BoAt Wave Lite Smartwatch Review 2023: A Must Read

The BoAt Wave Lite launch date in India was on March 30, 2022, from the top-notch brand BoAt and it satisfied most BoAt lovers in recent times. The budget-friendly BoAt Wave Lite price in India is Rs. 1799/- and is packed with many valuable features. Should you buy this? But anyhow, is it worth buying? If you have any doubts running through your mind, then here is a detailed article about the BoAt Wave Lite Smartwatch review.  

BoAt Wave Lite Smartwatch Review

boAt Wave Lite Smartwatch
  • Good design and display.
  • Great viewing experience under sunlight.
  • Steps and other tracking details are good.
  • Android/Ios apps are good with many features
  • Boring UI which is found in every other watches except Noise.
  • Even though it has 140+ watch faces, they're not good looking.
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Read on here to know the BoAt Wave Lite Smartwatch review entirely, and then decide whether it suits you. 

BoAt Wave Lite Unboxing

My box includes 

  • A Wave Lite Watch
  • A Magnetic Charging Cable
  • A User Guide
  • A Warranty Card

BoAt Wave Lite Specifications

  • Screen: 1.69 Inch HD
  • Battery: 7 days
  • Special Features: Calorie Tracker, Heart Rate Monitor
  • Sports Modes: 10


The first thing that strikes me whenever I plan for a smartwatch is the exterior design and the look. And BoAt has obviously worked hard to change the look and feel of the smartwatch, and as a result, it turns out to be THE PERFECT! 

BoAt Wave Lite Smartwatch has a simple and classy design, adding beauty to your wrist. Being 44 grams in weight, it is very comfortable, and I did not feel the weight really even when I wore it on a full day of work. To be honest, there are also a few other watches that come in less than 44 grams. When coming to the exterior part, the elegant and slim design provides a dazzling look. The BoAt Wave Lite strap is solid and finely designed in a way that does not give any discomfort during a trip. 

Personally, I love this scarlet red color, and it matches every outfit I wear for my work. There are also other mesmerizing colors like deep blue and active black. Moreover, the square-shaped dial is black. So it gets differentiated from the straps, and I am completely satisfied that both the scarlet red and black color perfectly gives me a stylish look. However, you cannot experience this look in the black color model. Maybe if you are a black lover, you can go ahead with that. 


To share about the display of the BoAt Wave Lite Smartwatch, it comes with a 1.69-inch HD touchscreen which shows high responsiveness to my every tap and swipe. Those days we struggle hard to see every notification in direct sunlight. With 550 nits of brightness, the images and notifications like messages, calls, or reminders are very sharp, and I never regret buying this Lite watch. 

Furthermore, the smartwatch helps me see more depth in photos and provides real-life experiences using the 160-degree viewing angles. I could also observe vibrant colors with the help of a 70 percent RGB color gamut ratio. On the whole, I will say that the display of the BoAt Wave Lite Smartwatch is good and much better than the previous models. 

When I tested the BoAt Wave Lite user interface, it was easy to use and straightforward and did not require any extra effort. Also, you will find a small button on the right side of the dial, which acts as a power on or off switch. However, the UI is not as better as the Noise Pulse Grand smartwatch. 

Each and every day in the office or outdoor changes your mood. Thanks to the 100+ watch face in the BoAt Wave Lite that lets you customize your watch face according to the current mood. It may sound crazy, but I change my smartwatch face daily as per my day outfit to match both. You can also get more watch faces by downloading them from the BoAt wearable app.  


Finally, a special thank you to the technology that allows me to take control of every notification on my wrist. The smartwatch works well with all notifications from social media apps, calls, messages, and reminders. I found this especially useful while driving; it shows the call notification with a reject and answer button on the smartwatch screen. As well, I have to say this, the Bluetooth 5.0 technology is absolutely amazing, and the calls are crystal clear with it. 

Like other watches, the BoAt Wave Lite features all the basics like heart rate tracker, sleep monitoring, SpO2 monitoring, music control, and alarm clock. Moving to the accuracy level, I am delighted with the results as my previous smartwatch was a mere waste of accuracy. For instance, when I tested with sleeping, it showed me 6 hours of sleep with 3 hours of deep sleep.

My favorite part of the BoAt Wave Lite Smartwatch is the sedentary alerts. When I set this, it reminds me to stand and walk a bit after an hour. If you are a person who works primarily on laptops, then this feature will help you stay active. 

What disappoints me here is the number of sports modes (which is less for this price segment). Apart from that, there are 10 sports modes: walk, run, skip, swim, football, basketball, cycle, badminton, climb, and yoga. I tried a few of these, and I was happy with the precise measurements when I tested badminton. 

The BoAt Wave Lite is also equipped with IP68 water and splash resistance. This feature is highly recommended if you love to travel a lot irrespective of rains and dust. From my personal experience, I found it very useful as I sweat a lot during a continuous hour of workout. 

BoAt Wave Lite App

Many of us have recently faced compatibility issues with the smartwatch. But you can keep your worries at bay, as this BoAt Lite works brilliantly with Google fit and apple health apps. Added that, you will also get a one-year warranty for the smartwatch. It is very simple to use. 

Battery Life

Whatever be my choice, work or fun, BoAt Wave Lite Smartwatch Under 2000 never disappoints me. Once I charge the smartwatch to full, the 240 mAh battery lasts up to 5 days, where I used most of the BoAt Wave Lite features. However, if you set the brightness to low or reduce the usage of the features, it may last for 6 to 7 days. So the battery life varies depending on how you use it. Furthermore, the brand claims the charging time to be 2.5 hours. 

BoAt Wave Lite Vs BoAt Xtend

There are few differences between these two watches, but the significant differences are battery, number of sports modes, price, and few features. BoAt Xtend at the price of Rs. 3499/- (as on the official site) includes 14 sports modes, 50 watch faces, Alexa, and a few more. Hence, if you are a person who needs more features and sports modes, you can go for Xtend. However, Wave Lite is more than enough for you if you are concerned about the cost. 

BoAt Wave Lite Vs BoAt Storm

I think the Wave Lite smartwatch is better here, because at the price of Rs. 2499/- the BoAt Storm includes only 8 sports modes and a 210 mAh battery. In contrast, the Wave Lite smartwatch excels in these areas with 10 sports modes and a 240 mAh battery. 

BoAt Wave Lite Vs Noise Colorfit Pulse

At the price of Rs. 1999/- the Noise Pulse smartwatch comes with a 1.4-inch display, 8 sports modes, a heart rate monitor, SpO2, 10-day battery (brand claims), and customizable watch faces. In my view, I think this Wave Lite smartwatch is a good choice as it has more features than the Noise Pulse smartwatch on a low budget. 

BoAt Wave Lite Vs Dizo Watch 2

Priced at Rs. 2650 on Flipkart, this Dizo watch 2 is a little bit expensive, and the features are more or less the same as that of Wave Lite. The Dizo watch includes 15 sports modes and 10-day battery life, which are the big differences. In contrast, the BoAt Wave Lite is Rs. 1799/- with 10 sports modes and a 7-day battery. Now the choice is upto you. 

Should You Buy This BoAt Wave Lite Smartwatch?

Overall the BoAt Wave Lite smartwatch at the price of Rs. 1799/- comes with many benefits like a sleep tracker, heart rate monitor, SpO2 monitoring, sedentary reminders, and multiple sports modes. The build is also classy and elegant, providing ultra comfort even for long hours. Apart from these, the smartwatch works well with the BoAt wearable app, thus making you quickly access and control everything. 

Even though the number of sports modes is less, the BoAt Wave Lite Smartwatch is a better choice if you are more concerned about the other specifications. 

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