MSI GF65 Price In India

The MSI GF65 Price in India starts from Rs. 74990 (with education pricing). However, depending upon its other variants, the MSI GF65 Price in India expands further.

MSI GF65 Thin 10SDR 15.6" FHD Gaming Laptop


  • Graphics: GTX1660 Ti, GDDR6 6GB
  • Processor: Intel ‎Core i7
  • Weight‎: 1 kg 860 g
  • Keyboard: Single backlight (Red)

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Image Credits: MSI

MSI is one of the most reliable brands that curates the best gaming laptops and monitors in India and worldwide. If you have browsed through the list of laptops and monitors that MSI has manufactured, you must be aware of the price range of the products. 

Undoubtedly some of the laptops are extremely expensive. However, several other budget-friendly gaming laptops are available that can offer you casual gaming if you cannot afford an expensive gaming laptop. And one of the best gaming laptops curated by the brand is GF65. 

This version of the MSI GF65 laptop is the predecessor of MSI GF75. This version of the laptop is available in two configurations core i5 and core i7. 

MSI GF65 Price in India

As we shared, this version of the laptop is available in two configurations, and we have bifurcated the MSI GF65 Price in India as per the configuration. 

  • MSI GF65 Thin Hexa Core i5 – Rs. 74,990
  • MSI GF65 Thin 10SDR Core i7 – Rs. 92,890 

The second configuration version of this laptop will be expensive because it is a level up compared to the first configuration. Both the configurations are of 10th generation, and the specifications of both configurations are almost the same. 

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Image Credits: MSI

Below, we have mentioned a few features of both configurations to understand better if you should spend this much money on this laptop. 

Features and Specifications of MSI GF65 


Undoubtedly if you are spending so much money on a gaming laptop, you expect it to have a stylish design which you do get with this model. MSI laptops are built with a proper and chic design that adds up to your overall giving experience and aesthetics. 

GF65 is a black color gaming laptop that has an RGB keyboard lighting of red color. The combination of red and black looks highly stylish and attractive when working or playing on this laptop. Other than that, there is a red color logo on the top of the GF65 laptop. 

Other than that, you can tilt the GF65 laptop up to 170 degrees, giving you proper access to work and comfort. The laptop is a compact size and lightweight, so you can conveniently carry it wherever you want. 


The display is another essential factor that MSI always takes care of, and since GF65 is a gaming laptop, you get an astonishing display with 1920 X 1080 resolution. Both the GF65 configurations have a similar resolution and screen size of 15.6 inches. 

This gaming laptop has an outstanding gaming display that gives you vibrant visuals that you can enjoy without any flickering or screen tearing on the screen. 

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Image Credits: MSI

The vibrant colors of the laptop make the gaming experience all the better for you, and honestly, after playing even a single game, you feel satisfied with the money you have spent on the laptop. 


Talking about the laptop’s performance, we can confidently say that with the strong processor and the software integrated into this laptop, the overall performance of MSI GF65 is outstanding. 

Both the configurations of this laptop are built with Geforce GTX 1660 Ti, with which you can enjoy outstanding and powerful graphics with the help of Nvidia G sync. 

Nvidia g-sync makes sure that the laptop has perfect sync between the refresh rate and the GPU, which directly affects the placement of the frames on the screen. 

Other Features

MSI GF65 has outstanding heat dissipation features, due to which the laptop remains cool even after playing high and competitive games for long hours. It has an exceptional airflow mechanism that minimizes the production of heat from the CPU and GPU. 

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Image Credits: MSI

The keyboard of this GF65 laptop has an MSI dragon Centre software air that allows the users to customize the laptop as per their preference and requirement. With the optimization of the laptop, it becomes easier for you to have access and control of the features as per your wish. 

This GF65 laptop is outstanding for multitasking. Since it has better graphics and color reproduction, it is excellent for gaming purposes, but you can even use it for graphics-oriented and other professional work. 

Is MSI GF65 Worthy? 

Spending 70 to 90k on a gaming laptop can sound idiotic to some people, but if you are a gaming enthusiast, then you should look at this laptop. We all can understand how important a good laptop is when it comes to e-sports nowadays.

The specifications and features that MSI GF65 offers are outstanding, and even though it is expensive, you cannot put a price on the satisfaction you get when you play games or work on this device. 

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Image Credits: MSI

Considering the features and specifications of both configurations, we think that the GF65 laptop is worth it if you are into competitive gaming. However, if you are looking for a laptop for casual browsing and gaming, you can look at some of the other laptops by MSI that are cheaper and better for that purpose. 

Final Say For MSI GF65 Price in India

MSI is known widely among people, and with time, it has gained a lot of popularity because of the quality of laptops. Gaming laptops are one of the most vital manufacturing fields of this brand, and MSI GF65 is another outstanding gaming laptop curated by them. 

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