iPad Pro M1 Review 2021

Our team after a lot of research and real time experiences, come up with the iPad Pro M1 review.

This iPad Pro M1 review explains how successful it is, pros, cons, specifications and everything you may be unaware of. So let’s have a look at it.

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iPad Pro M1 Review

iPad Pro M1 Specifications

M1 is Apple’s very first chip designed solely for the Mac. It is the most powerful chip in the market. Now, Apple has used the same chip in the iPad Pro, making it work less like an iPad and more like the Mac. If you are not aware, iPad Pro M1 is the overall best Tablet in India for 2021.

This edition of the M1 chip has helped the iPad Pro deliver up to 50% faster performance than the previous version. Its graphic performance has increased by a staggering 40%.

Read along to know more about the cool features of the iPad Pro M1.

  • 8 Core CPU and 8 Core GPU
  • 16 Core neural engine. The neural engine is a machine learning framework that enhances the machine learning performance fifteen times faster.
  • 8GB memory in lower stage and 16GB RAM in 1TB or 2TB (according to iPad configurations).
  • Because of the M1 chip inside this iPad Pro M1 model, the usual charging port is changed into a thunderbolt three-port with USB 4. You can use this port to transfer heavy files, photos, and videos. It speeds up to 40GB per second. Use this as an ethernet port to enjoy a powerful supply of the internet.
  • When it comes to the display, Apple provides a liquid retina XDR display which, unfortunately, is only available in the 12.9-inch version and not in the 11-inch one.
  • This iPad model does support blazing-fast 5G. It helps users to transfer and download heavy files and high-quality videos on the go.
  • It provides users with the latest Wifi 6 version.
  • The iPad has five studio-quality mics at all the edges of the body.
  • It has a magnetic connector in the middle of the edges to attach your iPencil to the iPad.

iPad Pro M1: Mind-Boggling Features

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Apart from being just half a millimeter thicker than its predecessor, the iPad Pro M1 does a great job balancing battery life. You might wonder that this model should perform better, at least battery-wise, but it is not the case.  

The M1 chip, 16GB RAM, and the 16 Core neural engine help better the performance but take their portion of battery life. And this is exactly the ‘wow’ factor about the model. Despite all these high-end operations, Apple has still managed to keep up with the battery life of about ten hours.

Usually, you will find a 3000 to 4000 multi-core performance in previous models, but this model destroys it all and packs a powerful 6000 to 7500 multi-core score, which is higher than the 16-inch Macbook Pro. This shows how crazy-high the performance of the iPad Pro M1 is.

Apple has made large improvements in producing smart images and videos. The ultra-wide option enables a 122° view angle. It has a 12MP wide cam and a 10MP ultra-wide cam. The ‘Centre Stage’ facility is a gamechanger in the field of smart videography. This facility will follow and focus on you while you walk around freely in front of it. It will also detect faces and keep them in the view as much as possible by zooming in and out continuously. It is indeed a smart machine!

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With a million to one contrast ratio, Apple iPad Pro provides one of the best display screens in the market. A thousand nits are providing full-screen brightness. Ten thousand mini LEDs power the display three-port to achieve a high-quality viewing experience. These mini LEDs are 120 times smaller than the previous generation.

There are over two thousand five hundred local dimming zones, i.e., all the mini LEDs are grouped into these local dimming zones. This helps change each zone’s brightness level according to the demand of the picture or video. There are four, two on each side of the edges, Dolby Atmos supported speakers. These quad speakers give a theater-like feel and can be modified or customized according to your preference. iPad is an all-metal body made of a hundred percent recyclable aluminum and tin. This model is PVC-free, has Mercury-free and Arsenic-free display.

A new Magic iPad Keyboard is recommended for the iPad Pro M1 version, but we don’t find it mandatory to buy one. You could use one of your old Magic Keyboards because these fit just fine but are a little tight when it’s faced down. It doesn’t do any harm to the device or the keyboard. The position of the camera lens is changed to the much shorter side of the iPad. We have discussed the problems faced by users due to this change in the ‘Verdict’ section. Facial recognition is provided for better security authentication.

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Final Verdict

The iPad Pro M1 is too smart of a machine for regular daily use. You won’t appreciate its high performance until you use it for heavy-duty tasks like video editing, gaming, etc. There is a reason for having an M1 chip used in Macbooks in an iPad. We do not recommend this model if you are searching for an iPad for everyday school work.

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As mentioned before, there is no improvement in battery life, but the rate of charging hasn’t improved either. It is the same as the previous generation. Picture quality is impeccable, but there is still distortion at the corners of the pictures even when they remove distortion option is turned on. 

The position of the front camera is not a good design choice. Usually, people lay the iPad horizontally while video calling. Since the camera is placed on the vertical edge of the device, it feels like you are looking on the opposite side and not into the camera. While holding the device horizontally, your left palm covers the front camera entirely, slowing down the process of turning the device on using facial recognition.

Although the display quality is out of the charts, Apple still has no concept of fidgeting with the arbitrary aspect ratio and scales of videos. You still have the black borders that surround a video having an unmatched aspect ratio.

The pricing of this iPad Pro M1 varies with the screen size you choose, whether you choose 1TB or 2TB, cellular or non-cellular. You can find the latest pricing of the iPad Pro M1 on Amazon. Make sure you select the correct specifications before purchasing. We hope this article has helped you clearly understand what the iPad is willing to provide.

Although iPad is the best in the market, it’s not affordable for all. So, if you’re on a budget, you can check similar best tablet under 30000 or tablets under 20000 in India.

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