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Do You Know How To Set Caller Tune In Airtel?

Nowadays, setting up a caller tune is one of the common things to do. But are you aware of how to set caller tune in Airtel? If not, this blog is all about how to set caller tune in Airtel. 


Being the second biggest network provider in India, Airtel offers caller tunes in the name of Hello tunes that is value-added (Rs.19 per month). But if you have subscribed to an unlimited plan, you can get your desired caller tune for free. 

How To Set Caller Tune In Airtel?

1. Activate Your Caller Tune Through Wynk Music App

Wynk Music app has countless songs ranging from Indian to International songs that you can stream as your favorite artists, genres, and tracks. So, to activate your caller tune, follow these below steps:

  • Download the Wynk music application on your smartphone
  • After launching, head to the hello songs
  • Type in your genre/artist or songs that you wish to set
  • After selecting your tune, click on the Activate Hellotune
  • Cool! Your caller tune is set for your Airtel mobile number.

2. Activate Your Caller Tune Through Customer Care Call   

If you are tired or lazy about downloading and launching the Wynk music app, this method is for you. Follow these steps as mentioned.

  • Open the dialer from your phone.
  • Dial 543215 from the registered mobile number
  • Listen to the IVR voice
  • Select the menu and name of the tune you wanted to create for your registered Airtel mobile number
  • In no time, you’ll be receiving tune options to pick from your hello tune
  • Pick your song, and set it as your caller tune
  • Bingo! Your caller tune is set.

3. Activate Your Caller Tune Through Sms

This method is one of the handy and most straightforward ways to set your caller tune through SMS. Here are the steps to do,

  • Open dialler from your phone
  • Dial 22700, and you’ll hear IVR voice
  • To set your favorite track, select song-type CT Start
  • And, send them to 23123
  • Now type kind CT and send it to 23123 to activate the selected song
  • Your caller tune is set! 

4. Activate Your Caller Tune By Copying

If you ever wish to set somebody’s caller tune as your’s in your registered Airtel mobile number, then follow these below steps:

  • Make sure the particular number is Airtel
  • Call that specified number
  • Press *9
  • Now your caller tune is set

Your caller tune may be soothing and creative to the caller’s ears. Hence, the above-listed methods activate your caller tune, and there is no way around the earlier mentioned methods! It is up to you.

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