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LED vs OLED vs QLED TV – Which Smart TV is Good?

LED vs OLED vs QLED TV. There is always confusion on choosing the panel. What are these terms? What do they do? And how do they have an impact on our selection? Some of you might not know, but it is fine. We learn at every stage of our life. So, let us read about these three panels; LED vs OLED vs QLED TV in detail. 

Image Credits: Samsung (QLED)


You might have seen family discussion on buying a TV is mostly about screen size. But what is another important factor that we mostly miss or ignore, like you ignored studying in high school, choosing the display type is an important factor in deciding what TV is best.

We live in a rapidly advancing generation, and therefore technologies may seem confusing to many people. After reading the complete article, you will know LED vs OLED vs QLED TV – Which smart TV is good? 


Light Emitting Diode or LED as commonly known, is a display technology that consists of small LED lights for throwing backlight. This technology is the most widely used for TV units, Laptops, monitors, etc., as it is energy efficient and consumes less power.

An easier way to relate is with the LED bulbs you use in your homes. These are used as they provide more light and consume less power and hence save your money. Therefore, you might see most of the TV are LED and are available at a cheaper price. Smart move! Right? 

For TVs, LEDs work by providing intense light to all the pixels eṢually and by working smartly, in this way, they deliver a crystal clear picture and high resolution. 

The Best LED TV India basically consists of an LED panel that is placed behind the screen. This panel has LEDs placed at an equal distance and in a pattern of three colors, Red, Blue, and Green. These are very important as they together form a pixel, and by adjusting the density of each color, one creates vivid colors. And thus, these pixels form an image. 

Image Credits: LG (LED)


Organic Light Emitting Diode or OLED is a more advanced technology than LEDs. In layman’s language, it is made of thin organic films placed between two conductors, and when electricity passes through them, they emit bright light. These are considered to be more efficient than LEDs as they do not require a backlight. 

OLEDs are considered to be used comparatively a lot, or just like LEDs are used today. These provide you the best outcome in terms of picture quality. Moreover, these are experimented on frequently to make them more flexible and manufacture easily through Ink-Jet printers. 

OLEDs not only display better picture quality but also improves brightness, contrast, and variety of colors. They have a better refresh rate as well as lower power consumption. In addition to this, the Best OLED TV in India uses green technology and no metal that could harm the environment.

The OLED display is not limited to just TV screens but is also available in phones, tablets, digital cameras, laptops, monitors, etc., but these are very expensive as they are not used at that rate of LED or LCD.

Just like LEDs had their life, they have somehow come to an end, or if we say soon, it will be the end of an Era. This is because the OLED is proving to be more efficient, flexible, thin, color compatible, and much more.  

Image Credits: Sony (OLED)


Quantum Light Emitting Diodes or QLED is nothing but an LED TV that uses nano-sized quantum dots to enhance color and brightness. This TV display uses quantum dots which emit similar light intensity to any LED display. 

It is said that QLED is a technique to sell or market your value by bringing new technology. But in reality, it is no new technology but an LED TV that uses a quantum dot layer between the LED panel and the LCD layer. 

The Best QLED TV in India offers the best colors available. Even though QLEDs are similar to LEDs, they are a little better. The blackness of the black level is comparatively high. This difference hardly affects, but still, QLEDs are available in good amounts and at reasonable price rates.


These three terms are the same yet different, with just a thin layer. OLEDs are the most expensive TV units available in the market and are produced at a very low scale. OLED TVs are different in terms of the lights attached to the panel as they produce light of their own. 

LEDs and QLEDs are similar in all ways, or one can say that they are just different terms for almost identical types of display. But picture quality can make all the difference and convince us to buy the product. Because, unlike smart people, we look for the screen size only.

Moreover, no matter what anyone says or what these brands tell you, these all are similar in most ways. It is all about the marketing tricks that set the trap.

Final Verdict For LED vs OLED vs QLED TV

As I said earlier, technology is becoming more advanced daily and therefore forces us to know their functions and how useful they are for our home. But to clear all your doubts and make space for new questions, I have explained it all.

Well, this is all you would want to know from basic to someone who can buy a TV now. Just kidding, This is the complete guide for you to understand what is a better choice for your home, an LED, OLED or QLED. I hope you read the complete article for a better understanding of these display types.

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