LG 14 Wifi Dishwasher Review

Are you planning to purchase a dishwasher? Right, this article is about LG 14 Wifi Dishwasher Review. This LG 14 Wifi Dishwasher Review clears all your doubts, clarifies every feature present in the dishwasher. Finally, it will help you decide in the buying process. 

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LG 14 Wifi Dishwasher Review 

Technology has taken the vast majority of space in our day-to-day life; everything has been shortcuts to cut off human efforts and concentrate more on ourselves. This pandemic has made our lives burdensome, but few enjoy quarantine stuff like cooking or experimenting with new dishes that may succeed entirely or fail terribly! So, washing those could be hectic. But, dishwashers have always been four lifers to the people with busy work schedules to make their work simpler. A robot could make things seem easy with proper setup and use forever.

LG is the best-selling dishwasher in India. Hence they won’t fail to mesmerize us with their products. Here is LG place setting wifi with a sleek designed dishwasher. Platinum silver-colored dishwashers give a different look to your kitchen. It has adjustable racks which are easily removable and fixed accordingly. It makes washing easy and is suitable for a medium-sized family.


  • The control type of this dishwasher is fully integrated and user-friendly. The 14 place settings help you with various clean sizes of utensils in one wash.
  • The only physical effort that has to be done is to include the utensils in the dishwasher. Connecting wifi to your Alexa or google assistance makes it easy to switch on sitting in one place. 
  • This Best Dishwasher gives nine washing programs for different types of cutleries. Toughest of toughest stains will be removed, e.g., masala stains, oil stains, and sticky stains. 
  • The power consumption is minimum which is 230 volts. Usage of water does not exceed the needs detected by the dishwasher. Hence, it saves water and power usage.
  • Its multi-jet water technology(quad wash) helps with the spraying of water from every angle, which results in clean and sparkly utensils.
  • The user manual is uncomplicated to read and helps specify the detergent and rinse aid to follow the same way of washing for the quality wash.
  •  Accurate steam technology has its steamed qualification, which results in washing utensils from boiling water if necessary. Therefore it provides efficient wash which doesn’t leave any marks or water stains behind.
  • There is no chance of dirt available when washed with truesteam technology.
  • Washing of dishes irrespective of type is cleaned safely without damage, but a bit of vibration is produced inside the dishwasher. The dishwasher leaves utensils scratch-free.
  • One thing about this dishwasher machine is it gives extra start\pause time for drying vessels.
  • The disturbance is at its lowest, that is 44db. 
  • The name itself says inverter direct drive, which means if the power cuts, the inverter helps it continue washing and is reliable for clean wash without damaging the inverter.
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Source – LG
  • The filter provided in the dishwasher doesn’t get clogged due to any means of particles used during washing.
  • The child lock feature is mandatory in almost every technology that prevents children from hanging on the door or crawling inside. 
  • The hose set provided with the machine has to be used to avoid water leaks.
  • Half load, machine sanitization reminder, competent diagnosis, beautiful interior design to clean it quickly, and ultra-superior exterior design has made this machine everyone’s choice.
  • The Adjustable height with a turbo speed of washing and dual-zone smooth operation wash provided by the LG dishwasher is top class.
  • The high-temperature steam provides effective soaking and rinsing that removes easy stains from dishes.
  • The dishwasher has 14 place settings available with foldable tines that make pans or bowls fit without any inconvenience easily.

LG 14 Wifi Dishwasher Specification


The dishwasher capacity is a 14 place setting which is suitable for family members up to 6-8. Applicable for one go while washing.


The dimensions of the dishwasher are long-standing, which measures 600x600x850MM, convenient to fit in the kitchen.


The shiny silver color gives a different look to the kitchen.

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Source – LG

Wash programs:

It includes nine wash programs mentioned as actual steam, quad wash, dual wash, turbo, auto, eco, and gentle quick for different varieties of utensils.

Time delay:

Time delay is up to 12 hours for each start and pause button. 

Noise level:

The lower the noise, the more excellent the wash will be. It has 44db of noise level, which is minimum, and wash dishes silently.

Refill indicator and intelligent diagnosis:

The dishwasher indicator for putting detergent or liquid is indicated to understand the further process of washing. Competent diagnosis provides information through a smartphone if the dishwasher is connected.

Error display:

If any error or damage to any part of the dishwasher occurs, the error display is visible.

Half load:

could also use half-load utensils for washing, and it also doesn’t use excessive amounts of water for the full load use.

Child lock:

It has to have any technology to prevent any damage to the LG dishwasher or injury to the child. It is an essential safety purpose.


Two years of warranty over the machine and ten years of proof over the motor provided and for further details a warranty card seen.


  • Easy to use. Understandable language in the user manual given for reference.
  • Dishes come out without any stains, and glasses are super sparkly and non-damageable.
  • Usage of water and detergent is lower than the expected rate.
  • Salt has to be used depending on the hardness of the water.
  • Wifi informs every cycle time and ending time if you’re outside the house.
  • It eases physical effort in every household.
  • Time-saving
  • It uses steam functionality to loosen up stains. LG has provided this, which is worth it.
  • It has steam outlets with quad arms.
  • The silent operation of the wash goes inside the dishwasher. 
  • Turbo wash mode helps full mode to wash quickly. Drying is also a plus point for the steam-added utensils.
  • The most challenging toughest parts of other equipment, such as chimneys with dense parts of tough stains, can be solved by the LG dishwasher.
  • The inlet and outlet are compatible.
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Source – LG


  • More oversized utensils need more water and have been washed in the second cycle.
  • No separate rack has been given for fragile utensils.
  • The door is very delicate. Even a fingernail leaves a scratch on the magnetic door.
  • Power cuts don’t resume if we don’t have an inverter. And the cycle has to start again from first, which results in consuming power.
  • Few cycles such as auto, intensive, and eco are very long and might run for longer hours.
  • The digital display is very minimal, which can’t be seen in light.
  • The buttons have to be tapped twice to know if they are working correctly.
  • Power consumption for turbo mode is comparatively more than the eco mode.
  • Hose cables are not much longer.
  • Aluminum vessels are a big no for dishwashers. Stripping off the vessel is possible.

Conclusion Of LG 14 Wifi Dishwasher Review 

To spark up the kitchen’s appearance and to get clean and sparkly utensils at home, the LG dishwasher is highly recommendable with premium features and a smooth washing process at a fair price. 

What are you waiting for, folks? It is the best quality and trustable brand!

The choice is yours! 

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