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Sony Bravia 43 inch 4K Smart TV Review

Are you looking for a TV loaded with advanced features and stunning picture quality? Here comes Sony Bravia 43 inch 4K Smart TV review with all the mind-blowing details covered. This Sony Bravia 43 inch 4K Smart TV Review helps you know all the pros and cons and guides you in making a decision. 

Sony Bravia 43 inch 4K Smart TV Review 1
Source – Sony

Sony Bravia 43 inch 4K Smart TV Review

We are through 2022 and still working from home, which has become monotonous and frustrating. Take a break and watch your favorite shows and movies on the newly introduced Sony Bravia 4K Ultra HD Smart TV by Sony. With brand new features, fully supported apps, Bluetooth connectivity, and many more things have been inculcated in the 2021 model. 

With the option of a built-in Chromecast, one can watch their favorite content through a mobile or laptop. A detailed description of all the features has been enlisted in the article to help you simplify the process of buying the product. 


Sony Bravia 4K Ultra HD Smart Android LED TV comes in 43 inches or 108 cms. The model has a dimension of 971x575x77 mm without the stand and 971x619x231 mm with the stand. 

The 2021 model has Wifi and Bluetooth connectivity where you can connect your headphones to the product. The Best 43 inch 4k TV has a display resolution of 3840×2160 pixels. The sound system of the product has been supported by Dolby Atmos, which gives you a sense of theatre at home. 

The operating system that has been inculcated in the TV is the Android system. Sony offers a total of 24 display languages to its viewers. When you get tired of typing for minutes, use the Voice Search option that comes with this product. The usage of the product is neatly explained by the person who will install your TV. This article helps you narrow the decision-making process that you will do before buying the product. 

4K Processor X1

Sony has made the model with a 4K Processor that cuts the background noise and focuses on the details. This feature makes the display more clearer that is closer to 4K resolution. It also has full lifelike colors and contrast. 

The 4K X-Reality PRO can also be included in this feature as it is powered by a 4K Processor that gives real-world feels in its display. Images that are shot in 2K are also displayed in 4K with the help of the 4K database. 

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Source – Sony

Motionflow XR 

Most of the time, you cannot see the fast-paced action sequences in HD. But Sony Bravia 4K TV has a new feature called Motionflow XR, which makes fast-moving images smooth and sharp. This technology includes one frame in between the sequence so that the picture is blur-free and gives a cinematic look and feels. 

Voice Search In Sony Bravia 43 inch 4K Smart TV

Is the remote control not near you? No worries. You can just ask your Sony Bravia TV with the help of this feature. Now you don’t need to type and search endlessly and then get bored before your favorite show or movie even begins. Just activate your voice during installation so that it takes commands only from you. 

Clear Phase

One thing that the new Sony Bravia TV focuses more on is the in-built speakers. It uses a different computer model that analyses and compensates for inaccuracies in the speaker response. It uses the method of ‘sampling’ where it cancels any kind of peaks or dips in the speaker system. This, in turn, gives smooth and natural audio to its viewers and listeners.  

X-Protection PRO 

If you live in a humid and dust-prone place, then Sony Bravia TV is your go-to option. With newly advanced X-Protection PRO technology, it safeguards your TV from any kind of dust and any amount of humidity. 

Not only dust and humidity, but this technology also keeps your TV safe from any kind of lightning strikes and power surges as every product is passed through Sony’s lightning tests which gives your TV a longer life. 

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Source – Sony

Google Assistant and Alexa Support 

Today every device is supported with the technologies of Google Assistant and Alexa. Sony Bravia 4K Ultra HD now comes with the in-built Google Assistant and Alexa technology that will make your lives easier every day. You can use your voice to search from movies to shows to the daily news updates. If you are confused about what to watch, just ask Google and provide you with movie and show recommendations. 

To use Alexa, just connect your devices that have Alexa, and you won’t have to lift a single finger to stream or play anything of your choice. 

Bluetooth Connectivity 

Want some peace and noise-free streaming? Just connect your BlueTooth headphones or earphones directly to your Sony Bravia TV to enjoy your favorite show or movie free from disturbances. 


If you want to watch what’s on your mobile on a big screen, then just tap on the ‘Cast’ button. Chromecast allows you to cast content from your mobile directly on your TV without compromising the quality. This feature helps in supersizing the content that you can enjoy on your Sony Bravia. 


  • Sony TV has lived up to its standard in terms of picture quality. 
  • All OTT platforms that are built-in are seamless and are of excellent quality. 
  • Sony ensures longevity with this product. 
  • Has enough internal space to download videos and stream. 
  • The performance of the product is smooth and lives up to the brand’s name.  
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Source – Sony


  • The Bluetooth connectivity does not work properly with headphones and earphones. 
  • The contrast is not that good as it does not live up to the expectations. 
  • The sound quality is not that good compared to other TV brands. 

Final Verdict For Sony Bravia 43 inch 4K Smart TV Review

This article will definitely help you in the process of buying a smart tv. Buying a TV is not an easy task, but this article has ensured to enlist every minute detail about the product. All the important features that the TV offers are jotted down in this article that will make your purchase easier. 

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