Mi TV 32 inch 4A Pro L32M5-AL

With so many choices available in the low price range, Smart TV, Mi TV 32 inch 4A Pro L32M5-AL is one such TV that can be a good choice for you. There are other Smart TVs in this range, offering better performance, good features, and good style. But let us see if this Mi TV 32 inch 4A Pro L32M5-AL is really worth your money. 

Mi 4A PRO (32 inches) HD Ready Android LED TV
  • Screen Size: 32 inches
  • Resolution: HD Ready (1366x768)
  • Refresh Rate: 60 hertz
  • Sound: 20 Watts Output
  • Number of HDMI Ports: 3
  • Best selling 32-inch Android smart tv in the market.
  • Patchwall 3.0 brings direct access to all OTT
  • Google voice assistant is not so faster.
12/03/2021 02:16 am GMT
Mi TV 32 inch 4A Pro L32M5 AL 1
Image Credits: Mi

Mi TV 32 inch 4A Pro L32M5-AL

In this digital era, everything is really dominated by technology. Constant innovation and redesigning make technology ever developing. Smart TVs are also the same. Mi Smart TV is one such product that will make you want to have a smart TV. Smart TVs can have a very wide price range, and depending upon your preference and budget, choosing the best suitable one for you could be confusing.

Built and Design

The build and design quality of MI Smart TV is quite basic and average. It gives you an option of either wall mounting it or putting it on the table with two detachable stands that come along with the 32 inch TV. The quality of the two detachable stands is average as well, but at this price range, it is justified.

It has an exemplary screen display of 32 inches and Ultra-bright LED lighting. The display is average, and that can be expected at this price range. You can watch 4K YouTube videos at 720p HD quality. The bezels are thin and are flexible, a slight disadvantage for the TV. The viewing angle of 150 degrees is average.  

Like any other smart TV, it has internet services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Youtube, among several others. It works just like you operate your smartphone. You can download any app from the Google play store and use it. It is mainly for entertainment purposes but can be used to edit documents in Word and/or Excel. Just like you can in a smartphone. However, it has some restrictions and is suitable for viewing and better visibility. On the big screen, you can see movies and your documents better. 

TVs are usually expected to be of slightly bigger size with larger screen size, and that is where MI loses some points. The brightness and the contrast of the 32 inch TV under 15000 are simply amazing. You can see colors deeply and enjoy a good screen time. What is special is that it offers Patchwall.

Mi TV 32 inch 4A Pro L32M5 AL 3
Image Credits: Mi

Patchwall provides a good user-friendly interface to the user and gives a variety of OTT platforms and content to choose from. The multimedia experience is incomplete without good sound quality, and this TV does a good job with that too. Due to the DTS technology and Dolby audio, the speaker sound quality is above average. Smooth, undisturbed, and loud. 


The MI Smart TV comes with a trendy remote with a good number of buttons available for navigation. The navigation with the remote is easy and smooth. The remote has special buttons for Netflix and Amazon Prime. With just one button press, you can open the apps and watch content. 

Changing settings, using voice commands, and navigating through different applications is easy and straightforward. The google voice can be used for navigation through voice. It is quite effective in detecting words and showing accurate results. The only disadvantage with navigation is, you face difficulty in typing if you want to browse through. Typing becomes difficult, and remote access is not of much help with that. It is quite tiring. 


The performance of the TV is average and rarely do smart TVs in such a price range offer anything different. The boot-up of MI smart TV is good, and it has an additional feature of Quick Wake, which wakes up the TV faster and almost in an instant. However, this depends upon the use. Sometimes, due to heavy load, the Quick Wake feature will not work very well. It is highly dependent upon usage. 

A disadvantage with this model is its memory. With so many video applications available to use and browse through, more memory storage is required that would work well with the big screen and other multimedia apps. However, in this price range, you cannot expect much. The basic features of a Smart TV are all available and work just fine on the TV. 

Mi TV 32 inch 4A Pro L32M5 AL 2
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A strong Wifi connection is recommended while using the TV because otherwise you will face slower responses and it might cost you a lot in terms of money and time. Some users have reported that they faced while chrome casting. However, a lot depends on the device you are Chromecast from and the Wifi stability. Some devices are incompatible with each other or fail to recognize each other, which might cause problems while chrome casting. Keep in mind to check the compatibility of your devices with the TV in case you are considering buying this Smart TV.   

Mi TV 32 inch 4A Pro L32M5-AL Specifications

Weight:‎ 3 kg 900 g

Memory: 1 GB RAM

Storage Capacity: 8 GB

Operating System: Android

Brand: MI, Xiaomi 

Display: 32 Inches, Ultra-bright LED display

Battery: ‎1 Lithium Polymer

Ports/Interfaces: USB, Built-in Wi-fi, HDMI

Supported Internet Services: Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+Hotstar, PlayStore, YouTube

Pros of Mi TV 32 inch 4A Pro L32M5-AL

  • Good display, with Dolby audio. It gives you an above-average multimedia experience.
  • Very Affordable; At this price, the features offered work pretty well
  • Patchwall; Gives access to different multimedia platforms 
Mi TV 32 inch 4A Pro L32M5-AL
Image Credits: Mi

Cons of Mi TV 32 inch 4A Pro L32M5-AL

  • The screen size; TVs are usually of bigger screen size.
  • Average build and design; Not very attractive in looks
  • Memory/Storage problem; Excess content or overload can cause the TV to malfunction. If more memory/storage was available, the performance could have been better.

Final Thoughts On Mi TV 32 inch 4A Pro L32M5-AL

On a final note, I would recommend buying this Smart TV if you are on a low budget. In this price range, you get all the basic features of a Smart TV. It has a good display, is user-friendly, and can be mounted on a wall too. You can Chromecast from compatible devices and also add cables for adding/using any other device. The availability of a robust and stable Wifi connection is recommended to get the best experience out of this smart TV. Slow Wifi can make the performance of the TV bad and therefore unlikable. 

You would face no problem during the installation of the setup box and remote. The remote access will make it easier for you to navigate. However, it is not the best. Considering the price range, the MI Smart TV is a good buy and can be a full package for anybody looking for Smart TVs at a low budget. 

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