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Do You Know How To Set Caller Tune In Jio?

Undoubtedly, Caller tunes have been a recent crush for many! And if you are confused about how to set caller tune in Jio, this is for you! Even a few Jio users are still unaware of how to set caller tune in Jio, so read this till the end to learn now.  

How To Set Caller Tune In Jio

How To Set Caller Tune In Jio?

So, What Are Jio Tunes?

Jio tunes are just a replacement for your favorite tracks instead of hearing traditional ring sound. There are a variety of different ways that you can activate this Jio caller tune. 

All the possible steps are mentioned below, and you can choose the best option that is ideal for you! According to people’s desires, these tracks might vary from regional to pop culture.

If you love caller tunes and looking forward to set one for free for your Jio sim, then below are the best four ways to activate your Jio caller tunes for free!

1. Activating Jio Caller Tune Through My Jio App

Activating Jio caller tunes through the My Jio App is the most prominent and straightforward way to set the Jio Caller tunes for free. Here are the below steps for you to follow:

  • Download My Jio App from the play store/ App store from your smartphone/ PC
  • Now launch them and select the Jio tune option
  • You can listen to your favorite tracks in preview mode to better understand how the respective track will play to the other end.
  • Select and set the Jio tune now
  • You’ll be receiving a confirmation message shortly
  • Finally, your caller tune is set and is thirty days free of cost.

2. Activating Jio Caller Tune Through SMS 

  • If you don’t desire to download or search any apps for caller tunes, this is the ideal option for you. Follow these step by step procedures to activate Jio caller tune through SMS
  • Open the Messages app.
  • Type JT and send it to 56789
  • Now search and select a song of your choice to set as a Jio caller tune.
  • Activate the service using the respective word mentioned in the message
  • You should be receiving a confirmation SMS regarding the activation
  • Finally, you can now enjoy the Jio caller tune service for free

3. Activating Jio Caller tune through Jio Saavn App

  • Activating the Jio caller tune through the Jio Saavn app won’t be a big deal if you prefer the Jio Saavn app to hear your favorite tracks and artists’ albums. Here are the steps to activate
  • Download and install Jio Saavn App from the App Store/ Play Store on your smartphone
  • After launching login using your phone number or given ID credentials
  • Now you should be able to surf through the latest releases and your favorite artist’s albums.
  • Select a song of your choice
  • Preview and click on the ‘Set as Jio Tune’ option
  • Once you receive your Jio Caller tune activation message, you can enjoy your caller tune.

4. Activating Jio Caller Tune Through Copying   

If you ever wanted to activate someone’s caller tune as yours, then here are the steps for you to follow:

  • Dial * from your dial pad to copy the Jio caller tune
  • Now allow permission to activate the service
  • Finally, you should be able to receive caller tune activation SMS for your Jio number

Thus, the four steps to activate your favorite caller Jio tunes are mentioned above. 

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