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How To Reset HP Laptop – 2 Ways!

Do you know how to reset HP laptop? If not, No problem, this article is all about that. 

How To Reset HP Laptop?

Resetting your HP laptop might be a quick fix if you find the laptop battling with system issues. If you did not know how to reset HP laptop, here are the ways to help you! 

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1. Resetting Your HP Laptop Through Windows

If you can log in to your laptop facing no issues, this method is ideal for resetting your HP laptop.

  • On your Windows search bar, type in Reset this PC option
  • Now recovery tab will be displayed, where you can select the “Get Started” option
  • Where you get to choose whether to “keep my files” option or “remove everything.”
  • If you click “Keep my files,” your computer can re-install the operating system and restart your HP laptop 
  • If you choose the “Remove everything” option, select either “only the drive option” or “all drives.”
  • Now click the “reset” option and wait for the reset process to complete 

2. Factory Resetting Your HP Laptop 

If you find it troublesome to log in to your HP laptop, this method is for you.

  • Turn on your HP laptop after disconnecting from all the external devices and internal hardware.
  • Now press the F11 key and click the choose an option screen 
  • Now click troubleshoot and press the reset this PC button
  • Please select an option, “keep my files” or “remove everything.”
  • If you opt to keep your files, your computer will re-install the HP laptop 
  • Also, if you are opting to remove everything, then all your files are erased from their existence

The above mentioned are the two ways to reset your HP laptop. Hopefully, this should help you out with formatting your HP laptop.  

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