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LG 80 cm (32 inches) TV Review

Looking for an LG TV? Well, here is our complete LG 80 cm (32 inches) TV Review in India. 

In this LG 80 cm 32 inches TV review, we cover its display, audio quality, connectivity, warranty details, and all other essential information. So read through the article till the end. 

LG 80 cm 32 inches TV Review
Source – LG

LG 80 cm (32 inches) TV Review 

Smart TVs are slowly taking over normal TVs. With cable TV almost gone from the market, the consumers are going more towards internet-run applications for work, movies, or play. Netflix, Amazon Prime, Voot, etc., are the ones people usually prefer. Smart TVs come with integrated internet technology that offers many video applications and a lot of video content to consume. 

LG Smart TV is another smart TV that offers various features and internet-integrated applications that you can choose to use. Here, I include the LG 80 cm (32 inches) TV Review and tell you about the pros and cons of buying this model. What is good or bad and if it can be of use to you.   

Build and Design

LG TV model of 32 inches is comparatively smaller so is perfect for use in smaller offices or rooms. The design of the TV is pleasing and stylish.  The dynamic color enhancer makes the display even more attractive and gives a visually appealing experience. The colors are more vivid and lively compared to the conventional and previous models of other TVs. 

Binge-watching movies and your favorite shows are even more fun. The multi HDR format adds to it. The Quad-Core processor simply makes magic happen. The build quality and design of this Best 32 inch TV are pretty good, and at this price, it is definitely worth the money. With pre-installed apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc., your work is even easier. The simple and sophisticated design with thin bezels gives it a slightly premium look. 

LG 80 cm 32 inches TV Review 2
Source – LG


Navigation is very easy and smooth with this LG smart TV. A remote for navigation through different apps come with the TV. The voice control feature of the TV allows you to control other home devices. On your voice command, the TV will execute actions accordingly. You can also use the voice feature to switch through apps frequently. 

The buttons on the remote are labeled well and easy to press. Buttons are well-spaced and stylish. All necessary buttons like volume, arrows, and power on/off buttons are easy to locate and use. 

For people not well versed with the technology and using internet apps, the voice navigation feature works best. You can open your favorite apps, play your favorite movie or play songs just at the command of your voice. This makes it very user-friendly. 

LG 80 cm 32 inches TV Review 4
Source – LG


With a Quad-core processor, the performance of the 32 inch LED TV is above average. However, it could have been better. Strong internet connectivity is recommended to use it to its full potential. The device’s memory is on the lower end, which might prove to be a disadvantage. 

With lesser memory, there are high chances of the device freezing or taking more time to boot. This is because the TV has a lot of video content and works just like a smartphone. 

If your smartphone is running out of space, you face performance issues like slow responses, longer booting time, heating issues, etc. LG could have worked better on the memory aspect. Firstly you don’t need to worry about heating issues at all because you will not be touching the TV. However, if you have to, you might face heating issues only when this LG TV is used for long hours with heavy applications. 

Audio and Video performance is above average. The multimedia experience is surreal and very user-friendly. Screen freezing can happen only if the WiFi connection is not strong and/or stable. Considering the price, this could have been taken care of to provide better performance. However, the performance is not bad. It is quite satisfactory.  

LG 80 cm (32 inches) TV Specifications

Weight:‎ 6 kg 300 g

Memory: 1 GB RAM

Storage Capacity: 4 GB

Operating System: WebOS

Brand: LG

Display: Active HDR technology and a Flat screen | BackLight Module: Slim LED; HD Ready with 1366×768 resolution | Refresh Rate: 50 hertz

Sound output: 10 Watts Output I 2 Speakers | DTS Virtual:X | Sound

Battery: 2 AAA batteries  ‎

Ports/Interfaces: 2 HDMI ports to connect set-top box, Blu Ray players, gaming console | 1 USB port to connect hard drives and other USB devices

Supported Internet Services: Netflix, Prime Video, Zee5, Eros Now, Voot, AltBalaji, Apple TV, YouTube, Disney+ Hotstar

LG 80 cm 32 inches TV Review 3
Source – LG

Pros of LG 80 cm (32 inches) TV 

  • Quad-Core processor; The processor is strong and efficient and provides quality performance.
  • Stylish design with extra-thin bezels. It has a  very premium look.
  • Voice control feature; Can control other home appliances as well. 
  • Dynamic color enhancers and HD resolution give a very visually appealing experience.

Cons of LG 80 cm (32 inches) TV   

  • Low Memory/Storage; Could cause problems with the performance at times of overload/over-usage. 
  • Slightly expensive for the features it offers.

Final Thoughts on LG 80 cm (32 inches) TV Review 

Considering all the important aspects of smart TV, my conclusion is that this TV promises to give you good entertainment. With several apps to consume content from, it offers the voice command feature that can be used to control other home devices and navigate through different apps. Navigation is smooth and easy, the performance is above average, and the audio & video quality is simply at par with the benchmark LED Smart TVs. 

Considering the small screen size of 32 inches, it is most suitable for small rooms. You could place it in your cabin and/or in smaller rooms and halls. It can be mounted on a wall and can also be put on the table with the help of detachable legs. With several ports available for connection, you can use the TV as a secondary or an additional device as well. In case your work demands to have another screen for efficiency, you can connect it to your laptop and thus use it from there. Chromecasting is easy and effective. 

All features that you can expect from a smart TV at this price range are available. This LG smart TV is worth your money and a good investment. However, if you wish to have more latest or advanced technology, there are better options available at a slightly higher price. LG is a trusted brand and can be relied on for purchases.

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