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How To Take Screenshot In Dell Laptop Windows 11?

Snapping a shot out of your laptop is called a screenshot. In case you are searching for how to take screenshot in dell laptop windows 11, then this is for you! 

How To Take Screenshot In Dell Laptop Windows 11?

Below are the ways explaining how to take screenshot in Dell laptop Windows 11

  • Press the PrtSc key from the upper right corner of the keyboard to take a screenshot directly from the screen
  • You can hold to Windows key and PrntSc key simultaneously to capture the entire screen.  
  • To capture a single active window, press Alt and PrntScr keys together.

The captured screenshot can either be copied or saved automatically on your laptop. Also, you can paste the screenshot into an email, file, image editing, and even documents.

Further, if you want to take scrolling screenshots, How To Take Scrolling Long Screenshot In Windows 11?

Overall, these are the standard steps to take a screenshot in Dell Windows 11 laptop. I hope this post is highly informative and helps you accomplish your task. 

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