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PayZapp Promo Code 2022 – Get Cashback

PayZapp is an excellent mobile wallet and payment solution powered by HDFC Bank. Using PayZapp, you can pay bills, recharge your mobile, DTH, and more. If you are reading this post right now, I am sure you are looking to find some information about the PayZapp Promo Code.

PayZapp Promo Code

In this post, I will share the PayZapp Promo Code and, at the same time, explain how you can go about claiming the promo code.

PayZapp Promo Code Details

PayZapp has many exciting offers and deals from time to time, and the app has excellent deals for all customers. I have listed some of the great PayZapp deals with their promo codes. Here are some of the PayZapp deals that you may find exciting:

  • 10% Cashback on Recharge
  • 10% Cashback on Bill Payment
  • 5% Cashback on any transaction
  • Flat 10% Cashback
  • 25% Cashback on Grocery

I am sure you are super excited and must be only wondering how you can avail of these deals. Don’t worry; I am going to explain it and keep it simple for you to understand.

If you take a close look, you will notice that there is a ‘Get Deal’ button next to each of these deals. All you have to do is click on the ‘Get Deal’ button of the deal you are interested in and copy the PayZapp Promo Code.

Next, you have to open your PayZapp app, make the relevant transaction, and enter the promo code at the checkout. The same holds true for all the deals. Isn’t that super simple?


Guide To Opening A PayZapp

If you don’t have a PayZapp account yet, don’t worry. You can easily get one created. To create and use a PayZapp account, it’s mandatory to have either an HDFC Bank Debit or Credit card.

I will not get into the details of how you can open an HDFC Bank savings account, and you can get one opened at your nearest HDFC Bank branch. Once you finish opening an HDFC Bank account and have a debit or credit card, you are good to go with creating your PayZapp account.

The process of creating a PayZapp account is ridiculously simple and would take just about 10 minutes at the most. Here are the steps that you need to follow:

  1. PayZapp is available on both Android and iOS. Download the PayZapp app from PlayStore if you are using Android, and for iOS, you can download the app from the Apple Store.
  2. After you download the app, you must enter the same mobile number linked with your HDFC Bank account.
  3. Next, you will need to complete the KYC process.
  4. After you complete the KYC process, you are good to go with linking your bank account or cards to the PayZapp Card.

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PayZapp Promo Code Summary

PayZapp is one of the finest and reliable mobile payment wallets for sure. The best part is that the app helps you pay your bills and gives you excellent chances to save some money on every transaction. I have shared some of the best deals along with their promo codes for you to capitalize on.

I have also explained the way you can grab these deals. However, if you can’t decide which offer to go with, you can always take your time. You can bookmark this exclusive offer page to keep up with every PayZapp offer and deal update. We update this page at once whenever there is any good offer.

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