Compare Ryzen 7 Vs Intel Core i7 Processor

Excited to know which is better? Ryzen 7 Vs Intel Core i7 Processor

Right, this article showcases you the clear-cut comparison of the Ryzen 7 Vs Intel Core i7 Processor in India. So, Without further delay, let’s dive in. 

Ryzen 7 Vs Intel Core i7 3
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Ryzen 7 Vs Intel Core i7 Processor

Here’s the thing, the only comparison between ryzen and intel processors (according to many people out there nowadays) is that Ryzen > intel (in terms of gamers and editors) & Intel > Ryzen (in terms of ordinary people or the people who are using only intel). The competition in both (R7 & i7) is best in the market. 

Be it gaming or some work that needs a higher performance; both processors give their best. But the characteristics that make them unique have been listed below. Here we are comparing AMD ryzen 5800X and intel i7-11700K. Both processors can handle pretty much everything. Have a look at our Ryzen Laptop Under 50000 models before diving into the first comparison – memory speeds.

The speed will let you know the memory duration at which the CPU will process its data. The higher the level of clock rating on the memory, the faster the system can read and write information. All the memory is rated at a particular clock rate in mhz that matches the CPU’s memory interface speed.

R7 5800X: the memory speed of Ryzen 7 is DDR4-3200MHz, (but can overclock it to higher memory speeds)

i7-11700K: the memory speed of i7-11700K is DDR4-2933 or 3200 MHz as well. So, both are even here.

Cores and Threads:

The processors of these are the CPU cores, and the threads are for managing the tasks virtually. In simple words, Cores boost the volume of work in a given duration, and lines boost output, increasing its speed. Ryzen 7 5800X includes eight cores and 16 threads overall for the processing. The I7-11700K has eight cores and 16 threads as well. So far, so good.

Frequencies or Clock Speed:

The higher the frequency of a specific family of CPUs, the faster the processor will be. Processor wavelength is not the only reason that affects the running of the system. Another parameter influencing performance is CPU efficiency, the number of instructions per clock (IPC) that the CPU can process. You can easily count the total number of instructions that the CPU can process per second with these two parameters. Could raise the ryzen 7 5800X clocks in at 3.8 GHz and to 4.7 GHz in turbo mode.

The I7-11700K maintained the frequency of 3.6 GHz and a 5 GHz turbo frequency with 16 MB of Cache to perform faster. 

Now intel is better here.

Ryzen 7 Vs Intel Core i7
Source – Ryzen


R7 5800X: the ryzen 7 has AMD “Zen 3” core architecture and 7nm in ft.

The I7-11700K has a Rocket Lake architecture. The CPU has been manufactured with an old 14nm process similar to the Comet Lake precursor.

Does “nm” matter? Yes, and it is crucial. 

A lower nanometer number means better performance and higher efficiency. Ryzen 7 is far better in nanometer technology than in Intel i7, which is 14nm.


The Ryzen 7 5800X is designed explicitly for its AM4 motherboard, which uses zen three architecture, which has an excellent performance than its precursor.

The I7-11700K: uses LGA 1200, a socket for its comet lake and rocket lake desktop.

Note: The Ryzen Laptops support backward motherboard compatibility, whereas Intel does not. Ryzen can support various chipset sizes. Intel chooses only the one which is pairable.

Clocking Potential:

R7 5800X is an eight-core, 16 thread processor that we get while purchasing it with a speed of 4.7GHz and memory up to 32MB. Ryzen 7 Performs immaculately with a 39% rise in games. Hence it has a single core that provides enough cores and threads for workloads and games. 

The Core i7-11700K uses 5.0GHz at a few stages, while the Core i9-11900K is rated the most with 5.3GHz, which matches the memory speed of the I9. Peak Boost (Single Core) gives 5.0GH, whereas Peak Boost (All Cores) gives 4.6GHz with 16MB of cache used.

Cooling Effects and Power Consumption:

Ryzen 7 5800X  processor has a 105W of TDP (Thermal Design Power) where cooling is low. It is best to invest in a good quality cooler to sustain peak performance for an extended period, especially while gaming. Ryzen 7 5800X operates at around 89C.

The Ryzen 7 5800X takes a peak of 112 watts at stock settings in this heavy workload, higher than the previous-gen Ryzen 7 3800XT.

I7-11700K: The Intel processor runs cooler at around 71C.It has Thermal Design Power (TDP) 0f 125W. It is only applicable till the (Power Limit 1), which occurs at its base wavelength. The 11700K jumps to 251W when it runs at boost frequencies (PL2 – Power Limit 2). No bundled cooler is involved, and it also Heats up when the workload is more.

Ryzen 7 Vs Intel Core i7 2
Source – Ryzen

Gaming Performance:

The Ryzen Laptop Under 70000 is healthy in gaming and gives a top-notch performance in every game you play. If most of what you’re doing with your personal computer is playing games, this processor will allow the most robust performance, even with the most powerful graphics cards on the market.

The I7-11700K is a pretty firm CPU used for gaming, live-streaming, or creating content beneficial for its extra cores and threads. Or any six-core CPU which helps in driving huge clocking frequency.

Now let’s see some examples of games and the frames per second provided by these Processors (with graphics cards)

R7 5800X i7-11700k

Borderline 3

It gave around at 1080p RES. It gave around one hundred sixty-one fps in ultra-settings and 99 fps in ultra-settings appear to give the best.

Far Cry 5

At 1080p res, it gave around one hundred fifty fps in ultra-settings.

The division 2

It gave around AT 1080p res. It gave around one hundred ninety-seven fps in high settings. 189 fps in ultra-settings. 

Ryzen 7 is the winner in terms of gaming. It provides higher fps than intel. These results may vary with time.

End Line: 

Ryzen 7 5800x has strong gaming performance, Solid single and multi-threaded. It is overclockable. Power-efficient. PCIe gen four and backward motherboard compatible. But lacks in providing bundled cooling, has no integrated graphics, and is somewhat expensive.

On the other hand, the i7-11700k provides comparable performance as the r7 but is no more relaxed, has no PCIe 4.0, consumes a lot of power, gets heated quickly, and is expensive.

Final Verdict For Ryzen 7 Vs Intel Core i7 Processor

Which one should you buy?

AMD Ryzen 7 5800x outperforms the Intel i7-11700k. Ryzen 7 wins in almost every aspect of a processor. But, in conclusion, it is better to say that both Ryzen 7 and i7 have pros and cons. But R7 is better as compared to Intel i7. The Zen 3 architecture in ryzen 7 gives smooth gaming for gamers and also in content creation. In contrast, intel is no match for ryzen 7. 

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