OnePlus TV U1S Review 2021

The famous brand Oneplus follows its logo very seriously and never fails to bring the newest features at amazing prices. The technology it employs has never failed to surprise us. Not only do they bring you innovative technology, but it is in your budget as well. 

OnePlus, as it is said, never settles and again has introduced its latest television series this June. Enjoy reading the complete Oneplus TV U1S review article to know about this OnePlus TV U1S series. 

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OnePlus TV U1S Review

Features of the New OnePlus TV U1S Series 

Display size 

Picking up the right size for your room could be a bit confusing. Many things could affect the choice of TV size you make, like room size, distance, wall direction, family members, etc.; it is essential to select the correct size and consider the factors mentioned. 

For those who do not know, TVs are measured diagonally. When we talk about 32″ or 50″, it is the diagonal measurement of the TV screen. This is required so that you know whether it will be big, small, or a perfect fit for the desired room. The range of TVs starts from 24″ and goes up to 65″ or above. For a standard room, a 32″ TV screen is the optimum choice. 

But remember your parents who complain about watching it from a distance, do not forget to know the distance from which you will be watching the TV. For this, you can multiply the tv size by 1.5  and maintain that distance from it. Moreover, as you go with larger screens, the price range also gets higher, simultaneously. 


High Dynamic Range or HDR allows you to see the clarity in colors and contrast. Now you would ask, is it not the work of pixels? Yes, you thought absolutely correctly. Pixels together with backlight help you see the image clearly. On the other hand, HDR adds up to this clarity by differentiating it on the rate of blackness and whiteness, i.e., the ratio of black and white.

This feature is an addition to the level of brightness and introduces you to the best viewing experience. 

HDR has a few factors that you should know before looking for it. Firstly, know the ratio and volume of colors and then the type. Basically, there are three types of HDR, HDR 10, Dolby Vision, and HDR 10+. These are the three versions in sequence; HDR10 is the standard one supporting online streaming, Netflix, etc.

Then comes the Dolby vision, which enhances the brightness even more and even changes the contrast level. HDR10+ is the latest version, covers all the drawbacks of both, and is the best alternative for Dolby vision. 

Oneplus TV U1S
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Whether we talk about social connection or any other, the more is always beneficial, isn’t it? When it comes to mobile phones, we need every type of connection, be it internet, charging port or earphones, whatsoever. This variety offers you more convenience and fun than ever before. 

Most TVs offer only a single HDMI port, with which you generally connect the setup box. So when you need to change for gaming, videos, and movies, it will be difficult to disconnect again and again. 

Before buying any television, do check that there is a minimum of two HDMI ports. Moreover, you can look for USB ports as well. The more, the better, as I always recommend. HDMI ports also come with added benefits of picture quality and other connections like the internet or Bluetooth as well. 

Refresh Rate

The frame rate at which images are displayed on TV per second is an important variable. This rate ranges from 60Hz to 600Hz. Hz is the unit in which it is measured, Herz. Although the standard rate is considered to be 120Hz for gaming consoles, 60Hz has perfect working. 

Refresh rate helps you to see a video without any glitch or lag. The higher frame rate presents better video quality. For gaming purposes or online streaming, it is an essential factor to look into. 

Display type

Today if you go out to buy anything you would have so many options from which you can choose. This variety may seem like you have everything convenient but do not forget this variety also can give you a hard to select. As the above features of TVs, you saw the availability range from small to big, low to high or slow to fast. 

Similarly, television also gives you options for display type, and if you ask, there is a long list of displays like LCD, LED, OLED, AMOLED, QLED, and so on. To pull you out of this confusing list, the two major displays are LED LCD and OLED. 

The most commonly used are the LEDs as they are energy-efficient and have more brightness because of the LED light panel placed inside them. It reduces power consumption also. OLEDs are the most expensive TVs to date, but they have the best technology as well. These focus highly on details and accuracy. 

Smart TV 

Are smart TVs really smart? Or can you function or enjoy without smart TVs as well? Before this muddles you, maybe using a smartphone may ring a bell; if not then, Just like you look at your phone and enjoy the features, it provides you with, the same is the case with smart tv but on a bigger screen.

The 21st century has its benefits of modernized things; television is one of them. Smart TVs provide you with numerous things to do with, whether it is Netflix or prime, casting or gaming, or anything you name. If we are talking about features, then you should know that you can use any application on smart TVs that you can use on your phones. Not only are smart TVs limited to this, but also they do not need any internet as it is inbuilt. 

Features of smart tv are considered to be add-ons, so you can enjoy watching your favorite or desired programs rather than limiting to what cable provides. In case, if you wish to look for some other brands, you can check our best smart TV in India and 4k TV in India post.

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The Sound system plays an important part while selecting a TV for your home. I mean, who wants to hear a hissing sound from the black and white screen. Before you go to buy a television, check the placement of speakers. Avoid buying those televisions with speakers at the bottom, especially if you have to place them somewhere instead of mounting them on the wall. A preferable option is to install a sound system to have better quality while watching movies or playing games. 

About the OnePlus TV U1S Series

Oneplus brand has won millions of hearts since the beginning by introducing mobile phones, wristwatches, fit bands, earbuds or plugins, and even its televisions. It has introduced smart TVs with android features. 

Owning a Smart Tv comes with a number of features, but when it comes to the OnePlus, it just adds on and makes every single thing count its worth. The OnePlus TV U1S series of smart TV, 4K UHD display with more than 1 billion colors has been launched with three different sizes 50″, 55″, and 65″. 

It offers a fantastic display with HDR 10+ certification along with HDR 10 and HLG support which allows you to watch with realistic image quality. You can experience a detailed version with 3840×2160 pixels which is around 8.3 million pixels, and ultra contrast.

The series comes with front technology and avant-garde—the Gamma engine, which claims to improve the image quality in no time. Moreover, to advance the frame rate and blur effects of videos, it offers MEMC Motion Estimation and Motion Compensation. The refresh rate of this series is 60 Hertz and wide viewing angle.

This improved contrast and super-resolution provide jet blacks and vivid colors and a higher ratio. It brings superior clarity and AI-optimized picture quality. The OnePlus TV has an aesthetically slim and remarkable body with an immersive viewing angle and bezel-less display. It has a screen-to-body ratio display of up to 95.7%. This elegant and astonishing body makes your room look sophisticated. 

When it comes to the body and structure of the OnePlus tv, you see a slim and stunning look and 4 LED lights at the bottom to indicate any instruction or any command taken by it.

It has another amazing feature of Speak now, which allows you to search, play, connect earbuds, and many more things. 

Since we are talking about some amazing features, why not mention more. Together with hands-free voice control, you can enjoy connecting other OnePlus devices as well, one plus watches, OnePlus Buds, and OnePlus Buds Z.  Since OnePlushas added the feature of the OnePlus watch control, it can do so many things like turning it on and off and even scrolling it.

Connectivity is very important when you give so many features to avail. The TV has three HDMI ports, HDMI 2.1 and 1 supports eARC. These can be connected with set-top boxes, Blu-Ray players, and gaming consoles. Additionally, there are two USB ports as well to connect other devices like PDs.

This Oneplus TV series is powered by Android 10 and comes with three new and smart things: google assistant, Chromecast built-in, and google play, now, say yes to non-stop fun and entertainment.

Moreover, it has the OxygenPlay 2.0 and the OnePlus connect 2.0 as well. Not only for adults, but it has a kids mode also which adjusts brightness, quality, casting, and other things according to your kids. You also get a gaming mode similar to that on your mobile phones.

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Source – Oneplus

Last but not least, it has pro-grade sound technology co-connected with Danish loudspeakers and claims to provide a perfectly balanced sound profile just like you get in the cinemas. You get the richer sound quality of the total 30 Watts Output ever seen in OnePlus TVs. 

Unlike other TVs, you may have to adjust the tuning and other sound effects, but the OnePlus TV U1S series offers perfect tuning, sound effects, base, and clear audio with Dolby Audio. 

Final verdict on OnePlus TV U1S Review

Oneplus with every new launch provides you with optimized performance and fully integrated works. This launch of the OnePlus TV U1S series introduced three different sizes as per your needs and room. Most importantly, within your budget and far from any brand competition, only for your satisfaction and entertainment.

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