LG 1.5 Ton AC Review

Here is the LG 1.5 Ton AC Review by our team after three months of usage. This LG 1.5 Ton AC Review covers its performance, features, connectivity, and many other specifications. So read fully.

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LG 1.5 Ton AC Review

Heat and humidity may have a negative influence on our total physical and mental activity, making even the most basic chores difficult. With an appropriate air conditioning system, heat and humidity are reduced, and thus, the influence on our capacity to perform and finish duties is reduced. Enjoy your summers with this ultra-cool LG Super Convertible 5-in-1 Air Conditioner. 

LG 1.5 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC
  • Capacity: 1.5 Ton
  • Energy Efficiency: 5 Star
  • Annual Power Consumption: 818.81 Kilowatt Hours
  • Noise Level: 31 dB
  • Warranty: 1 year product + 10 years compressor
12/04/2021 01:38 am GMT

Let’s find out more about this in the features given below:


The all-new LG super convertible Air Conditioner measures 998 mm in length, 210 mm in breadth, and 345 mm in height. It has a loading capacity of 1.5 tonnes, suitable for medium-sized rooms. This LG Air Conditioner’s body is white in color, is sturdy, and has got some really good looks. It has a four-way cooling option. The vertical and horizontal swing effect provides greater airflow and a consistent cooling process. This Best 1.5 Ton AC has rated five stars with an annual energy consumption of 818.81 units.

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Source – LG


The cooling capacity of the LG’s Air Conditioner ranges from 400 to 5800 Watts. 

Himalaya Cool Technology: LG’s Himalaya Cool technology attempts to recreate this Himalayan vibe, allowing you to experience the atmosphere of a hill station from your home. This mode may be activated by pressing the HCOOL button on the remote. When this Best Air Conditioner is turned on, it will blow the cool air at a super-high-speed for around 30 minutes, or until the room temperature is brought down to a comfortable level. LG air conditioners use Himalaya Cool technology to provide quick cooling without sacrificing energy efficiency.

Monsoon Comfort Mode: When the Monsoon Comfort mode is enabled, the refrigeration cycle is accelerated to quickly remove humidity from the room. Increasing the frequency of the refrigeration cycle would often result in higher power consumption, but LG has optimized this technology to reduce power usage to a minimum. During the rainy season, the Monsoon Comfort technology delivers regulated cooling despite the high humidity.

LG’s Dual Cool Air Conditioner, with its Super Efficient 5-in-1 Cooling Control, not only saves a lot of energy by decreasing the cooling capacity from 100%, 60%, or 40% but also increases the cooling capacity to 110%.

Fan Mode: There are five fan modes, and the conditioner only uses 35-40 watts in the fifth set and approximately 20 watts in the third set. It’s just about 10 – 15 watts with low fan settings. It’s an extremely energy-efficient and energy-centric model while keeping the cooling capability outstanding.

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Source – LG

Dual Inverter Compressor

The varied speed Dual Rotary Motor DUAL Inverter Compressor of LG has a broader rotary compressor which is more powerful than traditional compressors and has a greater cooling speed level. Rotary compressors are more efficient since they are intended to decrease pressure loss in refrigerator gas while also producing less noise. This is included with an HD Filter fitted Antivirus protective layer. Cationic silver ions are covered with the filter mesh, disabling over 99 percent of virus and contact bacteria.

Ocean Black Fin

The Ocean Black Fin feature in the Air Conditioner provides unmatched protection against dust, and smoke in the environment, as well as protection against fin corrosion, resulting in greater cooling and cost savings.

Ocean Black Protection with Self-Cleaning Feature

In India, in locations that are impacted by sand, industrial smoke, and pollution, special Ocean Black Protection is sprayed to Copper tubing of both Indoor and Outdoor units, which offers outstanding longevity for the air conditioner. Another advantage of Air Conditioner is that they have an auto-clean feature. This implies that the air conditioner’s interior is cleaned with the heat exchanger drying. Ionizer nano ions sterilize the heat exchanger in order to prevent mold and bacteria formation.

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Source – LG

Smart ThinQ

The SmartThinQ feature comes only for LG products like Air Conditioner, Refrigerator, Washing Machine, etc. It allows users to connect their LG home appliance to the internet and operate it with their Android or iOS. The user must first create an account, log in, and then add the air conditioner to the app. As long as the air conditioner is on standby or operating, the user may manage it from anywhere in the world. The conditioner also has a feature to check the Energy Consumption: currently, weekly and monthly.

Final Words For LG 1.5 Ton AC Review

LG’s products have always proved to be effective and of quality. LG air conditioners are intended to protect consumers from pollution, bacteria, and scorching heat while providing effective cooling. Its Dual Inverter feature has to be a boon for this product.

What could be better than an Air Conditioner giving you three options to get yourself chilled from hot summers and humidity. And, try not to forget its Auto-Cleaning feature, which helps you protect yourself from all the outside dust. Overall, this LG’s air conditioner is a great option in terms of its price as well as its features, but in the end, the choice has to be yours, so keep exploring.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How to fix the no cooling issue?

The no cooling issue could be due to either muddy and clogged filters or unset the cooling mode if you have accidentally selected that.

To fix this,

  • Clean the air filter once every month to ensure proper cooling. 
  • Keep the temperature between 18 to 23 degrees celsius.
  • Check the mode setting and choose the cooling mode option.

How can I fix the leakage issue?

You can fix the conditioner leakage issue by following methods:

  • The drain pipe should be angled downwards.
  • After every 20 days, clean the air filter.

NOTE: If the leakage still continues, it is advisable to call someone from the LG Service Company.

Is it necessary to use a voltage stabilizer with this Air Conditioner?

No, you don’t need a voltage stabilizer as long as the voltage fluctuates between 145 and 290V. If the voltage falls outside of this range, a voltage stabilizer is required.

What are the minimum and maximum temperatures offered by this Air Conditioner?

The minimum temperature can be set to 16°C, and the maximum temperature can be set to 30°C.

How can I solve the noise issue?

If your Air Conditioner makes a humming sound, it is probably coming from its compressor, which is quite normal. If you are facing a noise issue from the front, it might be coming due to the front grill of the AC. To fix that, check the grill fitment and gently push its ends.

Does the ThinQ Smart app support Alexa and Google Assistant?

No. As for now, it does not, but Smart Thinq models will support it soon. But the conditioner does have inbuilt Wi-Fi.

For how many years does this LG’s AC come with?

LG Air conditioner has a one-year warranty on the whole product and a ten years warranty on its compressor. 

What is this product’s input power?

The Conditioner passes a current of 6.6A, and its operating power is 1440 Watts.

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