Samsung 192 L 2 Star Refrigerator Review

This article is about the Samsung 192 L 2 Star Refrigerator Review in India. And if you are the one going to purchase, make sure to read this complete Samsung 192 L 2 Star Refrigerator Review. So that you will never make a wrong decision! 

Samsung 192 L 2 Star Refrigerator Review 2
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Samsung 192 L 2 Star Refrigerator Review

What could be more preferable and the first product to buy when you set a house?

Of course! A refrigerator’s an essential component for every household, just like water for a human being. To make your kitchen look more stylish, here is a Samsung 192L single-door refrigerator. We will now look in detail about this product.

Single door refrigerators are recommended and are comfortable to use for every household. This 2 star Samsung 192 L grey color refrigerator looks perfectly stylish. The sleek model is designed to suit every kitchen and makes it look unique. Therefore its features are also uniquely told by the company. Let’s have a look. 

Product Features

  • This 192L capacity refrigerator is suitable for a nuclear family.
  • The grey color of the refrigerator gives a bold look to the kitchen outlet.
  • The energy-saving mode is up to 20% for this refrigerator.
  • The freezer has a rapid cooling effect which is effective for drinks, ice, and ice creams.
  • There is also power freezing mode which helps to cool the ice in a fraction of minutes. And the power cooling effect of the refrigerator has to be increased manually according to seasons.
  • There is a separate vegetable box which is spacious. And green vegetables and fruits are kept fresh in it.
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Source – Samsung
  • The toughened glass is perfect, which helps to carry heavy utensils without breaking them. It can carry up to 175kg of vessels in the refrigerator.
  • The gasket covering the fridge door has antibacterial features and helps keep the door clean and inner space to stay hygienic from fungus and other dirt.
  • The consumption of energy is minimal, and this refrigerator requires human interference for defrosting.
  • The compressor type of this product is linear.
  • The freezer and refrigerator are non-convertible. It has a freezer situated at the top of the fridge. 
  • The back of this Refrigerator under 15000 is made of stainless steel, which avoids any damage to the interior machines. Also, it gives a smooth look to the refrigerator.
  • The interiors and the exteriors of the refrigerator are perfectly fit for the kitchen interior.
  • It weighs up to 30kg and is easy to use for buyers at an affordable price. The installation of this refrigerator is plug and play type, which is no concern to have a demo for it.
  • The comprehensive warranty on the product is one year with ten years in the compressor.
  • The fridge has LED lighting that gives a clear view of the food kept inside the machine.
  • The door lock is provided to prevent it from the children.
  • The power fluctuation stabilizes the refrigerator by itself without the need for a stabilizer.
  • The bottle rack helps to keep up to 2L of bottles in the frame.
  • There is a need for an inverter because the refrigerator doesn’t have an inverter backup for the power cuts.
  • The capacity of the freezer is 25L, excluding the fridge capacity.
  • The total energy consumed by it is 230 volts, so the dripping of power is not a concern.
  • The orientation of the door is at the left of the refrigerator.

Samsung 192 L 2 Star Refrigerator Specification


192L total volume of the refrigerator that has freestanding installation.

Energy save:

Up to 20% of energy is saved if put on energy-saving mode.

Annual consumption of energy:

203 kilowatt-hours.

Extra capacity:

The fresh food capacity is 162L, and the freezer capacity is 27L.

Special features:

This Best Single Door Refrigerator in India has specific features: stabilizer free operation ranging 120-130V and doesn’t produce much sound while operating.


Toughened glass, with up to 175kg of bearable weight.

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Source – Samsung


The material used in the refrigerator is steel.


The length x width x height dimensions are 



The warranty period is up to 1 year for the Samsung refrigerator and ten years for the compressor.


  • The fridge doesn’t make much noise if the ground level stand is used to avoid noises and vibration.
  • The internal capacity of the refrigerator is spacious and can store more food and vegetables suitable for nuclear families.
  • The cooling effect in the refrigerator is sufficient to cool according to the seasons.
  • It stabilizes power fluctuation by itself if the variation is up to 120-130 volts. And the fridge is recommended to switch off if the power constantly cuts.
  • The door is scratch-proof. And handles are easy to use.
  • The stylish design and color are perfect for the kitchen.
  • The LED light is brighter and shimmer with a good view of everything that is kept inside.
  • The bottle rack is compatible.
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Source – Samsung


  • The power consumption is a bit high.
  • The refrigerator on both sides gets hot very soon, so I have to be careful about the shock.
  • There is no built-in inverter for the power cut
  • They provide just one ice tray with plastic keys, which are very fragile and easily misplaced.
  • It must be manually defrosted where water comes out after a few hours of defrosting and spills over every rack.
  • Should extend the warranty period. 
  • The tub water from the back has to be removed and fixed again.
  • It vibrates more if kept on the ground. I Have to buy a stand.
  • Antibacterial gaskets get dirty quickly.

Conclusion For Samsung 192 L 2 Star Refrigerator Review

A single-door refrigerator that is perfect for couples or a nuclear family, this brand provides racks with the box and warranty card, which has all the details about this product. The user guide has to be read carefully before using it. Hence this is user-friendly, and it’s the best choice anyone can take for their household. 

Don’t think about anything. It has an affordable range of prices!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Earthing necessary for this product?

Yes, the earthing is necessary as it is 2 stars and the power consumption is a bit high.

The amp of socket required?

5 amperes is enough for the socket.

Does this product have an inverter compressor with it?

No, the product has a linear type of compressor and has a warranty period of up to 10 years.

Does the chiller have to be removed?

Yes, it has to be removed, and the water has to be thrown out, and then c can fix it.

How is the performance of a linear compressor?

It has excellent performance for this compressor.

Is the stabilizer inbuilt?

Yes, it can take voltage fluctuation up to 120-130 volts.

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