Smartphone Users In India

What an impeccable change in the smartphone industry we are witnessing! Yeah, a decade ago, the widest selling smartphones were a few. Notably, Nokia and blackberry are the most known smartphones. 

Smartphone Users In India
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Today, every smartphone beats the other brand with its effective features. Say, Chinese smartphone makers like Lenovo, Vivo, OPPO, and vizXiaomi, etc., have occupied the smartphone market. The changing dynamics of smartphone prices made it more accessible to individuals. 

Let us begin the post by understanding the Indian Smartphone market and its related facts and statistics.

Smartphone Users In India

In India, the smartphone users were about 748 million in the year 2020. When comparing to the number of smartphone users globally, it seems to exceed about 1.5 billion within 2040. 

The number of smartphone users globally has been projected to reach 2.7 billion. Due to China’s rapid growth, countries like U.S. and India stay behind. India being the second-most populous country, has been estimated to pass the U.S. smartphone users count in the year 2017. The smartphone penetration rate in India is expected to reach about 28 percent in 2018, which the U.S. reached in 2011. 

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Xiaomi is the leading smartphone vendor in India, followed by Samsung and Vivo compared to the other vendors. It has a business model for smartphones with a decent emphasis on online sales. It is the second leading smartphone maker in India. It also manufactures laptops, tablets, and smart home devices. 

According to Wiki, Besides India, it also sells smartphones in other 10 countries, including Indonesia, Vietnam, Singapore, etc. 

Indian Smartphone Market Share: Quarter

According to the smartphone marketing 2020 to 2021, Xioami stands first with a 28 percent market share in the 2021 quarter. The following smartphone brand is Samsung and Vivo with 18 percent and 15 percent respectively. 

Let us see the highlights of the Indian Smartphone market Share from

  • India’s smartphone market is the highest-ever shipments in H1 2021
  • Xiaomi led the market share in Q2 2021 with a 28 percent shipment, and it has also registered as the highest-ever ASP in its single quarter due to its stronger performance 
  • Samsung falls under the second spot with an 18 percent share 
  • RealMe became the fastest brand that has reached 50 million cumulative smartphone shipments in India
  • OnePlus led the premium marketing greater than INR 30000 with a 34 percent share
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Smartphone Usage In India

As per the App Annie report, average smartphone usage in India stands for about 4.6 hours a day. Globally, India captures third place in which Indonesia and Brazil fall in the first two categories. And, the report continues to explain the increase of Indian smartphone users. 

People of Indonesia spend an average of 5.2 hours a day on their smartphones. The average usage time of India is close to a 40 percent year-on-year rise. The country’s average smartphone usage has been increased from 3.3. Hours in 2019 and has increased to 39 percent within a year. The top breakout apps in India were Zerodha, WhatsApp, Instagram, MX Player that Netflix, and Amazon Prime follow.

According to Statista, Android smartphones hold a share of about 95 percent in terms of OS usage, whereas iOS holds a 5 percent share in the Indian market.

Digital Adoption – Smartphone Penetration In India

Digital adoption has been increasing at a fast pace in rural India. With a spurt in smartphone usage, the total active internet population is likely to reach 900 million by 2025, which means a 45 percent growth – a report suggested the same.

Nine out of 10 users are active on the internet every day through their smartphones. They spend around 107 minutes on average, i.e., 1.8 hours. Though the percent of daily users seem high in urban, the reason behind this is that the people spend 17 percent more time when compared to the rural people.

According to IAMAI “ICUBE 2020” report, With internet users growing by 4 percent in Urban India, digital adoption continues to propel by rural India. It will clock with 13 percent growth, thereby reaching 299 million. 

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The report also suggested that the internet penetration in urban is two times more when compared to the same in rural. The users in rural have encountered a rise on a yearly basis. Small towns in India also account that 2 to 5 users out of 10 active users. While in the metro, there will be 9 out of 10 active users. 

Smartphone Market Analysis In India

Indian Smartphone market has become a terrible war zone with many smartphone brands. There are more than 30 brands in India competing with each other. Let us find some other insights with these facts already available in the smartphone market in India. 

India is the World’s second-largest mobile bazaar next to China. There is a massive exposure of Chinese mobile brands in India in the past 4 years.

Added, many brands like Sony have quite from the Indian Smartphone market. On the contrary, new brands like Realme, iQOO have entered the market and have been witnessing the results in recent months.

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As the smartphone market is very competitive, many brands, including Micromax has an 18 percent share back in 2014, and now, it is less than 5 percent. Even the smartphone market leader Samsung has a market share of 34 percent, which has dropped to 21 percent from 2014. Now, Xiaomi is the market leader. 

Here is the list of new entrants in the smartphone market in India, according to,

  • iQOO – March 2020
  • Realme – November 2018
  • iVoomi – 2017
  • Techno & Infinix – Mid 2017
  • 10.OR & Lephone – 2017
  • Kult – 2017

However, many new brands find it difficult to keep their footpath stronger in the Smartphone market as huge smartphone giants like Xiaomi have left no space left for them to undergo the difficulty. 


Noting that the outline of the smartphone usage and the smartphone market has come to an end. Now, it’s your turn to use the facts in the right way to boost your business or marketing. 

It is damn sure that we will witness a massive digital revolution in the telecom industry due to the unprecedented increase in the number of smartphone brands and the number of smartphone users simultaneously. 

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