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How To Take A Screenshot In Laptop – 3 Ways!

Sometimes taking screenshots is more straightforward than downloading the full content. There comes the reason to know how to take a screenshot in laptop.

And there are also times when you have to capture that fun and crazy text you have sent or received to have proof of your exceptional scores in the game or the pictures of what is going wrong on your device. That is why knowing how to take a screenshot in laptop can give you a lot of explaining. 

How To Take A Screenshot In Laptop?

All the OS has a built-in method of capturing screenshots, and some even allow you to take specific parts of a page. This article will give you step-wise information on how to take a screenshot on your laptop, whether it’s Windows, Chrome, or Mac OS.

1. On Windows Laptop

Microsoft supports the PrtScn button to take screenshots on Windows laptops. However, the modern laptop uses graphical interfaces; the Windows laptops are provided with a preloaded Snip and Sketch app.

By this, a rectangular snip option comes on the screen that lets you capture the screenshots in any way you like, and a window snip can take a screenshot of a specific window from multiple windows on your system.

The app also provides a full-screen snip option to capture a full-screen screenshot. The steps to take the screenshot on Windows is as follows-

  • Press Windows key + Shift + S together. A snapping bar will appear on the screen.
  • Select from the rectangular Snip, fullscreen Snip, Windows snip, and full-screen snip. 
  • Select the portion you want to capture for rectangular and free form snip by placing your mouse cursor.
How To Take A Screenshot In Laptop
  • Once the screenshot is taken, the screenshot is saved to your clipboard. View your captured screenshot on the snip and sketch app.
  • You can also customize screenshots and use tools to adjust your screenshots by cropping or zooming.
  • Next, select the save option on the app to keep your screenshot in the folder.

However, if you have an old-windows version, you can use the PrtScn button to save the full-screen screenshot on your clipboard. Then you can paste it to any photo editor app to customize it, save it as an image on your laptop folder.

The shortcut is to press the PrtSc button with the Windows logo key to capture and save your screenshot directly.

2. On Mac

Unlike Windows, Mac laptops don’t have preloaded support for capturing screenshots. There is no dedicated button for this. However, the MacOS has an old way to make MacBook and other Mac laptops screenshots.

Follow the below-given steps to do that-

  • Press Shift + Command + 3 together to take a screenshot of the whole screen.
  • After this, a thumbnail will appear on the corner of the screen for confirmation that the screenshot has been taken.
  • Click on the preview option to edit your screenshot. And if you don’t want to edit, wait until the screenshot is saved on your desktop.

But, if you don’t want to capture the entire screen, you can press Shift +  Command + 4 together. By doing this, a crosshair pointer will appear on the net that you want to capture. You can move that by pressing the spacebar while dragging it and canceling it by pressing the Esc key.

In Apple laptops, you can also capture the screenshot of a menu by pressing the Shift +  Command + 4 + Space Bar. However, macOS saves the screenshot on your desktop, but thankfully you can change the default location of saved screenshots in macOS later versions. It can be done quickly from the menu options in the screenshot app.

3. On A Chromebook

The Google Chrome OS also provides shortcuts to take screenshots on a Chromebook. You have to press Ctrl +  Show windows to capture the screenshot of the entire screen.

You can also take selective screenshots by pressing Shift + Ctrl + Show Windows and then selecting and dragging the area you want to capture.

The easiest way of capturing a screenshot is by using the shortcut keys.

By pressing Alt + PrtScn, you can take a screenshot of your active window, the screen on which you are currently working.

For taking the screenshot of a specific position, use Windows key + Shift + S. It will dim the screen and change the mouse pointer for dragging; by this, you can select the portion you want to screenshot. And the captured screenshot will be saved to your clipboard.

The Windows Key + G is the most popular shortcut among gamers. All the gamers can press these two keys together for a game overplay. Then press the Camera icon or Windows key + Alt PrtScn to capture the screenshot.

Plus, today, every work is done online, so it might require taking screenshots on your laptop to save the proof of your work. The screenshot, more accurately, is a picture of whatever is on the screen. With a screenshot, you can capture stills of anything on your laptop screen and can save them in jpg or PNG files for further use. 

However, laptops have both Windows and macOS, and they both have their ways of commands and processes to capture a screenshot. You can also get familiar with different shortcuts for taking screenshots quickly on your laptop.

Apple, Google, and Microsoft have their ways through which you can take a screenshot on your laptop. In addition to this, some successful third-party apps help you in taking a screenshot, but it’s good to use the computer’s built-in mechanism to do this.

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