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Is Dishwasher Useful For Indian Kitchen?

To overcome the huge task of washing your dishes especially in a joint family, you can simply invest in a dishwasher, but some of you might be thinking, Is Dishwasher Useful For Indian Kitchen? And we are here to answer this question. 

Is Dishwasher Useful For Indian Kitchen
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During the lockdown, many of us faced one common issue. We all missed our house help; without their help, it was really difficult for us to multitask and do everything independently. The worst part of all was having to do the piling amount of dishes in the sink after every single meal. Those working from home and having kids had it the worst as they had to manage all at once and take care of the household chores. 

Is Dishwasher Useful For Indian Kitchen?

The answer is simple; it is the biggest yes from our side. No matter what you cook, the dishwasher can easily remove your utensils’ stains and grease. It is a one-time investment that will help you at all times, and it gives you an excellent cost-to-benefit ratio.

The Materials That Can Or Can Not Be Loaded In a Dishwasher

Although the Dishwasher In India has great benefits, you can not just upload any item that you want. It comes with some restrictions, such as not putting some materials in the dishwasher for cleaning. 

Some of these materials are aluminum, indium, iron ( items such as your dosa Tawa and iron Kadai), wood, copper, brass, utensils with copper bottom, hard anodized cookware (as it tends to take away its shine), and lastly, plastic. This might seem like a long list, but some dishwashers do offer separate modes for these types of cookware, and except for the iron items, we do not use the other materials that often in an Indian household. 

However, if we move on to the items that we can upload in the dishwasher, steel, glass, porcelain, ceramic ware that is safe to use in a dishwasher, and plastics that were specifically made to be dishwasher safe if we think about it, these are actually the items that we often use at home. 

If you consider not being able to wash iron wares as a disadvantage, then let us remind you that it is best not to wash your dosa tawas regularly as they mess with the tawa’s seasoning. You especially do not want to wash in a dishwasher with good water pressure and soap.

If you do not wish your dosas to stick to your pan, the dishwasher is doing you a favor by not letting you wash in it. To wash your tawa, you can gently scrub it using a soft sponge just to lift the top layer of grease. Never scrub your dosa tawa with all the power!  

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Dishwasher Removes Stubborn Stains:

The Dishwasher has many advanced settings that will even remove stubborn stains from your utensils. It allows you to clean every type of cookware such as plates, spoons, pots, cups, and many more. It is truly a headache to clean milk pots and remove all the residue from them. We often have to soak the pot in water for a few hours to remove the layer in the bottom. However, with a dishwasher, you can just upload it in it and set it and go about your day. 

Not only does the dishwasher save you the effort of cleaning, but it also helps you save a ton of time. After spending hours in the kitchen after cooking, you really do not want to spend even more time trying to get rid of the dirt and residue. 

Has Health Benefits:

Since the dishwasher will automatically wash your utensils, you can also maintain your health better. The first thing is that you get to relax and catch a break during the wash cycle. Some people get a lot of problems when they let their hands be in the water for too long. Your hands get shriveled, your nails sometimes get damaged, or you get infections, and lastly, it prevents you from catching a cold. If you easily tend to catch a cold, then you may know how keeping your hands in the water for too long while washing the dishes can result.

Environmentally Friendly:

A Dishwasher is also an excellent option for environmentally conscious people. It significantly uses less water and energy to operate. If we wash the dishes by hand, then we keep the tap open and waste a lot of water. However, on the other hand, the dishwasher uses water economically and still cleans and kills bacteria better than us washing by hand. 

They kill all the germs and protect you from many diseases. Imagine the number of germs that would be present in that sponge that we use to clean our vessels. We reuse it for at least a few weeks to a few months, and we never really know how dirty it can be. With a dishwasher, you do not have to worry about that as it uses different techniques and technology to clean your dishes without any fear of germs. 

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A Dishwasher Is Time-efficient:

We can not emphasize this more, but a dishwasher is the most time-saving kitchen appliance that you will find. You will have to remove any large food particle from the plate and load all the utensils into the dishwasher. After this, you will have to set the settings, and other information such as the time, just like how you would choose on a washing machine. Once the cleaning cycle is over, you can remove the dishes from the dishwasher and arrange them back into your racks. 

This will truly be your savior if you live in joint families, or if you host extensive pirates often, or if you are just busy with work and do not have time to wash dishes. 

Final Words

There are so many benefits to owning a dishwasher, and we hope that we answered your question of “is dishwasher useful for Indian kitchen?” We also hope that this information helps you choose your decision wisely and do what is best for you and your household. 

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