Jio Users In India

Reliance Jio, launched a year ago, has disrupted the telecom industry. We can see more Jio users in India. Yes, you would agree. As you are aware of the telecom industry in India, there is no surprise that Jio has won the hearts of many Indians. 

Like never before, Jio, with many consumers and subscribers, has become the leader. As the prices slumped, it created intense competition among other telecom operators. Apart from a free voice for life, Jio did not charge data for the first six months. 

Due to this move, Jio has notched up around 130 million users, holding approximately 10 percent market share in the telecom industry. Yes, there is more new to know about Jio users in India. Let us start now.

Jio Users In India

According to the subscriber data from the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India, Jio has experienced an increase of 4.7 million users in April. Its audience base has also increased to 427.6 million. 

Jio, India’s leading telecom operator, has witnessed a 45 percent growth in its profit. Although India has been facing a crucial face in this pandemic, the profit of Jio doesn’t fade. Though it is not all rosy, it still makes 400 million subscribers. 

According to the source, many analysts’ warnings arise over Jio’s plans. Resisting every opinion, Jio has never raised tariffs. It is something that subscribers never expect. This made them rely on Jio. 

Jio has launched new plans that provide unlimited daily data to attract premium, high-value customers. Hopefully, it will augment the average revenue per user. Two factors weigh down the profit of Jio Users. It includes affordable postpaid plans and low ARPUs. 

Data Usage of Jio Users In India

Reliance Jio has added nearly 3 times more subscribers between April to June 2021. It is exceeding when compared to the last three months. Many users fall under low-paying users. They use Jio as a second phone for cheaper plans. Thus, it does not add any revenue or profit in a big way.

According to, here are the key highlights about Jio users in India. 

  • Reliance Jio’s subscriber mix has been holding back the amount of money for each user.
  • Despite the crisis, Jio users in India reported over 44 percent profit growth. 
  • In the June quarter, Jio added 42.3 million new users that brought immense benefit from March Quarter.
  • However, its average revenue per user remains an area of concern. It is a flat cost of INR 138.4 compared to the previous quarter. It is marginally down yearly.

The data usage has grown by nearly 15 percent, but voice usage has declined marginally. Data traffic has seen a relative increase in its sales when compared to the past three months. The average data use during the quarter stood for about 15.6 GB compared to the previous quarter, i.e., 13.3 GB.

It has declined marginally to 818 minutes from 823 minutes in the quarter when it comes to voice usage. 

Jio – The reason why India ranks second in the list of countries with the World’s most extensive Internet User Base?

More than half of the global population is active on the internet. Around 12 percent of Indians take part in this fact. According to venture capitalist Mary Meeker, Reliance Jio has created a hybrid platform that integrates Reliance Retail’s physical marketplace with Reliance Jio’s digital infrastructure. 

When the integration is successful enough, it doubles its growth in a year that results in 307 million subscribers. According to Mukesh Ambani’s interview cited from the source,  “This platform will bring together 350 million customer footfalls at Reliance Retail stores, 307 million Jio connectivity customers and 30 million small merchants all over India who provide the last-mile physical market connectivity,” Jio’s free voice call and cheap data plans help in doubling the growth platform in a year.

Reliance Jio in a move to transform India’s Digital Landscape With Silver Lake Investment

The Jio platform has become a significant contributor to India’s digital transformation. It has indulged in seven investments in six weeks. The journey of digital transformation in India has begun with Facebook. It invested over $5.7 billion, i.e., INR 43,574 crore.

It picked up a percentage of 9.99 stakes in Reliance Jio. Currently, Jio Platforms has been getting another big investment from an American equity firm named Silver Lake.

Silver Lake has invested an additional investment of about INR 45466.80 crore in Jio platforms. On top of that, the last month’s investment has exceeded the previous month’s buy. The combined investment has given the firm a 2.08 percent stake in Jio Platforms. 

Jio has already placed its trace in broadband, smart devices, cloud, and edge computing. You can also guess whether it left big data analytics, artificial intelligence, IoT, and augmented reality. No, Jio has also been into it. Yes, I forgot the blockchain too!

The two investments have made the Jio platform a crucial boost. This made Reliance Jio call Digital India Version as it brings up 1.3 billion people and businesses across India.

Jio is already pretty much away from the other providers. Potentially,  Jio investments and the other party investments bring immense revenue to the company. Added, it has been changing the outline of the telecom industry. Say, the Jio mobile data pricing is the most prominent example that completely changed other providers’ tariffs. 


Jio, being the telecom legend in many countries, has also been focusing on other countries. It has also been called the Darling of Silicon Valley. In India, it has created an unbeatable impression among the users. I hope the number of users will go beyond the competitor’s imagination. 

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