Snapchat Users In India

Snapchat, the most popular social media platform, is no longer a simple one. It has grown enough to compete with other leading social networking sites, including Facebook. Such that there are unbelievable Snapchat users in India today. 

In this article, let us know more about the Snapchat statistics and the related information about it.

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Snapchat Users In India

Snapchat has a bigger audience in India and in other countries as well. As of July 2021’s report, the US had the biggest Snapchat audience of around 105.25 million users. 

Following the US audience, the Indian audience stands second with a base of around 99.8 million users. The photo-sharing platform is projected to reach around 400 million global users within 2024.

Being one of the most popular social media platforms, Snapchat’s advertising revenue has hit about 2.6 million US dollars in 2021. Added, Snapchat is a mobile-first social network with the majority of visits. The majority of users log in to Snapchat through mobile phones. 

Mobile phones have become the reason why Snapchat has become so popular. The vanishing photo-sharing function has been popularized among friends and family. Later, it has adopted other photo and messaging apps, including Instagram, WhatsApp, and Facebook. Despite the competition, Snapchat users have got a higher engagement rate. 

Snapchat Reaches Milestone in India

With a 150 percent growth in daily active users, Snapchat has grown with a user base of 60 million in India. Snapchat’s team in India has been focusing on culture-relevant products, community engagement, and partnerships as well. (source)

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Citing many examples in India, Snapchat has covered over 70 million people and has watched many themes relevant to the country. It has also introduced Diwali-themed lenses that were used more than 500 million times, which is 8x times more than the engagement rate of Diwali lenses noted in the last year.

Thereby, Snapchat has invested in boosting the Indian creators in developing lenses. Around 6000 AR experiences will be developed in November 2020. The lens named “Smoke Flare Lens” has gone viral in the country and garnered billions of views.

Snapchat To Double Up Its Expansion In India

Snapchat has completed two years in India. So far, it has witnessed an increased spike in its users for the past five quarters. Snapchat’s parent company plans to expand the apps with increased hire, content partnerships, and hyperlocal experiences. 

In its recent June quarter report, Snapchat reported global revenue of about $982 million. It is double the count when compared to the previous year. Snapchat has also registered as the highest user growth with 293 million DAU (daily active users) in India. 

Recently, Snapchat has confirmed that India has become a significant part of its global community. The company also seems to be expanding its team in India. It focuses on augmented local reality to boost sales and creative strategy. 

Snapchat’s key focus in India is to create culturally relevant experiences for the users. As discussed above, it has launched the third landmark lens in India. It can be experienced at India Gate in New Delhi. 

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Snapchat users will be notified to point their camera at it when they are nearby India Gate. Once the user does, the monument will be embellished in a tricolor mode.

Snapchat Announces Tools For Creators In India

Snapchat, with its 500 million active users, announced a suite of new AR-related features. It boosts the businesses and creators on the respective platforms. Snapchat has also made various announcements that bring immense benefits to Indian users. 

A new “screenshop” feature will let the users rely on the existing “scan” feature. It helps the user to scan the friend’s outfit and then shop for recommendations. Added, you can try on upgrades that bring gesture controls and wrist-tracking technology. It will be able to create AR lenses for customized experiences. 

Snapchat has also been adding Public Profiles for the businesses in its platform. It will let them add the “shop” page. It will help the users to browse and buy products. The beta-testing will bring in the rival Instagram that offers something similar to its shop feature.

Snapchat Android Users Vs iOS Users

Firstly, the majority of daily active users for the quarter were on the Android version. Snapchat has reached 280 million daily users in the first quarter of 2021. Back in 2018 and 2019, Snapchat has introduced many designs that focus on Android users. 

Snapchat has launched its first local market named “Phone Swap” in India. It also launched Spotlight in three new countries, including India, Mexico, and Brazil. 

It is also noted that over 75 million Snapchat users have watched beauty-related content every month. It has been witnessed on Discover in Q1 2021. (source)

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Final Takeaways

Now, a hurray to the Snapchat users! You might be experiencing different themes in the future. Make sure you enjoy all the themes and thereby increase the user engagement ratio. Cheers!

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