you can use eye autofocus to acquire a fast, accurate eye recognition or tracking performance. 
  1. Continuous Shooting: If you require a Sony camera that can handle fast action and tracking, this camera’s continuous shooting capability of up to 11 frames per second will help you achieve quick response and make the most of the excellent tracking. 
  1. Connectivity: Wi-Fi and NFC connectivity make it simple to exhibit and share your incredible photography and videography, and this camera comes with two built-in connectors that let you control your smartphone remotely. You may take and review photos at the same time with ease, then transfer them to your smartphone right away for improved sharing.
  1. OLED Viewfinder: While using your Sony Alpha ILCE 6000Y camera, you will want your display to contain all modes, as well as a grid display, among other features, so that you can use it more easily while shooting. If that’s the case, the Sony Alpha ILCE 6000Y camera succeeds thanks to a novel optical system with four double aspherical lenses that provide 100 percent frame coverage and a wide viewing angle.
  1. Compact Design: The Sony Alpha ILCE 6000Y stands out in the market for its tiny body design and versatility. It is around half the size and weight of a conventional DSLR yet has the same APS-C image sensor as most DSLRs.
  1. 54 Mirror Lens: The compact and lightweight Sony Sony Alpha ILCE 6000Y lenses produce high-quality photographs with the superb corner-to-corner resolution, allowing you to capture the world through your eyes and your camera with incredible detail. You can record moments that you’ll want to remember forever with a variety of lenses.
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Image Credits: Sony

Why Choose Sony Alpha ILCE 6000Y?

This Sony Alpha ILCE 6000Y camera is one of the best for newcomers who wish to learn more about photography. You can use the benefit of having an external lens for professional work as well, making your job easier. 

The picture quality on the Sony Alpha is incredible, and with rapid autofocus and continuous shooting at 11 frames per second, it’s a workhorse. It also allows you to capture 1080p video at 60 frames per second, which is really impressive for the price. This Sony Alpha ILCE 6000Y camera is suitable for anyone, as it has functions for both beginners and professionals.

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