GOQII Smart Vital Lite Review 2023 – Is It Worth?

GOQii Smart Vital Lite smartwatch is from the GOQii, an Indian fitness technology brand headquartered in California. It has registered a strong reputation in the smartwatch market because of its unique quality in the health ecosystem. 

The GOQii Smart Vital Lite smartwatch price is Rs.1899 on the website, but you can view some price variations based on color. I feel excited to share the complete details here in this GOQii Smart Vital Lite review. 

GOQII Smart Vital Lite Review

GOQii Smart Vital Lite
  • Display icons and texts are crisp and good to use under sunlight.
  • The app is loaded with a lot of features.
  • Decent number of sport modes.
  • The display feels smaller due to the huge bezels.
  • UI can be improved, a big drawback while scrolling between menus.
  • It sometimes gets lagged; I need to press the side button to bring the watch back to normal.
09/06/2023 11:07 am GMT

Without further delay, let me share all the features packed in the Smartwatch in this GOQii smart vital lite review. 

GOQii Smart Vital Lite Unboxing

While unboxing my pack, it includes

  • A GOQii Smart Vital Lite smartwatch
  • A Strap
  • A User Manual
  • A Welcome card
  • A Charging Cable
  • An Activation code

GOQii Smart Vital Lite Specifications

  • Screen: 1.4 Inch HD
  • Battery: 7 days
  • Special Features: Distance Tracker, Activity Tracker, Calorie Tracker, Notifications 
  • Sports Modes: Multiple


The first thing that strikes my mind when I see this GOQii Smart Vital Lite is the design which resembles the Realme square-shaped dial. And that is not a primary concern as most branded watches nowadays have a square-shaped dial. But what impresses me most is the sleek and lightweight design. Being a weight of 36 grams, the Smartwatch is easy to wear throughout the day. 

The smartwatch I tested is of Black color. The other available colors are grey, berry blue, pink, sea green, and cloud grey. 

Coming to the design, the GOQii Smart Vital Lite smartwatch gives a classy look whenever I wear it, and I think it adds beauty to my wrist. Around the square-shaped dial, you can observe a long button on the right side, which helps you control the smartwatch settings. Thus you don’t have to worry about faster accessibility. 

It is better than all other watches in a similar range when considering the straps. It is finely built so that they did not produce any strains even when I wore them for an extended period.

Also, the GOQii Smart Vital Lite is capable of withstanding dust, splash, and even rains as it features IP68 water resistance. This is highly beneficial as I travel a lot for my work irrespective of rains and dust. And if you are a sports person or a fitness enthusiast, there is no need to take off the Smartwatch when you sweat a lot. 

So, on the whole, the GOQii Smart Vital Lite 1.4 design is the best in class. 


The GOQii Smart Vital Lite is flaunted with 1.4 inch HD display that offers a decent resolution of about 240 * 240 pixels. The display is pretty good and bright, more than enough that it gives me perfect viewing angles. I am so happy, and even In the initial days, I thought it was an AMOLED display. 

Moreover, there are thin bezels around the screen that are not so big, and especially these are not noticeable when you choose dark smartwatch faces. I must say that the touch screen shows high responsiveness, and even I did not take much effort when accessing any apps. When I used upper, left, and right swipes, GOQii Smart Vital Lite helped me navigate different sections. There are no touch issues that are more common in most similarly priced watches. Finally, the user interface is good, but it can be advanced further like similar Smartwatch Under 2000 In India

Talking about the GOQii Smart Vital Lite, there are multiple smart watch faces which is an added advantage here. You can download more from the cloud using the GOQii app and change it as per your mood or style. Personally, I felt that a few of the smartwatch faces were not good, so I used them from my gallery. Overall, I am delighted with the display part of the GOQii Smart Vital Lite smartwatch, and it is worth buying under the budget category. 


Now let’s quickly see the features like auto sleep tracking, real-time heart rate, blood oxygen saturation, finding my phone, stopwatch, and raise to wake and alarm, which is of much necessity these days. The results from these trackings are very accurate, and to be honest, with the help of GOQii Smart Vital Lite, I started getting enough sleep in a day. 

Apart from this, GOQii Smart Vital Lite consists of multiple sports modes which help me track each and every sports activity I do. And a small list here to know you about the types of modes – outdoor running, yoga, rowing machine, outdoor walking, indoor running, indoor walking, elliptical machine, and spinning. Furthermore, when I tested with the outdoor walking activity, it gave me precise results like steps walked, calories burned, and distance covered. To be true, this Smartwatch has become my true walking partner. 

Other than that, like other regular smartwatches, GOQii Smart Vital Lite makes you stay alert with smart notifications for every call, message, and social media app. And what’s more remarkable is that you can even decide if you will answer or reject a call from the smartwatch screen. So I assure you that it will completely neglect the need to check your smartphone for every notification. 

Source – GOQii

Finally, the last feature is the sedentary alerts, which is my favorite part there. To explain this in detail, when I watched a movie for more than an hour without any physical movement, the GOQii Smart Vital Lite smartwatch reminded me to get up and walk a little bit. 

One part that slipped out of my mind to share is the companion application. The GOQii Smart Vital Lite app is good, user-friendly, and easy to use. You can download it directly from the google play store or apple store. It synchronizes with the smartwatch data quickly, and I have never faced any lagging issues till now. 

Battery Life

The best thing about the GOQii Smart Vital Lite smartwatch is its incredible battery life. When we tested with exercise tracking, sleep monitoring, and daily usage, the battery surprised me with a time of 7 days. I have never expected such a battery time from this brand, and GOQii also claims that the Smartwatch will offer a standby time of 25 days. Again my small suggestion here is if you need more battery time, you can achieve it by reducing the tracking and monitoring features. 

Should You Buy This GOQii Smart Vital Lite Smartwatch?

If you are willing to buy an affordable smartwatch, then I think this GOQii Smart Vital Lite is fine. It is loaded with many features and the best exterior design and performs well, as the brand says. Also, one extra chocolate you can get here is the three months of free personal care from certified health coaches, doctors, or experts who assist you and make you stay healthy. 

With these final words, I have planned to end my review of the GOQii Smart Vital Lite smartwatch. Our testing shows that the most vital points are the battery life, display, and monitoring features. Thanks for reading. 

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