LG 6 Kg 5 Star Front Load Washing Machine Review

After a lot of research and experiments, our team describes the LG 6 Kg 5 Star Front Load Washing Machine Review. We hope this article will be very useful as this LG 6 Kg 5 Star Front Load Washing Machine Review covers all the specifications, benefits, and even the wash programs in detail.

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Source – LG

LG 6 Kg 5 Star Front Load Washing Machine Review

LG 6.0 Kg 5 Star Inverter Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine
  • Capacity: 6 Kg
  • Maximum Rotational Speed: 1000 RPM
  • Noise Level: 54 dB
  • Annual Energy Consumption: ‎‎0.08 Kilowatt Hour
  • Warranty: 2 years general + 10 years on Motor
  • LG is the only company to offer 2 years warranty on product and 10 years on Motor. It gives long time cost savings for buyers.
  • Best in class 5-star rating, low noise operation, stainless steel drum stops rusting issues.
  • 90% of buyers rated the product with 5 and 4 star on Amazon.
  • Nothing as of now.
12/03/2021 02:14 am GMT

Walk with the generation as they move on and adopt new and innovative technologies. It exhibits all the exceptionally wonderful machines that are made just to ease your pain and stress. 

Fully automatic Washing machines are a great help to anyone who has a load of work. With these, you need to set the timer and relax or maybe do other work. Dishwasher, vacuum cleaner, washing machine, chapati maker, microwave, and All of these are in your hand and help you do the chores with all the comfort. 

For an easy-to-use LG Inverter Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine, here is the tested review just for you. Read the complete article to know all about the washing machine features and functions.


LG fully automatic front loading washing machine gives the best quality wash to your clothes. It makes efficient use of water and energy and removes dirt or stains perfectly. It has also been rated with five stars for best efficiency class.

This Best Washing Machine has a capacity of 6 kg and is, therefore, suitable to take loads of clothing for bachelors or couples. Even a family of 3 can prefer this washing machine as it would be the perfect fit. 

It comes with a warranty card offering a two-year warranty for the unit and a ten-year warranty for the motor installed in the washing machine. The box includes the unit, a drain hose, an OT hose, a user manual, and QRG. 

It washes the clothes at 1000 RPM, which is considered a higher spin speed. It helps in faster drying and cleaning by pulsating the water and detangling the clothes as well. There are around ten wash programs that clean the pile of clothes according to its fabric and the work it requires. It comes with an inverter direct drive motor that is fast and clean washes with six varieties of motions.

You can enjoy other features with this washing machine: child lock, time delay, Baby Care, Jog dial for programs selection, and a smart diagnosis for any problem your machine faces. It will help you find the exact problem.

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Source – LG


It has a total capacity of 6 kg, and this means that it can take a load of this many clothes. The maximum, the load of the machines, the more clothes it can wash at a time. It well suits a family of 2 or 3 people or bachelor. The capacity level also uses optimum water and energy to save your power consumption. 

Spin Speed

This Washing Machine under 30000 works very fast in order to clean your clothes and remove the stain. The maximum rotation speed is up to 1000 RPM. The water pulsator, which does not let the clothes settle at the bottom it pouches them above and also detangles them to clean separately and deeply. The inverter direct drive gives you relief from the noise, vibrations, and wear and tear of machines. 

Wash Programs

There are up to 10 wash programs offered by the LG washing machine, which washes your garments in different manners. It allows you to select the fabric type or the wash type for gentle, quick, normal, and other types of programming. 

The six motion control technology, when enabled, moves the wash drum in all directions. This helps the fabric to make and take its space for cleaning. You can also get rid of stains and tough marks with the heat technology, which can provide you up to 60 degrees of hot water. 

Control and Usage

The LG washing machine comes with an LED display and allows it to function with all the programs. You can set the wash program and let the washing machine do all types of cleaning. It has a waterproof touch panel so that you do not get caught by the current flow. It has a seamless design with no drying up your hands before touching the touch. 

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Source – LG

It allows an auto-restart function which is helpful when the machine gets interrupted by electricity or anything. When you go out of light, the washing machine will stop and will start from the exact timing and point automatically. Moreover, It has a stainless steel drum that catches no rust during humidity. The Tub Clean feature cleans itself from the inner part without letting the outer part near any damage.

Furthermore, it has a child lock facility which prevents any interruption from changing the program or functions. The baby cares to keep the clothes clean and germs-free. The water temperature removes all types of bacterias that could harm the baby. Smart diagnosis allows you to easily find defects with this app; it is a new way to find and solve the problem. So no more mechanics and wasting money.

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Source – LG


  • It gives the chance to find the defect on your own via smart diagnosis.
  • The speed is exceptionally fast and works like a wonder in cleaning the clothes.
  • It offers ten types of wash programs in one washing machine, which is very beneficial.


  • The water inlet is very slow, and it takes a lot of time. 

Final Verdict On LG 6 Kg 5 Star Front Load Washing Machine Review 

LG offers more features with its fully automatic washing machine. It is great to get work done with no effort and relaxing time. The washing machine works effectively, and five stars ensure you get the best of all. This review guide will help you buy the best fully automatic washing machine in the whole manufacturing industry. I hope this article helped you ease your doubts about buying a top loading fully automatic washing machine.

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