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How To Send 5Min Video On WhatsApp Quickly?

Even though WhatsApp videos are the most popular, certain time limitations exist. So how to send 5min video on WhatsApp if you need to!?

Suppose if you are not aware of how to send 5min video on WhatsApp quickly, then this article will guide you! 

How To Send 5Min Video On Whatsapp
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How To Send 5Min Video On WhatsApp?

Below are the steps to follow if you want to send a 5-minute video on WhatsApp.

  • From the android play store, download any video converter app that can convert to other video formats.
  • After launching the video converter application, open it, and select the video that needs to be converted.
  • Select the specs that allow the video to be compressed and process them until they are lesser than 16 MB ( WhatsApp maximum file size is 16 MB) 
  • After compressing the video, the file is stored automatically in your gallery. You can later select them and share them on WhatsApp.

If you don’t opt to download any apps for compressing the video, then you can always go for online mp4 converters on any browser. Cheers!

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