MSI Modern 15 10th Gen Intel i5 Price In India

The MSI Modern 15 Price in India is Rs. 78,990 in 2021. However, the MSI Modern 15 Price in India varies depending on several eCommerce websites. 

MSI Modern 15, Intel 10th Gen. i5-10210U Laptop


  • Storage: 512GB NVMe SSD
  • Graphics: UMA
  • Keyboard: White Backlit Keyboard
  • Camera: HD 720p Web Camera 

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Image Credits: MSI

MSI is widely known for manufacturing outstanding gaming laptops, and the modern 15 version of this brand is not only efficient for gaming purposes, but you can even use it for other professional work. It’s a thin and lightweight laptop that has outstanding configurations and specifications. 

Modern 15 is an upgrade of its predecessor 14-inch laptop, and every specification and software integrated into this laptop is much more advanced than its previous version. It has amazed the audience and the critics with its design, manufacturing, and availability of outstanding features.

MSI Modern 15 Price in India

The MSI Modern 15 Price in India starts from ₹78,990. Compare and buy MSI Modern 15 online at the lowest price in India.

This laptop is available on various websites, and it might be available at a different price range; however, the base price of Modern 15 is 52k only. 

Spending more than 50k on a laptop might seem to be a costly deal to some people; however, if you are a technological freak and want to invest in a gaming-oriented laptop and great for other professional work. This laptop can be a treasure for you. 

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Image Credits: MSI

Understandably, you might not be delighted with our statement; therefore, we have prepared a complete guide of the MSI Modern 15 laptop features that will make you see how this laptop is spending 50k on.

Packaging of MSI Modern 15 Laptop

Before jumping on to the features and configurations of this laptop, let’s look at the packaging and the way it comes to you at your home. 

Just like any other laptop, the packaging of the MSI Modern 15 laptop is also made up of a standard cardboard box, which is environmentally friendly. In the box, you get the laptop, charger, user guide, and a warranty note. 

Features & Configurations of MSI Modern 15 Laptop 


MSI Modern 15 A10M-482IN is an ultra-thin laptop and lightweight laptop, making it portable and easier for you to carry around. The carbon grey color of the laptop gives an elegant yet professional look to the overall design. The weight of this laptop is 1.6 kg, and the design is entirely made with aluminum. 

You have to keep in mind the fingerprint marks left on the laptop, even if you hold it for just a few seconds. This laptop’s solid and round design is outstanding for various purposes, and it gives an attractive look when you carry it out.


Since you all know that MSI is known for gaming laptops, they have manufactured this laptop with outstanding display quality to keep their standard high. A 15.6 full HD IPS display with 1920 times 1080 gives you wide viewing angles and sRGB coverage of 100%. 

You can’t imagine the level of color clarity and accuracy in a laptop that offers 100% coverage of colors. We got goosebumps just by saying that. The color accuracy makes it outstanding for graphic designers, creative professionals, and gaming enthusiasts. 

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Image Credits: MSI

Performance, Processor, and Memory

MSI Modern 15 A10M-482IN is equipped with a 10th generation Intel core i5- 10210U processor that works up to the speed of 4.2 GHz. Intel Core i5 gives the users without standing performance. 

Moreover, with the memory storage of 8GB DDR4 RAM that you can expand up to 64GB, you cannot even imagine the number of games and work you can store on the laptop. All the configurations of this laptop are outstanding for the students and professionals. 

Heat Dissipation and Noise Feature

In gaming and professional laptops, the temperature is a significant issue faced in several laptops. Still, in MSI Modern 15, you don’t have to face the issue of your laptop being heated intensively. 

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Image Credits: MSI

The laptop remains ideally cool during the heavy rock, and most of the area that gets hot is under the screen sides of the keyboards, But the rest of the area, primarily where you rest your palm remains cool throughout the usage. 

The laptop is manufactured with cooler boost three technology with two heat dissipation fans, and fans are positioned so that the venting happens effectively. The fans do not create much noise; however, they are still present. 

Other Features 

MSI Modern 15 laptop provides you with a battery life of up to 9 hours on a single charge which is good enough compared to several laptops. The 9 hours of battery life must have lightened up the eyes of the gamers and office workers, and at this price, it is a major steal. 

The upgradable RAM enhances the overall experience more; however, the built-in speakers are average to be with, suggesting you use headphones for better playback. 

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Image Credits: MSI

Pros and Cons MSI Modern 15


  • Portable design
  • Outstanding processor and performance
  • Battery life of up to 9 hours
  • Upgradable memory
  • Effective cooler boost technology


  • Fans can be loud sometimes.
  • Average inbuilt speakers
  • Fingerprint marks can be prominent on the design. 

Final Say For MSI Modern 15 Price in India

The MSI Modern 15 has unique and impressive specifications and features that make it apt for casual and professional users. MSI modern 15 is available in another configuration as well. However, it is a bit expensive. 

So if you want to get good performance, processor grade battery life, and a stylish design at a great price, this is the right choice for you. The laptop might be expensive for many purchasers, so the ultimate decision depends on your requirements and preferences. 

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