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Do You Know How To Take Screenshot In Windows 11?

Eager to know How To Take Screenshot In Windows 11? Right, then read this article till the end. 

How To Take Screenshot In Windows 11
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If you upgraded your Windows 10 to 11 or purchased a new device with pre-installed Windows 11, you might be eager to learn how to perform certain functions on it. Windows 11 has a sleeker and more sophisticated design and working. 

This article talks about how to take screenshot in Windows 11. There are various ways to do so. 

How To Take Screenshot In Windows 11?

You can use various ways to take a screenshot with this Windows 11 system. The simplest and quickest of these are stated below with detailed instructions. 

1. Using Print Screen

You can take a screenshot of the screen and save it to the clipboard using the “PrtScn” button. Once you take the screenshot, it will get saved in the clipboard. It would be best if you pressed “PrtScn” along with the function “Fn” key on the laptop to make it work. 

You can then paste it anywhere by using Ctrl+V. You can also save the file in any folder by using Ctrl+S. 

2. Using Windows+Shift+S

It is possible to capture a portion of the screen using the snipping tool available in Windows 11. If you press Windows+Shift+S, the screen will go dark, and you will see a highlighted toolbar at the top of your screen. There are various kinds of snip you can get. These include rectangular snip, window snip, Full-screen snip, and Freeform snip. 

To get a rectangular snip, you need to select the leftmost rectangular icon on the bar. Then hold and drag the cursor, and you can get the size of the rectangle you desire. When you release the cursor, the screenshot will be shown at the corner of the screen. You can press the save button below to save it in your preferred folder. It also offers you an option to annotate and crop. 

You can also choose a specific application window and then get a screenshot for just that window. This will be possible with the help of the Window snip tool. This is the third icon on the toolbar.

If you need an irregular shape screenshot, you can use Freeform snip. This is the second icon on the toolbar. 

To get the snap of a full screen, use the full-screen snip. It works the same as PrtScn and is the last icon on the toolbar. 

3. Using Open Screen Snipping

The screen snipping tool described in the above method is handy since you get to capture any part of the screen you like without grasping the entire screen and then crop it. Accessing this tool can be made even quicker. 

Pressing Windows+Shift+S is not the easiest way. You can instead change settings to make it easier to access. 

Press Windows+i. This will open Windows Settings. In the Accessibility section, click on Keyboard. You will see an option that says, “Use the Print Screen button to open screen snipping.” Switch it to on. 

Now you will access the screen snipping tool by just pressing the PrntScn button. 

4. Using Windows+Fn+Spacebar

If the PrtScn button is not giving the expected results, there is another way. This is also useful for older devices where the PrtScn button might not be present. 

It would help to press the Windows Key, Fn key, and Spacebar. This will capture the screenshot and will Store it in File Explorer. There will be a separate folder created named ‘Screenshots,’ or you will find it in Images. 

 If you do not find it there, press Ctrl+V to paste it at your desired location. Depending on your device, this technique might or might not save it in a destination, hence remember to check and paste it if you don’t find the screenshot. 

To Sum It Up

This article discusses how to take a screenshot in Windows 11. There are many methods; however, we discuss the most straightforward and quickest four strategies that work for almost all devices.

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