Samsung Registers Fastest Growth but Xiaomi Tops the list

Samsung grows xiaomi tops

International data corporation has released its report on the performance of smartphones in the Indian market. The smartphone market in India had an extraordinary growth of 18% year over year in the starting months of 2021. 

In the starting months, a total of 38 million units were sold that were later reduced by 14%. This was the significant decline in the smartphone market because of the prevailing covid-19 pandemic.

The smartphone demand is still facing few challenges because of the second wave of the pandemic in India.

In the pandemic situation, the online sale of the smartphone was recorded with 25% year over year growth, and the online channels had a 13% growth rate.

The higher development of online channels is evident because of the ongoing pandemic in which, even after a few restrictions, online sales are going on.  

Statistics of Smartphones Brands in Indian Market

In the Indian market, the top smartphone manufacturers are Xiaomi, Samsung, Vivo, Oppo, and Realme. And from these leading manufacturers, Xiaomi has topped the list. 

Xiaomi offers the most popular 5G smartphone under 20000 that has curated some of the best smartphones, and as per the report by IDC, Xiaomi shipped around 10.4 million units. 

The reason for the success of Xiaomi in India’s smartphone market is due to its Redmi 9 series, which is leading the market with 27.2 percent, which is more than what was recorded by the company last time.

 Xiaomi has been leading the market for many years; however, Samsung has recorded the fastest growth

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In the list of the top manufacturers of smartphones in India, Samsung has attained 2nd spot after Xiaomi.

Samsung has also registered its outstanding success which is wholly owed to its galaxy M02 series. 

Samsung is ready to launch new products in the market from both online and offline channels.

Though the offline channels of Samsung registered lesser growth, the online media reported 41% shipped units, and the growth rate was raised to 55% Year Over Year. 

Among the success of Xiaomi and Samsung, other smartphone companies like Vivo and Oppo saw a slight decline in their shipments. 

There was a 3% decline in Vivo shipments putting it into the third position in the Top Smartphone Brands in India.

Even though the online sale of Vivo did not do well, it maintained its stand in the offline channel with a 29% rate. 

This season of IPL Vivo also got back its title sponsorship that favored the newly launched Vivo models. 

Oppo did not fascinate this year except marking the good sales of its A15 series and the new 5G models. 

Realme, which is known to be another famous smartphone brand, was last in the top five smartphone brands. 

Even though the Indian smartphone market did exceptionally well in the larger picture, there will be some downward since people wait for the 5G launch. If you look at the best 5G Phone under 30000, only a handful of companies have launched 5G mobiles.

Summing Up

In the recent report, Samsung achieved a robust growth rate; however, it could not dominate the market. 

Xiaomi bagged the first slot as the top smartphone brand in the Indian market. 

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