Noise ColorFit Pulse Grand Review – Do I Recommend it?

Noise ColorFit Pulse Grand is one more addition to the smartwatch market from the rockstar brand Noise. The company has also launched many smartwatches with almost similar names, which you may be confused with, but this Noise ColorFit Pulse Grand launch date in India was February 18, 2022. The Noise ColorFit Pulse Grand price is Rs. 1999/- which you can consider as premium, but I assure you it is worth it. 

Noise ColorFit Pulse Grand Review

In this Noise ColorFit Pulse Grand, I am going to discuss the design, display, features, and battery life after a month of usage.

Noise Colorfit Pulse Grand Unboxing

‎‎So while unboxing, my unit consists of 

  • A Smartwatch, 
  • A Magnetic Charger, 
  • A User Manual to help you, 
  • A Warranty Card
Noise Pulse Grand Review

Noise Colorfit Pulse Grand Specifications

  • Screen: 1.69 Inch LCD
  • Battery: 7 days
  • Operating System: Android
  • Sports Modes: 60


The smartwatch has a perfect best-in-class design, and the Noise ColorFit Pulse Grand unit we bought is in black. And so I had a great confusion while choosing the color. But I can proudly say that all of the color shades are stylish. And the available colors are jet black, champagne grey, rose pink, olive green, and electric blue. 

Speaking about the dial shape, the rectangular curved one is not so new in the noise series of watches. However, the construction quality is high-end, and the in-hand experience is mind-blowing. You can swap the noise colorfit pulse grand straps, and I must say this, even though the straps look very strong, I have never felt any discomfort or bulky while wearing them during my long travel. I feel much more comfortable with the design and build. 

Moreover, the Noise ColorFit Pulse Grand has multiple watch faces, whereas you will get around 5 built-in watch faces. Other than these, I checked that more than 150 watch faces are available in the cloud, and you can download them using the Noise Fit mobile app. The smartwatch’s design matches the multiple watch faces, which I considered an added advantage. If you are a design lover like me, you will feel it in your day-to-day usage! 

My favorite part is the UI; I can say that this user interface is the best of all other smartwatches in this range.

The Noise ColorFit Pulse Grand has a simple, clean interface and helps me quickly navigate different sections. Also, by swiping right, left, and top, I can access settings, menu, and other features.

The icons look stylish, and You can find a small circular button on the right side, allowing you to power on or off or go back to the previous menu.  


Noise ColorFit Pulse Grand features a 1.69-inch LCD, and the touches are highly sensitive. So I had never faced any touch issues in my regular usage. The resolution is mind-blowing, and the screen is very sharp.

The smartwatch looks completely black when the screen is off, and the bezels are better than in the previous versions. The viewing angles are broad and accurate, and I could notice all the different colors in the Noise ColorFit Pulse Grand smartwatch. 

The smartwatch is equipped with an IP68 water-resistant feature like other smartwatches in the Indian market. So if you are an avid traveler or a sports person who sweats a lot, you can keep your stress about taking care of your smartwatch at bay! Furthermore, you can also adjust the device’s brightness settings, which is one of the advantages in real-time.

In my experience, it is highly water-resistant that even when I went swimming training, I never took off the watch. And till now, I did not face any issues with it. Fine kudos to the Noise ColorFit Pulse Grand IP68 ratings. 


Happily, Noise ColorFit Pulse Grand offers fitness features like activity tracking, SpO2 monitoring, sleep monitoring, 24/7 heart rate tracking, stress tracking, and menstrual cycle tracking.

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When we enabled the stress tracking feature, I was completely satisfied that it tracked my friend’s stress rate throughout the day and gave reports about when his heart beat fast and regular. I think it would be highly recommended for people who get tensed often or one who wants to stay aware of their health. 

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Apart from that, the Noise ColorFit Pulse Grand smartwatch comes with a sedentary reminder feature, and I found it really helpful in my daily life. Personally, I use this feature in my smartwatch daily because it reminds me to stay active even when I continuously work on laptops for hours. 

The most significant feature here is the number of sports modes like basketball, football, yoga, running, cycling, swimming, and more. The Noise ColorFit Pulse Grand is equipped with 60 sports modes which are highly appreciable for this price range, and I should say that most smartwatches never come with this number. Not only is the number impressive, but also when I noticed the accuracy is also stunning. 

Again the smartwatch also gives you essential features like controlling the camera, music, smart notifications, stop clock, and a few others. Here comes the exciting part of smart notifications; the Noise ColorFit Pulse Grand also features a quick reply feature where you can reply instantly from the main screen. There is no need to head off to the application to type messages. It is an added advantage if you are driving or in a place where you cannot concentrate on typing. 

Noise Colorfit Pulse Grand App

Coming to the compatibility of the Noise ColorFit App, it is of a top-notch design and comfortable experience.

You can download the application directly from the Google play store or apple store from any of your devices. According to my usage, the noise colorfit pulse grand app works well, and there are no significant bugs. You can install it and access the Noise ColorFit Pulse Grand features. 

Battery Life

Noise ColorFit Pulse Grand smartwatch comes with a 260 mAh battery. During our testing, it lasted for about 7 days even if we enabled all the tracking features. If you disable the battery-eating tracking and monitoring features, I think you may get nearly 10 days. The most valuable part I found here is. When you charge the smartwatch for 15 mins, you will get a battery time of upto 24 hours. 

Noise Colorfit Pulse Grand Vs. Caliber

True, both of these models from Noise only have a countable number of differences like design, battery life, and color combinations. Caliber comes with 15 days of battery life and a flat edge design. Also, the Caliber smartwatch is available on Flipkart, whereas the noise colorfit pulse grand smartwatch is available on Amazon. 

Noise Colorfit Pulse Vs Noise Colorfit Pulse Grand

Straight to the point, the better option is Noise ColorFit Pulse Grand! Because of the Pulse smartwatch at the price of Rs. 1999/- only includes 8 sports modes, a 1.4-inch display, and only very few features compared to the Pulse Grand smartwatch. 

Noise Colorfit Pulse Grand Vs Dizo Watch 2

I think this Dizo watch 2 is a little bit expensive, and there are only a few differences between Pulse grand and Dizo watch 2. The difference is that the Dizo watch 2 has only 15 sports modes and 100 watch faces, whereas Pulse Grand offers more at Rs. 1999/-. 

Boat Xtend Vs Noise Colorfit Pulse Grand

Even though the boAt Xtend is priced at Rs. 2999/- (as on the official website), I felt that the features are less worth than the Pulse Grand. For instance, Xtend has only 14 sports modes and 50 watch faces; the only specialty here is it comes with Alexa assistant.  

Noise Colorfit Pulse Grand Vs Fire Boltt Ninja Pro Max

The Ninja Pro Max, although under the 2k price range, misses a few essential features like call function and GPS tracker as well as has only 27 sports modes compared to the Pulse Grand smartwatch. Hence, I think the Pulse Grand excels in all features under the same price category. 

Should You Buy This Noise ColorFit Pulse Grand Smartwatch?

Finally, the Noise Colorfit Pulse Grand price in India of Rs. 1999/-, the smartwatch is highly recommended. There are only a few watches that satisfy the customers as per the brand claims, and Noise ColorFit Pulse Grand is one among them. 

In short, Noise ColorFit Pulse Grand has a top-notch design, strong build, and user-friendly interface compared to other watches in the budget. However, the number of sports modes (60) impressed me the most, whereas others have only 15 or 12. 

Also, the 260 mAh battery is good and enables a battery time of 25 hours if you charge it for 15 minutes. You will find it helpful in emergencies or on a travel. If you are planning to buy the Best Smartwatch Under 2000, my go-to choice will be Noise ColorFit Pulse Grand without any second thought. 

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