LG 28 L Convection Microwave Oven Review

Let me get you to the LG 28 L Convection Microwave Oven review in India, which is perfect for the word called multipurpose. In this LG 28 L Convection Microwave Oven review, we cover its cooking types, features, advantages, disadvantages, and everything in detail. 

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LG 28 L Convection Microwave Oven Review 

Just as other successful brands in India, LG has stood upon them. It’s a microwave convection oven used for multipurpose such as roasting, baking, reheating, defrosting, grilling, and cooking in an affordable range. Here are the features that specify why you should buy this Microwave convection oven?


  • Black stainless steel LG microwave convection oven, which has freestanding installation type. And sleek design.
  • The quartz heater is a particular installation that protects hands from getting burnt and allows bigger vessels to cook in one go.
  • The menu also consists of healthy cooking for food for health-conscious people.
  • This Best Microwave Oven also helps to keep food warm for 90 minutes.
  • Multipurpose usage is a plus point for these types of machines.
  • The capacity of this machine is suitable for large families.
  • The manual also contains an auto cook menu which is easy to cook exotic and delicious food.
  • It also comes with preset cooking time and temperature for the many varieties of dishes.
  • Convection type could be used for grilling, baking, and so many other features included.
  • It includes a keypad of the control panel for adjustment of setting time and cooking.
  • It produces a sound of 2450MHz with a power consumption of up to 800 watts and 220volts.
  • The touch keypad is easy to use, and the machine is easy to clean.
  • The child lock feature assures safety for children at home.
  • The warranty period is one year for the whole product.
  • The turntable is provided with a glass tray for smooth rotation and quality distribution of rays.
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Source – LG
  • The buttons have clear wordings and are easily understandable.
  • It consists of 5 numbers of power levels.
  • The clean steam feature helps remove dry spills where the turntable has to be removed. And the inside cavity has to be cleaned.
  • It’s easy to bake and grill food with a slight adjustment of the buttons. 
  • For the defrosting option, there is veg as well as non-veg defrosting.
  • Custom cook, two-stage cooking, combination cooking, and fast cooking could easily be available for smooth cooking.
  • I could use metal tins for baking purposes.
  • Intellowave technology uses two specially designed ports to ensure that microwave heat is passed to every direction equally. LG is considered to be the best in it.
  • The interior lighting technology helps to see through the door of the microwave. 
  • Alarm to remind the completion of the cooking timer.
  • The quick start option is available. 
  • We could operate settings.
  • A medium level of noise is produced while cooking.

LG 28 L Convection Microwave Oven Specification


28 liter capacity with quartz heat technology. Medium-sized pots are quickly accumulated.

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Source – LG


68.5x60x178 cm (wxhxd) 

Total weight- 66kg

Power levels:

Five power levels can be used for different types of cooking techniques.


Glossy black on which dust cannot be seen, it has a rust-free body.

Cooking types:

The total number of auto cooking types on the menu is 251, whereas Indian auto cooking menus are 175. provides explicit cooking styles of dishes.

General specification of power consumption:

The power consumption varies for cooking styles, and the general power output is 900watts.

Input for grilling is- 1200watts.

Convection uses- 1950 watts.

Overall it gives over 1950 watts.


Child lock is provided, and the setting is not done before installation. The user guide provides the information for installing Child lock.

Additional specification:

A turntable diameter of 320mm is provided with the machine, and it is constructive for intellowave technology.


The whole product has a warranty period of one year.


The quick defrosting option is available for Both veg, and non-veg defrosting is available.

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Source – LG


  • LG provides plastic microwave-safe utensils which fit in both the racks, and the quality of frames offered is also good.
  • The LG Oven is very spacious, and medium-sized pots used for cooking will be one go.
  • Lower electricity consumption.
  • Quartz heater and other options work well.
  • Affordable price with many cooking options.
  • Baking is up to the mark.
  • Easy to use.
  • Steam clean works well with this oven.
  • The auto cook menu includes everything more than enough. 
  • Black Color doesn’t show dust accumulation, and the interior is easy to clean with a damp cloth.


  • The touchpad membrane is inconvenient to use.
  • The grilling option doesn’t cook evenly.
  • The top part of the pizza, cake, remains overcooked, and the bottom part doesn’t cook.
  • Pasteurization doesn’t happen as mentioned in the user manual.
  • An extended warranty is expectable.

Conclusion Of The LG 28 L Convection Microwave Oven Review

Choosing the best one out of all the best microwaves convection ovens is a difficult choice. Buy an LG microwave convection oven that has multipurpose qualities, and it will be the best one-time investment done for you! Pick the best!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I not get the extended warranty period?

No, it isn’t extendable!

The steam comes out of the door while cooking. Is it casual?

Yes, the higher moisture level in the food while cooking makes it possible. 

Can you grill and bake at the same time?

No, you can either bake or grill in this machine.

Why is table turn used?

It is used to rotate the bowl or dish kept on the glass tray for an equal amount of heat to pass to the food.

Does the power drip if used continuously?

No, the power doesn’t drip, but if the socket is too old and doesn’t support earthing, there are chances of getting power drip. The solution for it is to use a power stabilizer.

What if I put a steel vessel inside it?

Steel vessels are big no! Microwave safe containers are used.

Does this machine have an exchange offer?

It depends on the offer provided! But usually no.

Can I clean the inner cavity with a wet cloth?

No! You could use a slightly wet cloth.

The fermentation doesn’t complete with the time provided in the user guide. What should I do?

Either go with quick fermentation or keep it for more time!

The convection fan doesn’t turn off. Why?

The convection fan is automatic. It doesn’t turn off.

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