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How To Scan Wifi QR Code In Laptop?

Using QR codes to access everything is one of the popular methods nowadays, and it is the simplest of all! Hence, it becomes essential to know how to scan Wifi QR code in laptop. So Let’s see! This article will tell you how to scan Wi-fi QR code in laptop in detail.

How To Scan Wifi QR Code In Laptop

How To Scan Wifi QR Code In Laptop?

1. On Windows Laptop

For laptops, as I said, you need a third-party application. So, you can download “QR Codes for Windows 10”. You can locate it on the Microsoft app store.

  • First, download the QR Code for Windows 10 app and open it.
  • Give the app all the permissions to access your Laptop and camera.
  • Now, place the QR code you want to scan in front of your laptop camera.
  • The app will read the QR code for you and open it on the browser app.

If you are having Windows 11 but haven’t using playstore, check this How To Install Playstore In Windows 11.

2. On Mac

If you are a Mac owner with a camera on it, it’s an easy task for you to scan a QR code on Mac. The most uncomplicated and free app we can recommend to you is “QR Journal.” you can download it from the Apple app store.

Follow the below-given steps to do the same-

  • Download the “QR Journal” app from the store and open it.
  • Select the scan option on the upper left corner and give the app access to use Mac’s camera.
  • You have to restart the app after giving permission.
  • Next, turn on your camera and place the QR code in front of your Laptop’s camera. Once the code is identified, you can open it or save it.

3. Without Using The Camera On Laptop

By browsing on Google, you can view a list of online applications that will allow you to scan a QR code. Go to their page and choose the crawl option on their site. Then give that website access to your Laptop’s Webcam. 

By this, it will get activated, hold the QR code in front of your Webcam and open it.

  • Install QR reader from the app store.
  • If there is a QR code on a web page, right-click on it and read the QR-code in the image from the context.
  • Next, right-click on the QR code.
  • If that code is active or a link on the code, it will open.

By pressing, Open + Generate QR from the link or text, you can copy, share or save it.

There is no limited time for QR codes, so they do not expire. But this is for Dynamic QR codes; for Static QR Codes, they can expire. Thus, if a static QR code expires, it won’t work; it means it will not take you to a landing page and defeats the whole purpose of the QR codes.

QR code is a machine-generated image designed to read directly with a smartphone camera. If you are vigilant, you can notice that each QR code comprises squares and black dots. These squares and dots represent some information. When your laptop or smartphone camera scans this code, it translates the information into something that you can view and easily understand.

In laptops, first, you have to find out if your Laptop supports QR code scanning because not all laptops accommodate this feature.

Then open the scanning app, and paste the QR code. Next, please choose the option to open it. The QR code you produce can be used for free after downloading it. So you can use the QR code designed by the free generator as per your liking. Once you download the QR code, you can use it for a longer time as they have unlimited time.

Final Words

By scanning QR codes, you can easily access the respective website, menus, videos, wi-fi, and much more. Every smartphone these days has a built-in QR code scanner, and it’s straightforward to operate a QR code scanner on your mobile phone.

But, can you scan a QR code on your Laptop? It’s pretty odd that you have to scan a QR code on your Laptop, especially for wi-fi. However, yes! You can successfully scan a QR code on a laptop. It’s just that you have to download a third-party scanner app on your Laptop or Macbook.

Sometimes, there are some odd requirements when you want to scan a QR code right from your Laptop. And in times like this, it doesn’t make any sense to pick up your smartphone to scan it from the screen of your Laptop and view it on the tiny mobile, when you can view it on the big laptop screen right in front of you.

QR Code is an abbreviation for Quick Response Code, and it is very similar to the Bar Code, which you see on the back of every product that you buy from the supermarket. There were times when we were not sure if the QR code would survive or not.

It was first created in 1994 for the automotive industry in Japan. But the usability of the QR codes has gotten better over time with the increased population of smartphone users. It is fantastic and convenient to pick up your phone and scan it. Well, you can do the same from your Laptop as well.

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