Crossbeats Ignite LYT Review 2023 – Do I Recommend it?

Have an idea about purchasing the Crossbeats Ignite LYT Smartwatch? Right then, make sure to have a look at this Crossbeats Ignite LYT review before you checkout! 

The Crossbeats Ignite LYT price in India is Rs.1999 /- in India and is loaded with plenty of features. 

Crossbeats Ignite LYT

Crossbeats Ignite LYT Review

Crossbeats Ignite LYT Smart Watch
  • Display feels bigger and icons/texts are better compared to Fireboltt Ninja 2.
  • 15 days of battery life is good.
  • Lags while using the watch menus and options.
  • Straps can be improved, feels not strong.
  • Measures heart rate & sleep count even when not in use, a big letdown.
09/08/2023 06:09 am GMT

The Crossbeats Ignite LYT launch date in India is May 1, 2022. I bought this smartwatch a few weeks ago, and here is my detailed Crossbeats Ignite LYT review after its usage.


The Crossbeats Ignite LYT Smartwatch, even on the first look, attracts you with its stylish body. The square-shaped dial with the thin bezels impressed me, and I could not take off my eyes from that. I feel very light and super comfortable even wearing it after a long day as it comes with a light weight of about 40 grams. The unit I bought is of zenith gold in color, and you will also find other attractive colors like sapphire blue and carbon black.

Moreover, the watch’s dial is protected by the 2.5 Double curved glass, which adds beauty to the design and display. The ABS body of the Crossbeats Ignite LYT Smartwatch gives a premium look on the wrist, and the straps are not so great, but I did not feel any strain while wearing it during workouts. 

On the right side of the watch face, you can see a small circular multi-function button that lets you access settings and everything on the watch screen. Again the backside of the smartwatch houses multi-motion sensors and a magnetic charging port. These are not so big and bulky, so they do not make you uncomfortable wearing them. 


Moving to the display area of the Crossbeats Ignite LYT Smartwatch, it has 1.69 inch HD touch screen with a resolution of up to 240 * 280 pixels. The display is bright enough, and the viewing angles were accurate when we tested. The IPS screen supports a brightness of about 500 units, and I can feel all the images with a crystal clear clarity and the varying colors in the world. Anyhow the watch goes black when you turn off the button or when there is no activity. 

One noticeable feature in this Crossbeats Ignite LYT Smartwatch is the theatre mode. This mode allows me to turn off the social media notifications while I am busy working on essential tasks. Also, it helps me restrict who can reach me and when they can reach me. While testing the watch with theatre enabled, I found that the screen remains dim, the watch does not wake up or vibrate, and the notifications can only be seen on the screen. I found this helpful on the working days. 

Overall, I am pretty satisfied with the display of the Crossbeats Ignite LYT Smartwatch but felt that the user interface is below average than others in the similar category. If you are a lover of styles and designs in UI, then it will disappoint you a little bit! 


Coming to the features, the Crossbeats Ignite LYT Smartwatch is equipped with 12 sports modes like running, walking, swimming, cycling, yoga, fitness, and so on. To be frank, I think this is one of the drawbacks of this smartwatch as few other Smartwatches Under 2000 have more sports modes. But there are some issues like the heartbeat tracking works even when it’s not tied to hand. I think it’s a big letdown when it comes to this watch.

This is what I look for whenever I research a smartwatch; yes am speaking about water resistance! As a fitness freak like me, being in sweat is not new, and I am happy that this Crossbeats Ignite LYT Smartwatch has IP68 water resistance (where my previous watch lacks this).

Apart frAble the sleep tracking feature saves oualso r seven days of sleep data. If you are an insomniac like me, this may be your favorite feature of the Crossbeats Ignite LYT smartwatch. I have tested with this for four days and found that I have slept only for 6 hours a day. So now, as a result, I started getting the right amount of sleep (8 hours a day), and also, it reminds me to do that. 

The Crossbeats Ignite LYT smartwatch is also designed with a breath training feature, which allows you to keep your stress at bay and reminds you to take a deep breath. During testing with the blood pressure monitor, the smartwatch notifies about the pressure level and alerts when there is a high number. 

The heart rate tracker is the next highest benefit I observed while using this Crossbeats Ignite LYT smartwatch for a week. It monitors my heart beat rate 24 hours a day and notifies me when the heart rate is higher during anger or tension. So I can be aware of it and start reducing my tension during a hectic work day. Again the SpO2 tracker works well and provides accurate measurements during two-day testing. 

Additionally, like other smartwatches, the Crossbeats Ignite LYT Smartwatch is packed with valuable features like a stop clock, alarm, find phone, weather forecast, and camera shutter. Another pair of chocolates in this Crossbeats Ignite LYT Smartwatch is the warranty. You can register your watch through the crossbeats website within 10 days of purchase, and they will activate your one-year warranty period. 

Battery Life

Here comes the most crucial part of the gadget, battery life. The crossbeats brand says the battery life will last up to 15 days. Still, when we tested with a few activities like tracking health status, continuous travel, and workouts, the Crossbeats Ignite LYT Smartwatch shows a battery life of upto ten days. 

If you are not into a lot of travel or tracking activities, you will get a battery time of upto ten days, as the brand suggests. Also, you will get 30 days of standby time if you give a break for the smartwatch. So, on the whole, Crossbeats Ignite LYT Smartwatch is good in terms of battery life. 

Should You Buy This Crossbeats Ignite LYT Smartwatch?

Right after glancing at the smart features, style, display, and battery life of the watch, I think Crossbeats Ignite LYT Smartwatch may be the apt choice if you are ready to sacrifice only the number of sports modes. You should also bear in mind, the tracking issues that happens even when not wearing the watch.

Besides, if you are a battery lover and not willing to carry the charging cable outdoors or on a trip, Crossbeats Ignite LYT is the right choice as it stands for more than ten days. 

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