LG Gram 14Z90P-G-AJ55A2 Laptop

Are you searching for a new LG laptop? Right, this LG Gram 14Z90P-G-AJ55A2 Laptop is absolutely for you. In this LG Gram 14Z90P-G-AJ55A2 Laptop article, we cover the latest laptop’s design, features, performance, along with the pros and cons in detail. 

LG Gram 2021 Laptop Review 2
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LG Gram 14Z90P-G-AJ55A2

LG Gram 14 Ultra-Light Laptop


  • Screen Size: 14 Inches
  • Operating System: Windows 10 Home
  • Laptop weight: 0.99 kg
  • Storage: 512 GB

12/03/2021 02:14 am GMT

The ideal blend of the portability and productivity of an LG gram laptop is always ready to connect you to your world. LG gram is the laptop, as the name suggests the extreme lightweight facility as the whole weight of the laptop is in grams, not even touching the kilogram unit. This helps with the versatility and easy mobility of the powerful laptop. LG Gram 14Z90P-G-AJ55A2 is the absolute laptop that is best suitable for all kinds of tasks such as content creation, work productivity, game playing, streaming online, and even more.


LG Gram laptop embedded with the 11th Generation Intel core i5-1135G7 processor that expels a mind-boggling speed performance that is the turbo speed touches the maximum range of 4.2 GHz value. The flawless processor present in the ideal laptop having intel iris Xe graphics which performs fast pace comparatively.

The intel iris Xe graphics support the richer gaming experience and also work at a higher speed, especially on designing and creating that best suits all the designers and creators exclusively. The version of this Laptop under 1.5 Lakh extinguished is best suitable for the programmers.

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You have a high capacity for the long-lasting charge effect that facilitates seamless performance from anywhere during your working hours. The overall performance of the LG Gram laptop is based on the specifications depending on its model, setup configuration, applications used, features utilized, and power management settings. The compelling power delivery technology adds a simultaneous charging facility just through the connection of the device. The heavy work is managed with the LG gram laptop having a powerful processor.


LG Gram laptop was not long ago engineered to basically increase productivity, and it is designed with a 4-way slim bezel that provides an immersive experience. I feel the reduced bezel work, and its particular body size makes the particular model 14Z90P more compact compared to the older models. The presence of minimalist straight-lined design with the hidden hinge helps in reducing the distraction that takes you to the focus to the next level.

LG Gram laptop consists of an accurate and comfortable keyboard with extra big and flat keycaps that effectively reduce typos and correction. Compared to the previous model, the elevated keystroke from 1.5mm to 1.65mm essential travel pays a relief typing that relieves fatigue to your hands. The special Laptops in India are also designed with a widened touchpad and comparatively helps with the easy navigation effectively that you do not even think of using a mouse.


I feel Thunderbolt 4 lets you enjoy the peak up to 5K display connection to only one thunderbolt port efficiently with stability, scalability, and security. LG Gram laptop covers a professional display having a 16:10 aspect ratio of the screen that comes with the WUXGA resolution ranges of 1920 x 1200 pixels. The exact screen aspect ratio offers more productivity of the screen, providing a full grasp of more information on a page which is 11% more screen compared to the 16:9 ratio.

Thanks to the industry, the LG gram laptop accurately represents the creative ideas and colors that are intended, and the standard DCI-P3 99% delivers a wide range of color gamut. The 14-inch display of the powerful laptop has IPS technology which performs the exact screen value without any distraction.

LG Gram 2021 Laptop Review
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Audio Speakers

The surround sound of 2W with DTS X Ultra gives the massive sound range value to the device that pays you the greater feasibility for listening to music; video conference calls equipped for business etc. The extraordinary sound effect comes from the LG gram laptop takes you to the next level that you need not compromise on the usage for streaming online and other uses as well. Get the pleasure of rich 3D Audio rendering even without wearing your headphones. Enjoy a theatre-like sound experience by upgrading LG Gram in hardware with a smart amp and stereo speakers that deliver a realistic and robust sound.


LG Gram laptop has proven for its durability that it passes MIL-STD military tests that pass seven durability tests effectively. The ideal laptop is made up of magnesium alloy that is used in aircraft material for lightweight and robust features. The standard of durability and reliability that checks seven factors like low pressure, high and low temperature, dust, vibration, shock, and salt fog. The shock test involved functional shock and transit drop.

Network Compatibility

Get the power delivery up to 15W from LG gram to the connected device. LG Gram laptop offers external device charging, next-generation interface support, and USB4 compatibility. Intel Wireless-AX201 (802.11 ax, 2×2, Dual Band, BT Combo) executes the speed performance of the connectivity. The compatibility of the LG Gram laptop transfer of data BT 5.1 compatibility ensures easy and fast transferability. LG Gram Laptop supports LAN specifications of 10/100 or Gigabit with RJ45 adapter leading to the quickest connectivity comparatively to the previous model.

Battery Life

14 LG Gram laptop comes with a 72Wh battery life and maintains the high capacity of long-lasting performance of battery life up to 25.5-hour feasibility, all with a single charge. Being 0.99Kg ultra-portability features leaves the space for you to carry it anywhere and anytime you handle your work effectively. Get the seamless performance with the continuous work that gets rid of all your job finishes on time with its remarkable feature.

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Special Features

Experience a new power and security at your fingertips by just touching the power button to switch on your LG Gram laptop and ensure login at once. The easy and intelligent convenience usage of the powerful laptop leads to exceptional performance leading to high productivity. The laptop being a special one having a dual SSD slot supporting five times faster than the traditional HDD.


  • Great battery backup with 18.5-hour feasibility.
  • Having a lightweight body which leads to high productivity by doing your work anytime.
  • Perfect for any use such as content creation, work productivity, game playing, streaming, and more


  • 8GB RAM is the maximum memory supported by the device.

Conclusion Of LG Gram 14Z90P-G-AJ55A2 Laptop

In the affordable range of the laptop comes almost covering all the essential features that are best suitable for the user to bestow the LG Gram laptop. The noteworthy laptop is worth a product that fulfills all the uses of the consumer when they are good creators and designers. Having all the bewildering features best for content creators, office works leading to the high productivity, game playing, streaming online, etc., that many other usages packed in one single efficient device which is LG Gram laptop.

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