MSI Optix G242 Price In India 

The MSI Optix G242 Price in India starts from Rs. 17,009 (with education pricing). However, depending upon its other variants, the MSI Optix G242 Price in India goes higher. 

MSI Optix G242 24 inch IPS Gaming Monitor


  • Refresh Rate: 144 Hz
  • Resolution‎: 1920 x 1080 pixels
  • Item Weight: ‎3 kg 330 g
  • Screen: IPS Panel

09/23/2021 02:25 pm GMT
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Image Credits: MSI

If you are looking for a good gaming monitor to have an immersive gaming experience, you must check MSI Optix G242. MSI has curated plenty of e-sports monitors, and each monitor is equipped with outstanding features and specifications. 

One of the outstanding monitors by them is the MSI Optix G242. A monitor which increases your chances of a better gaming experience and the features that this monitor has is something that you can not get at an affordable price. 

You must have browsed through the internet and be aware that MSI is one such brand that is popular worldwide, and its gaming monitors have become so demandable not only because of its extensive range of features but also for their price range. 

MSI Optix G242 Price In India 

Now talking about the availability of MSI Optix G242 in India. This monitor is available both online and offline. You can conveniently buy this monitor from various websites such as Amazon and Flipkart. 

This monitor is available in various configurations, and the MSI Optix G242 is Rs. 17,009. 

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Image Credits: MSI

You get a full HD gaming monitor at this price, which is outstanding for e-sports, and the adaptive sync Technology makes it all the more top-notch for gaming purposes. On various websites, for example, Amazon, you can buy this monitor at No Cost EMI, so it becomes easier for you if you are not willing to spend a lot of money right away. The Optix G242 is equipped with some of the best features. 

Let’s take a look at some of them. 

Features and Specifications of MSI Optix G242

IPS Display 

The most prominent feature of MSI Optix G242 is its display panel which is IPS. Gaming monitors are available on various display screens, and IPS displays are known to be the best because of better angles and color reproduction. 

With the IPS panel, you can conveniently optimize screen colors and brightness as per your viewing requirements. MSI Optix G242 has a white mute, which offers accurate and refined details and colors of the visuals on the screen. 

You can see the difference between the grey-black and the colors similar to this color range with good color accuracy. This MSI Optix G242 monitor has a better color gradient coverage that gives you outstanding gaming visuals. 

Response Time and Refresh Rate 

Often you have heard that an IPS panel laptop or monitor cannot have a response time of 1ms. And generally, 1ms response time comes with either TN panels or VA panels. But to everybody’s surprise, MSI Optix G242 offers a fast response time of 1ms along with a refresh rate of 144 Hz. What more do you need? Combining the quickest response time and high refresh rate gives the smoothest gaming experience to the gamers. 

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With a 144hz refresh rate, which is considered the best in the gaming community, you get to see minor screen tearing or flickering problems, and with the fastest response time, you can play high and competitive games easily. 

Integration of G-sync 

Another most outstanding feature is the integration of G sync in the configuration. Racing technology is a blessing for gaming monitors because it creates a perfect balance between the refresh rate and the GPU so that the frame rate that appears on the screen remains aligned all the time. 

With the G sync Technology, gamers do not experience distortion, flapping, stuttering, snagging, or any other issue while playing the games. In short, you can have the best time of your life while playing games on the MSI Optix G242 monitor that too at an affordable price. 

Other Features 

At last, let’s talk about some miscellaneous features. The MSI Optix G242 monitor has plenty of connectivity options, so it will be extremely easy for you to connect your headphones or any other device with the help of an HDMI cable. 

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MSI Optix G242 also has a good night vision feature with which you can have a proper look at the shadowed or dark part on the screen. It is a black tuner that accentuates the details on the screen. Other than that, the monitor has less blue light, and it has proper certification, so you do not experience any strain on your eyes while walking or playing games for long hours. 

Is it Worth Spending 17k or More On? 

MSI Optix G242 gaming monitor is the best device you can have at your home if you are a professional gaming enthusiast. It has all the features that gamers expect a gaming monitor to have, starting from high refresh rate, fastest response time, IPS panel, G-sync technology, and what not! 

On this MSI Optix G242 monitor, you can enjoy the smoothest and lag-free gaming experience which gamers die for. With the IPS panel, the color reproduction is top-notch, and with the fastest response time that is 1ms, and integration of Nvidia G sync technology, you enjoy stutter-free free games. 

This monitor of MSI Optix’s features is the best for new games. Modern games nowadays require good graphics, the fastest response time, and outstanding color reproduction so that the high-end action that happens in the game can appear smoothly.

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Image Credits: MSI

After considering all the features and configuration, we can say that Optix G242 is worth spending 17k or even more than that. 

Final Verdict 

MSI Optix series of monitors have become extremely popular in India. MSI Optix G242 is one of the best monitors by this brand that you can find on various platforms at a very reasonable price. 

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