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Mattress Buying Guide in India 2022

Buying an appropriate mattress for sleeping soundly is crucial. Just like when you buy a toothbrush for brushing your teeth, purchasing a mattress for sound and good sleep is a need. Thus it is necessary to read the mattress buying guide before the purchase.

Moreover, we have clearly explained the things you have to consider and the right type of mattress for your sleep in our mattress buying guide.

Mattress Buying Guide In India 

Things To Look For 

Before you drop masses or lots of cash, make sure to consider the factors that affect choosing the right mattress. 


Getting distracted by false advertising campaigns shooting up all over you doesn’t mean it’s excellent or comfortable enough for your needs. Make sure to do your research first, accordingly, then choose if you want to purchase the same advertised mattress. 


Finding the proper size bed of your wish might be difficult, but it’s yet easy. For example, if you feel constrained to a mattress, then you need a spacious double bed. On the other hand, a queen-sized one can be a massive one for a single person. Regardless, it’s better if you’ve more space on your bed. Likewise, a person may feel comfortable with narrow beds while others not.

People choose spacious beds to have a quality sleep. If you’re more into spacious beddings, choose a king-sized mattress. It’s also the best choice of mattress for couples. Moreover, Always choose the best mattress in India you feel comfortable with. There are testings before buying, which I’ll explain further in a few sections. 


Wanting adequate firmness to help your spine and other body parts be framed correctly. But the extra amount of firmness can result in a drawback and make you feel uncomfortable, and prevent your range from maintaining its correct posture at the time of sleep. 


The same case is with softness. It will sag underneath the spine’s middle area if it’s too much, which could damage the spine’s natural arc. Some amount of softness is required to ensure sound sleep. Some may think that the more soft the mattress is, the more comfortable you’ll be. But it’s quite the opposite. It also makes napping uncomfortable. Choose the bed according to how you sleep to frame correct body posture.  Here is our best mattress for back pain in India which offers ultimate comfort for you.


Check your chosen mattress’s warranty suitably like what’s promised and what isn’t. Your sleep is compromised here, so better examine every quality the company is offering. Also, search and compare warranties of different companies. One might give you an extra guarantee, or the contract could be identical, but the quality of the mattress would be better. 


Checking the quality is essential because you won’t buy a cheap product with no effects, and it is just a waste of money. Even if the mattress is costly but provides the good qualities you need to sleep peacefully, it is best to spend some on it without questioning yourself. Sleep is more essential than anything. So ensuring the quality of the mattress is substantial.  

Best Mattresses In India
Best Mattress In India


We talked about how comfortable one should feel in his/her bed. Comfort is everything. If you aren’t comfortable on a particular type of bed, then it’s time to change to a better option that will provide you the comfort you’re looking for. For some people, the mattress being softer is comfortable; for some, it isn’t. For some, firmness is the comfortable choice, but some prefer hard beddings. It all comes down to what YOU’RE comfortable in.

Types Of Mattress

Till now, you must have gotten the list of some important aspects to look for the right mattress. Let’s move on to the different types of mattress industries provide us with. There’s quite a variety of materials mattresses are made up of some are listed below 

Memory Foam

The most popular type of material everyone uses is the sole of a shoe or a mattress. It’s one of the most comfortable options one opts for without even checking the comfort level of the material just. Also, do you know? The best mattress with memory foam is trending nowadays. Anyways, It’s the truth, memory foam has its advantages and drawbacks. This type can cost a lot of money, but it’s worth it. 


Who hasn’t heard about latex? Glue, paint, rubber, and whatnot. Latex mattresses can be beneficial to relieve stress, and it’s pretty much used for its capability to control temperature.

But are all latex mattresses made up of natural ones? The answer is no. Some latex is artificially made using petrochemicals. Companies might even do a half and half, which has the natural latex and half the artificial one. 

Is latex Better Than Memory Foam?

It’s a tricky question to answer but searching through the advantages and disadvantages of both; I have come up with a conclusion. Latex acts as an excellent stress reliever and is the best Latex mattress to react to body temperatures and can deposition per the requirement.

Still, on the other side, memory foam is comfortable giving, superbly soft, and highly firm with a bit of bounce. Again the choice is yours. The comfort level you’re looking for is better understood by yourself. 

What If You Have A Latex Allergy?

You should first consult a doctor if you’re considering buying a latex mattress. Different people have different reactions to specific allergies, and it’s best to first enquire with your skin specialist.

Hybrid Mattress

Again, the most popular type of mattress option available in the market. People who cannot decide whether they should opt for latex or memory foam prefer to buy hybrid mattresses. The name itself tells us that it’s the mixture of the two. Virtues of both latex and memory foam are seen, so it’s a great option to look for.

Coiled Mattress

Struggling with finances? Opt for coiled mattresses. These are way cheaper than ordinary memory foam and latex ones. But there’s a drawback, and it sags very quickly. Also, its warranty can vary over the mattress usage; hence, it can be a problem or an advantage.

Modern Airbeds

You may have seen this type of bedding on Japanese or Korean TV shows. These beds lift with a click from your remote. And voila! Your bed is at an angle you like! But this is high priced, and people with financial problems can’t afford it right away. 

There’s also another type of bed where you inflate a stitched rectangular-shaped balloon-like mattress. Again, it’s space-saving and quite a show if you always have guests over at your house. Forthwith, do you require a new base for your mattress? If it makes crackling noises, I guess it’s time to change that too. You can custom-made it or buy a brand new one from a bedding store.

Reversible Mattress

This type of mattress can be used from both sides. One side could be a rougher one than the other, which would be much softer. The company might offer you different types of combos, like firm-soft, rough-firm, soft-rough, etc. In the end, the choice is yours.

Double Stitched Edges

This might cause the mattress to be a bit rougher. So if your requirement is an uneven mattress, this would be your best option.

Mattress + Pillow Combo

Pillow top mattresses are nothing but extra material stitched on one side of the bed to make it appear as a pillow. Funny. Don’t you let it lure you as an attached pillow? The cushion, which is stitched to make it appear as a pillow, feels much softer than the actual one you usually take while sleeping.

Anti-allergic Mattress

People who suffer from dust or pollen allergies might agonize with their regular bedding because it wouldn’t be an anti-allergic mattress designed specifically for them to sleep at ease. It’s a well-purchased option for asthma patients.

Recycled Foam Mattress

From the name itself, you could have guessed that it’s made from recycled material. Here the material is unused or scrap foam. Recycling is a great way to save our environment, as it was always taught in our classes. Protecting the environment is a crucial responsibility one should take up. This mattress can be costly or cheap, depending on the scrap foam material used. 

Types Of Sleepers 

Front (stomach) – This type of person sleeps on their stomach and the head towards the pillow or mattress. I would prefer you to buy a soft foam mattress.

Back – This type of person sleeps on their backs, with the spinal cord adjacent towards the bed. Hybrid mattresses are recommended for such types of sleepers.

Side – This type of person sleeps on either left or right side of their arm. In this case, a Memory foam mattress would be the right option for you to choose. 

Combination – This type of person keeps changing the positions of sleeping during sleep. And there’s no fixed position they sleep in. I guess everybody sleeps like this, no doubt. All aspects like the side, neck, back, stomach, arms, etc., have to be taken care of. Combination sleepers should shop for medium-firm foam mattresses. 

Where To Buy Your Dream Mattress?

We’ve talked about if you usually take sleeping mattresses, materials, features, etc., but now the real question is where we should buy it from? Check out the options below and get yourself the right mattress you’ve been looking for!

Boons of Buying online – In today’s world, who doesn’t do online shopping? From shoes to furniture, food items to accessories, etc. Online shopping is a part of our lives now. So should you consider yourself buying a huge mattress online too? Yes. There are tons of discounts and even a return policy, but there is still no guarantee that your bed, which you ordered online, is as comfortable as promised. Shopping online might be risky, so make sure you go through reviews of people who already bought the item. 

In-person mattress stores – This can be tiring work to do, but hey, it has a lot of advantages! You get to check it with your own body by using a service called sleep trials. Many mattress stores provide this facility to make sure that you’re getting the right bed as per your wishes. You can also compare it with other types of mattresses available at the store itself. And also, there’s a specialist or the worker over the store who will help you understand better about the bed you might purchase. 

Furniture stores – Now, these stores have the base too. If you’re looking for the entire bed to change, you might want to consider going to a furniture store. All the measurements would be asked from you to custom make your dream bed. Or if you prefer to buy the display ones, there’s no harm. Just make sure they provide the sleep trial for your mattress. 

Big Box and Department Stores – The furnishings departments in large domestic goods and big field stores can include a ramification of mattresses to choose from. In addition, more famous manufacturers often have different deals with one or more significant of these stores, which assist you in trying the mattress before making your purchase. 

Conclusion For The Mattress Buying Guide

I hope you went through every point mentioned to get the perfect mattress of your dreams by using a mattress buying guide. To be said for purchasing, my experience is that In-store shopping is the best for buying the right mattress. The sleeping trials are essential, don’t forget! Also, make sure to stick with a proper budget and the best mattress brands in India in 2022.

And that’s all you needed! I wish you to feel extra endowed as you spark off on your buying adventure and equip yourself to get an acceptable deal for the most okay sleep of your life. After selecting your perfect bed, it’s time for some sleep action.

Happy mattress shopping!

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