Mi TV 4A 40 Inch L40M5-5AIN

Mi TV 4A 40 Inch L40M5-5AIN is one of the few smart TVs available in the market that offers you good services for a lower price. Here, in this article, I will discuss the pros and cons of the Mi 40 inches smart TV. 

This article will help you decide if Mi TV 4A 40 Inch L40M5-5AIN is a good buy for you or not. 

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Mi TV 4A 40 Inch L40M5-5AIN 

Smart TVs are the talk of the town in electronics these days. Every household demands to have at least one smart TV. You control home appliances, Google assistant, Google Play store, Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc., all through one device. It makes life so much easier. You could also play music for a party. 

Built and Design

The build of the device is average and durable. The Best TV under 25000 is made up of average quality material. The design of the Mi TV is pretty simple and aesthetic, however not very preMium looking. It looks like a regular TV with very thin bezels. The bezels are thin, make the screen look more comprehensive, and provide more screen visibility.

The 40 inches screen size is big enough for a medium-sized room. For small rooms or cabins, this TV would be huge. In large hallways, big bedrooms, and big dining rooms, this 40 inches Mi smart TV would suit best. The HD display with 1920 x 1080 pixels of screen resolution is good. However not satisfactory, a lot more can be expected from the TV at this price.

The stereo speakers work well and give a quality sound experience. The video and audio quality combine to give a satisfactory viewing experience. The contrast and color gamut are not that great but good enough for multimedia entertainment. If you like to see bright and vivid colors on the screen, you will be disappointed. Mi could have put more work into making the visual experience better. 

Patchwall is a Mi special feature that offers two modes to consume online content. One is the Patchwall UI which shows the best content from Netflix, Hotstar, Disney+, etc. The second mode is the Android UI which brings content that you would like based on your watching history and preferences. However, this is nothing extraordinary. Most TVs have the feature of recommendation, but still worth mentioning. 

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Navigation in the TV is done through a Remote Control that comes along with the TV in the box. The remote is good quality and has a button for Google Assistant and several other buttons for dedicated hotkeys. Netflix and Amazon Prime buttons are on the remote. With just one click, the apps can be open and ready for use. 

Unlike other smart TVs in this price range, this Mi TV does not offer a Voice navigation feature. You can only use the Google Voice Assistant for voice commands. The screen has many ports and interfaces to connect it to other devices directly or through a cable. You can also use this Mi TV as a secondary device and/or for gaming purposes. 


This Mi TV comes with a powerful 64 bit Quad processor of the 7th generation imaging engine. This, coupled with 1 GB RAM, and 8GB internal storage, gives an impressive performance. This combination enhances noise reduction and provides better picture quality.

Unlike other smart TVs, this Mi TV does not have memory/storage problems. Heating up or freezing issues are not a problem here. The Operating system works fine, and none of the users have reported any bugs or lag. The system, however, is delicate, so it Might need repairing after a while. 

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Specifications Of Mi TV 4A 40 Inch L40M5-5AIN

Weight:‎ 6 kg 340 g

Memory: 1 GB RAM

Storage Capacity: 8 GB

Operating System: Android

Brand: Mi, Xiaomi 

Display: 40 Inches, Ultra-bright LED display

Battery: ‎2 AAA batteries

Ports/Interfaces: This TV has 3 HDMI ports to connect a set-top box, Blu Ray players, gaming console | 3 USB ports to connect hard drives and other USB devices.

Supported Internet Services: Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+Hotstar, PlayStore, YouTube

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Pros of Mi TV 4A 

  • Good performance 
  • Powerful processor
  • Sufficient Memory RAM and Internal storage.
  • Google Assistant

Cons of Mi TV 4A 

  • Average viewing experience; 
  • Less color gamut and low contrast
  • No voice activation/control

Final Thoughts On Mi TV 4A 40 Inch L40M5-5AIN  

On a final note, I concluded that the Mi Smart TV is slightly overpriced and does not offer anything extraordinary. The Patchwall feature of Mi is commendable, but it is not remarkable, although you don’t find a feature like that in other TVs. Despite having powerful processors, few users have complained of not being satisfied with the performance of the TV. 

At this price, they could have done a lot more rather than just increasing the screen size. However, if you are looking for basic Smart features and nothing advanced, this Mi model is suitable for you. It provides you with all the basic features of a smart TV and gives satisfactory performance. In my opinion, this Mi smart TV could have done a lot better and is currently not worth the price. If the TV comes up with new features or upgrades, then this would make a good buy. 

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