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Samsung 23 L Solo Microwave Oven Review

Are you planning to purchase a Samsung oven? Right, this article is about Samsung 23 L Solo Microwave Oven Review. 

This Samsung 23 L Solo Microwave Oven Review clears all your doubts, clarifies every feature present in the oven. Finally, it will help you decide in the buying process. 

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Source – Samsung

Samsung 23 L Solo Microwave Oven Review

Samsung is considered the best for all the technologies, and also it’s a competent brand all the time. This Samsung’s Best Microwave Oven with jet black color gives a modern look to your kitchen, has unique features, and is also made of stainless steel and a rust-free body. Microwave ovens are the most innovative way to cook delicious food within minutes.


  • Its indigenous technology makes food evenly cooked from all sides. The fare doesn’t remain uncooked if once put in a microwave oven.
  • It has a triple distribution system that sends heat rays to all the ends with the help of its triple antenna.
  • The adjustment of the buttons should be made by human input, which is user-friendly.
  • The ceramic coating of inner walls prevents any bacteria from keeping the microwave oven unhygienic.
  • It has a stylish premium design with jet black color, which gives your kitchen a modern look. Its stainless steel prevents dust and rust.
  • It has a 23L capacity, making cooking go smoothly without any interruption of vessels getting stuck in the microwave.
  • The Control panel of the microwave is pretty simple to use for the buyers without any problem.
  • The interior is easy to clean with a dry cloth.
  • The solo signifies three types of features: reheating, defrosting, and cooking.
  • This capacity of microwave oven is suitable for nuclear families.
  • Child lock ensures the prevention of injury without the consent of their parents.
  • The power consumption is at its lowest, which assures fewer short circuits or any other electrical damages.
  • The warranty for this product is flexible, that is up to 1 year for the machine, one year magnetron, and ten years for the cavity.
  • The dimensions of the machine are entirely compatible to fit on the surface of the kitchen.
  • The auto-cook feature is a special one that decides and switches off by itself once it’s thoroughly cooked.
  • The weight of the microwave oven is easy to carry. It weighs up to 12-13 kgs.
  • The rotatable ring inside the microwave helps to pass heating waves equally over the food.
  • One good thing about this food is it has 41 auto menus, where you don’t need to select which food type you are manually using. 
  • Light technology inside the microwave oven helps you see a clear view of the food kept inside. 
  • There are over 20 pre-set cooking modes available in the touchpad of this machine, which helps us select faster ways to cook the food.

Specifications Of Samsung 23 L Solo Microwave Oven


The stainless steel microwave oven, which has 23 liters capacity, helps cook Indian food or other delicious food.

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Source – Samsung


The noise that is produced by this microwave oven is 50Hz.

Installation type:

Countertop installation. Which is easy to place on the kitchen counter that takes up space near the socket of the kitchen.

Power type:

Power consumption is 230 volts and 1150 watts.

Defrost power:

Defrost power is one of the unique features that lower energy consumption by up to 50-30%. 


The exterior is stainless steel that keeps from rusting, whereas its interior is ceramic.

Dimensions Of Samsung 23 L Solo Microwave Oven

They are categorized into three:

Interior- 330x211x324 mm

Exterior-489×275×374 mm

Total- 552x326x423 mm

The total dimension is perfect for 3-4 members of the family.

Digital panel:

The end/start signal is reminded with the beep noise. They also show blue lights, which give a funky look to the microwave oven.

Time setting:

The time could be extended to 99minutes if needed, for then the second cycle is recommended. It takes longer to cook the usual food.

Setting options:

The time setting, clock setting, and sound setting are not mandatory before installation, and we can change the location accordingly. 

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Source – Samsung


The warranty of this Samsung microwave oven isn’t expendable, but it’s one year; for the cavity, it’s ten years, and the magnetron has one year.


  • The spacious place where medium-sized bowls and plates which are microwave safe can be accommodated easily.
  • Ceramic coat in the interior ensures easy to clean, and heatwaves are distributed equally.
  • Handy buttons and touchpad are easy to use with 41 auto menus.
  • Jet black color doesn’t show much dirt accumulated on it. Also, the powder coat prevents it from rusting.
  • The LED display gives a different look and makes it easy to identify the buttons with a loud end reminder.
  • The safety feature of Child lock is necessary for the prevention of any unfortunate accidents.
  • The operation is silent. It doesn’t make much noise while the food is cooking inside.
  • Indian recipes are inbuilt and easy to finish cooking.
  • Could use these buttons with filthy hands, e.g., Dough hands, wet hands, and quickly pressable with an elbow.


  • The interior’s black coating doesn’t allow you to see the status of the food.
  • The door is flimsy, and the handle is not correctly fixed.
  • The machine is a bit fragile to use.
  • It is only used for solo purposes.
  • It doesn’t cook equally from all sides. It’s suitable for reheating purposes.
  • The 800 watts make a massive difference in cooking.
  • The door isn’t scratch-free.
  • Power cuts don’t help if the clock is set and it doesn’t start where the cycle is stopped.
  • The time required for cooking is much longer than the given time in the user guide.
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Source – Samsung

Conclusion For Samsung 23 L Solo Microwave Oven Review

The quality difference from model to model; hence it’s our concern to make you understand the models and help you make a wise decision to make your household appliance worthy for a longer lifespan. 

The Samsung solo microwave oven has many advantages, ease of use, and silent operation. So peeps decide wisely!

Frequently Asked Questions 

The LED light is dim or doesn’t turn at all?

It differs from piece to piece.

How to set up the child lock?

The user manual has specific information for the child lock settings.

The ceramic coat doesn’t pull off?

The ceramic coat doesn’t pull off if cleaned regularly and if safe microwave products are used.

What Time specifications for each product?

It has settings up to 99 minutes.

What should be done if the microwave turntable doesn’t work?

Contact customer care. Before making any significant decisions. 

Is the warranty extendable?

No, the warranty is fixed, as mentioned above.

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