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iFFALCON 32F2A Smart TV Review

Are you going to buy a 32 inch TV? Here is my complete iFFALCON 32F2A Smart TV review in India 2022.

In this iFFALCON 32F2A Smart TV review, I will explain its display, audio quality, connectivity, and all the entire details. So have a full read before buying. 

iFFALCON 32F2A Smart TV Review 2
Source – iFFALCON

iFFALCON 32F2A Smart TV Review

iFFALCON introduced its technology-based LED TV unit with smart features that are worth your money and time. Its focus is on families who love to enjoy the simplicity of using television. The innovativeness and elegance, along with features all in one, are nothing but wonders. 

As it names the TV, “Smart TV for a smarter generation.” And well, yes, it proves to be one of us. Keep reading for an amazing article full of fun technical specifications to know more about the technology and smartness.

What would be the first thing you would want to know before buying a TV? 

Your budget! Duh!? So let us read further to know it all.


iFFALCON has introduced the 32F2A model; as I said, being wholly concerned about families is your budget. It was launched in 2021 in three different sizes this year, starting from 32 inches,40 inches, and the maximum size 43 inches. And so is the price range completely in your budget under just 14000.  

In this price range, it offers you so many features, functions, and connectivity to run unlimited tasks, videos, gaming, and streaming online. Moreover, there is also voice control to just ask Alexa or google assistant to work for you. Complete care for you and your family. 


iFFALCON 32F2A is a 32 inches TV with amazing technology for display and audio. It supports smart features and provides enough connections via HDMI and USB. It supports HDR formats for clear and high contrast displays. 

The iFFALCON 32F2A Android TV has many functions and allows you to live an intelligent and smart life with AI. Moreover, you can download any application from the play store directly on your TV. It also offers you a voice control feature for handling functions by your voice.

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Source – iFFALCON

This HD-ready Smart TV Under 15000 provides you 178 degrees wide-angle viewing and smooth performance with a quad-core processor and dual-core GPU. Along with an elegant design, it has built-in speakers for loud and clear audio. 

Features Of iFFALCON 32F2A Smart TV


As I said, iFFALCON is a smart TV that cares about your family and you as well. Therefore, it uses an LED display amongst all the other types, OLEDs, LCDs, etc. The LED display is energy efficient, and its panel helps throw light by spreading it equally to all the pixels for better picture presentation. This light is given to every single pixel, i.e., 1366×768 pixels in total.  It also saves your money as LED is work efficient and consumes less power. 

Screen size

23F2A is a 32 inches TV with a slim body and less bezel design. This adds elegance and suits your room completely. With its wide-angle 178 degrees view, you get an immersive experience with different modes like sports or kids. 

Make sure to watch at the exact difference one must to protect your eyes and have a better view of the displayed picture. The picture displayed has a clear and high quality of color and contrast as it uses innovative technology. 

Moreover, the iFFALCON 32F2A TV does not lag while presenting a video or movie as it offers a 60Hz frame rate or refresh rate for a better viewing experience. Together with good resolution and refresh rate, it makes this 32 Inch Smart TV a good and compatible one for your home. Click here to explore more 32 inches Smart TV in India.


High dynamic range or HDR compatibility claims to check the enhanced color, contrast, and brightness. It adjusts the bright and dark colors according to the videos or picture content. It uses HDR 10 and Dolby vision format for next-level fun and entertainment.

The display is also adjusted with the help of an A+ grade panel and wide-angle view experience without any color or contrast difference. The IPQ engine maintains the color, contrast, brightness, and darkness fields and optimizes them all for better output.

The other technologies used are 4k upscaling and Dynamic color enhancement to adjust brightness accordingly. It also offers micro dimming technology, which individually corrects the brightness up to 280 nits on the screen. 

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Source – iFFALCON


With this smart LED iFFALCON 32F2A TV and Android 9 system, you can enjoy more connectivity. It offers you 2 HDMI ports and 1 USB port for hard drives, gaming consoles, blu ray discs, etc. It also provides you a headphone jack directly to your TV for an easy and better gaming experience. Also, you can connect aux for more songs and an unlimited playlist.

Smart Feature

This android smart LED TV has a lot to serve you with apps and a built-in wifi connection and mirror casting or screen mirroring. You can watch movies on built-in apps like Netflix, Prime, Disney+ Hotstar. 

Android OS allows smartphone functioning on your TV directly. Make your life more innovative and intelligent with iFFALCON. Plan your day and ask to remind you of everything on your TV with your voice. iFFALCON 32F2A TV also has a built-in Chromecast with 1.5Gb RAM and 8GB ROM for storage and smooth processing. 


iFFALCON comes with fore technology with built-in speakers that give an amazing sound experience. The built-in stereo speakers with 20W output have access to Dolby Audio and Dolby decoder technology for audio quality.

Moreover, you do not need to worry about adjusting volume every single time. It has a smart volume feature for automatically adjusting the volume by detecting the scene. It will increase or decrease the volume.

iFFALCON 32F2A Smart TV Review
Source – iFFALCON

Final Verdict On iFFALCON 32F2A Smart TV Review

iFFALCON believes in helping you with its smart features and functions. The technology it uses is highly innovative for more accessible and simple functioning. This review will clear you with all the information you would need before buying this model. I hope all the details are clear and worth reading the complete iFFALCON 32F2A Smart TV Review article.

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