Macbook Air Vs Macbook Pro M1: Which Is Best?

Macbook Air Vs Macbook Pro M1
Macbook Air Vs Macbook Pro M1

Apple brings in the latest and mind-blowing technology and amazes the users. Even though you just bought the recent model within a month or so, it will surprise you with another more innovative technology. Be it the iPhones or laptops, even the tabs, all of them with at least one feature to convince you to buy it. 

MacBook is one of the greatest inventions for the users, which is easy to carry anywhere because of its lightweight. 2 of the recent models that use the M1 chip for fast processing and easy usage are MacBook Air and MacBook Pro. 

Macbook Air Vs Macbook Pro M1 1
Source – Apple

Macbook Air Vs Macbook Pro M1

MacBook Air

With MacBook Air, you feel like you are in the Air, not literally, though. But it is the lightest laptop by Apple and gives your hands good support while using the keyboard with its slant surface. This is the thinnest laptop you would have seen to date. This Best rated Laptop in India comes with a fast pace processing with an Apple M1 chip. The brand itself introduces the laptop, “It is in the Air. ” 

MacBook Pro

The MacBook Pro is excellent for all the functions and, most importantly, processing with the M1 chip. In addition, it is a perfect laptop for your gaming and business with its fast working and easy-to-use feature with a touch bar. 

Apple MacBook Pro has all the Pro features, speed, and functions in its 13-inch size. Moreover, it provides you the longest ever battery life, with continuous usage up to 20 hours. 

Macbook Air Vs Macbook Pro M1 Design

MacBook Air is the thinnest and most lightweight laptop introduced by Apple. It comes in three color varieties that add elegance to its look. Silver, gray, and gold are the best available colors introduced in Mac. The magic keyboard is an amazing thing to look into. It provides you with functions that are not even visible on the screen.

MacBook Pro has all the pro functions built-in and classy looks as well. It might not be as light as the Air one, but it is handy and not that easy to carry. It has a straight surface with an outer body available in two colors: silver and space gray. The silver color shines like beauty and looks more sophisticated.

This is all about Mac’s design; well, apple users are familiar with this already. This M1 chip has shown us a completely different laptop performance, whether it is CPU, GPU, I/O, or so on. It works on a different level and at a high pace in terms of processing. 

Macbook Air Vs Macbook Pro M1 2
Source – Apple


MacBook Air uses the M1 chip, which is the fastest that Apple has manufactured to date. It has an 8-core CPU for the fastest performance in all the fields. So you can manage all the things at one go, be it multimedia, movies, business projects, personal work, etc. You can multitask without any interruption. 

This is 3.5 times faster than all those manufactured by Apple. It also maintains the balance between the performance of the applications on the laptop. This gives high core functioning and gets your work done in no time.

MacBook Pro is the fastest of all, with pro features and functions to give you a powerful output for gaming and business or any personal work. It has an 8-core CPU for unexpectedly fast performance and powerful processing to run anything you wish. It is 2.8 times faster than the rest of the generations have offered. Moreover, with this long battery life, it is energy efficient even with heavy workloads. 


MacBook Air has 7 or 8 core GPU in this M1 chip which gives you great graphics. Whether it is an action movie or action gaming, it does not compromise with graphics. Instead, graphics are up to 5 times faster, and results are exceptionally remarkable. 

MacBook Pro gives an integrated eight-core GPU inside the M1 chip. It is an advanced graphic processor that offers five times higher-paced graphics for a fantastic performance. 

Macbook Air Vs Macbook Pro M1 Battery Life

Air is the lightest and the thinnest model on which you can sit for long hours of work or gameplay. Charge it once completely and run for up to 18 hours with multitasking and business work. It does not include any fan, which might cause noise, just Air. So work all day with no worries. It comes with a power adaptor of 30W.

M1 Chip

With Pro functions, you can be a Pro at work and games or anything you want. So keep on going with the work and have fun with unlimited exposure to the games. Not just this, once you fully charge it, you can enjoy working without running out of battery for a complete day. It provides you up to 20 hours of battery life, and nothing can stop you from having fun or completing projects. It includes a power adaptor of 61W.


MacBook Air works in a snap, and it gets a series for you to wake up the screen or run through the task on a daily basis. It has become nine times faster with a 16-core neural engine. Machine Learning technology does everything for you automatically. Editing photos, auto-detection, filters, etc., and much more are there to offer with this machine learning. It is highly responsive with every click or task you ask it to do. macOS is the responsible head for all the functions done and with speed.

mba single core

The MacBook Pro has a 16-core neural engine with three S speeds, smartness, and simplicity. Machine Learning technology brings more functions in addition to MacBook Air-like voice recognition, image processing, and much more. Furthermore, it offers 11 times faster machine learning performance. It even gives powerful and faster updates to the number of applications downloaded. 


Air is compatible with downloading unlimited apps with a 16GB storage facility, at twice the speed. Also, it comes with 2TB SSD storage; with this much storage level, you can easily connect via video calling and talk to your loved ones without hanging. Moreover, it gives efficient results of processing and data storage with fluency.

MacBook Pro, on the other hand, has comparatively more storage and responsiveness to the action. It has a speed of 3.3GB/s without compromising any function, and it works perfectly in every field. It also comes with a 2TB storage facility. 

The best thing about using an Apple product is that you won’t need to even think of any other brand. It will give you the best of its features and not just this, but after-sales is also at its best. Its incredible performance will lead you to a great journey using their products with complete safety and security. 

However, MacBook is not affordable for everyone because of the cost as it costs above 1 lakhs. So if you are the one, have a look at our Best Laptop Under 1 Lakh and Laptop under 90000 to find similar laptop at cheaper price.

Bottom Line For Macbook Air Vs Macbook Pro

The MacBook has proven to be the most useful invention by Apple as it allows a variety of functions and features along with the longest battery life. Yet the models have differences, including the major one that is the price difference. You will also find price difference in both Pro offers more functions comparatively. So I hope you gave a good reading to know which one is better, MacBook Air or MacBook Pro. they both fall into your budget, so no worry about spending a lot of money. 

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