LG Gram 16 Price In India

The LG Gram 16 price in India begins from Rs. 97,990 and is available on Amazon. The LG Gram 16 price in India can expand up to Rs.1,00,567 depending on its variants. 

LG Gram 16 Ultra-Light Laptop


  • Screen Size: 16 Inches
  • Operating System: Windows 10 Home
  • Laptop weight: 1.19 kg
  • Storage: 512 GB


LG Gram 16 is among the three variants of Gram laptops that LG has launched. It’s got a 16-inch screen with an excellent middle ground between its other two models’ choices of 14 and 17 inches display. So, this particular model meets the needs of a large variety of consumers, but without being too big. It’s powerful enough for productivity users and student needs.

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Image Credits: LG

The LG Gram 16  is an Intel-Evo laptop with an 11th Gen Intel Core i5 processor with quad cores and a Turbo Boost speed of 2.4GHz. All the LGs range of Gram laptops offer a 16.10 aspect ratio. LG Gram 16Z90P offers Windows 10 Home OS with a 16-inch display. It comes with a Core i5 processor and 8GB of RAM. Gram 16 is a compelling case of a big screen with a lightweight form factor.

This model of LG Gram laptop is the replica of LGs thin and light range of laptops that also had cutting edge components with intel’s 11th generation processor. With an Evo-certified laptop, the gram 16 offers a glimpse of the next evolution in LGs laptop design. It’s also packed with Thunderbolt 4 ports so that you will get support for peripherals and storage. 

Moreover, this laptop continues to contribute to the legacy of the LG family by handing out a firm design with super slim Bezels and standard military durability. And its battery life is super awesome so that it will last throughout the work with ease.

LG Gram 16 Price In India

All this new LG Gram 16 price in India can be done starting from Rs. 74,999. There are three models of LG Gram laptops- 14Z90P, 16Z90P, 17Z90P.  This particular model of gram 16 with Core i6-1135G7, 8GB RAM, and 512 GB storage is available in India at Rs. 97,990. But there’s also another variant of Gram 16 that comes with a Core i7-116G7 CPU and 16GB of RAM available at 100,567 rupees.


At first glance, it looks pretty big, so you expect it to be heavy because of its large dimensions. But, you will be surprised when you lift the laptop as it weighs only 1.19kg. This is mainly because of the magnesium alloy used to make the laptop; it doesn’t feel like metal.

These lightweight classic and minimal bezels with a grey body and black keyboard enhance the laptop’s look. This puts it in confrontation for being the best portable laptop out there. This is a gift as it would fit comfortably anywhere.  The laptop comes with a better keyboard and excellent touchpad that possesses Intel’s latest silicon and remarkable battery life.

The main selling point is it’s ultra-lightweight. LG claims that its 16-inch Gram laptop is the world’s lightest laptop that makes it portable. It’s also imposing because now you don’t have to buy a 14-inch laptop if you want something lightweight. The dimensions of the laptop are 24.3 ×035.6 × 1.7 centimeters. So, that doesn’t seem very compact for a laptop, but it can quickly get fit in your bags.

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Image Credits: LG


The LG Gram 16 laptop is well equipped in terms of ports. The laptop comes with a total of 4 USB ports. There are  2 USB 3.0 (type-A) Thunderbolt 4 ports, a headphone mic-combo jack on the left side of the machine, and one HDMI port. On the right side, there is a microSD card slot and Kensington lock slot. The charger connects with the USB-C type port.

The wireless connection in the laptop includes both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. You will get one year of international warranty for the product parts, but the company also provides an extended three years of warranty on service plans.


The display is the highlight feature of LG Gram 16 as it comes in 16 inches size (40.6cm). It’s an LCD-type display with a 16:10 screen and WQXGA 2560 × 1600 pixel resolution. The display comes with thin bezels, rounded corners and gives a glossy finish that provides clear and vivid colors. 

The IPS (in-plane switching) technology means the viewing angle is excellent on the laptop. You will get 11% more screen real estate compared to the usual 16:9 ratio. This is the best option to watch HD or 4K content with minimal effect on battery life. The display of LG Gram 16 offers 279 nits of brightness.

I talk about colors, the display of LG gram 16 gives 121.9% of the DCI-P3 color gamut that is best in the average category of 122%. The laptop is compelling as it comes with the 11th generation Intel Core processor. It is combined with 2.4GHz speed with Intel iris Xe graphics that makes multitasking possible.

There’s also lofty storage space with expandable  8GB RAM. The Gram laptop is supported by the Windows 10 operating system (OS), including Windows 10 home software. The Gram laptop also offers Plenty of storage space with 512 SSD and 512GB HDD.

Keyboard, Touchpad, And Speakers

LG has not sacrificed the size of the keys for making a portable and compatible laptop.

You will get expanded keycaps that entitle seamless typing. The keystrokes are elevated to 1.65mm that will help relieve fatigue in your hand. There is also enough space on the sides and underneath the keyboard, so hands have decent room to type flat on the keys.

The touchpad is also widened along with the keyboard, which will help you control comfortably without even using a mouse. The keyboard is very aesthetic, but you might need time to get used to it. LG has assimilated a backlight system so that users can work at night or in a dim-light area.

The power button is located in the upper right corner of the keyboard. You can touch the power button to log in without typing any password because the power button has an inbuilt fingerprint sensor. The Gram 16 comes with DTS:X ultra that allows 3D audio rendering even without headphones.  The speakers are implanted underneath the laptop on each side and are raised a little.


With the latest generation Core i5 Intel-Evo processor and 8GB of memory, the Gram 16 can perform every task from browsing the internet to installing apps and playing light games. This laptop is a productivity beast. The cooling fan is audible, but it’s not annoying and will not distract you at all.

The above-stated LG laptop is very durable. The entire body is of metal made from magnesium alloy that is used as aircraft material. That is why the Gram laptop is lightweight and yet very strong. The laptop has passed the MIL-STD-810G military standard of durability.

Battery Life

The battery life of LG Gram 16 is very long. LG offers 80Wh of battery with high-capacity that lasts up to 22hours in just a single charge. It is significantly longer than other average laptops. There is a lithium-ion battery that only weighs 0.62 pounds.

Final Thoughts On LG Gram 16 Price In India

The 97,990 rupees LG Gram 16 laptop is suitable for portability, connectivity, and lightweight in their laptops. And because of its long battery life, you may not have to pack the charger with you every time you go out with your laptop.

You will get an excellent all-around experience with a 16-inch display, keyboard, and strong battery life. LG Gram model delivers fast performance for work productivity, streaming, and content creation. You can also check the lowest price of the model on Amazon.

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