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12 Powerful Tips On How To Remove Stains Of Oil From Clothes

It’s very unpleasant when the favorite shirt or blouse is dirty. And even more so if it has spots of oil. What to do in this case? How to remove stains of oil from clothes?

Oils are absorbed by clothes fibers with high adsorption capacity. And it is very difficult to remove these oil stains. Sometimes these stains are not visible, but when touched, stains become moist and stick to the fabric.

However, keep reading this article to know how to remove stains of oil from clothes. 

how to remove stains of oil from clothes

How To Remove Stains Of Oil From Clothes?

1. Alcohol and glycerin mixture

What you need: a cotton swab; a glass jar with a tight lid or cork; alcohol (80%); glycerin; – water.

How to do:

  • Pour three parts of alcohol into the glass jar; – add two parts of glycerin to the mixture; – shake the jar carefully so that ingredients are well mixed among each other.
  • The important thing is not to put more glycerin in the mixture. Otherwise, it won’t dry out properly on clothes, and oil stains will remain there.
  • Moisten a cotton swab with the solution; – rub it into oil stains on clothes.
  • In some time, stains will dissolve and disappear from the fabric.

2. Mayonnaise treatment

You can remove oil stains on clothes effectively if you wipe them out with mayonnaise before washing the garment as usual:

  • wipeout stains with mayonnaise; 
  • let it dry, and then wash the garment as usual.

3. Petroleum jelly treatment

How to fix:

  • moisten a cotton swab with petroleum jelly
  • rub the stained spot on clothes, but do not rub too hard because you may damage the fabric.
  • Oil stains will be erased in some minutes. Then wash the garment as usual.

4. Dishwasher detergent treatment (for wool and silk clothes)

How to fix:

  • moisten a cotton swab with dishwasher detergent; 
  • rub it into oil stains on clothes;  
  • leave for 30 minutes, and then wash the garment in your best washing machine.

5. Sodium carbonate solution

You will need sodium carbonate and water.

How to do:

  • dissolve one tablespoon of sodium carbonate into 8 ounces (250 ml) of boiling water
  • after it has cooled down, put the liquid into a spray bottle
  • spray it onto stains
  • let it act for about 10 minutes, turn the garment inside out and wash it in your washing machine under 25k.
  • Do not rub the spot with sodium carbonate solution on clothes because this alkaline solution may damage delicate fabrics even more than the oil itself.

6. Dishwashing liquid treatment (for cotton clothes)

Dissolve one tablespoon of dishwashing liquid in a bowl with water and wipe the stain with it. Then, rinse thoroughly.

7. Alcoholic solution (for synthetics)

Soak the stained cloth in alcohol and wash it later as usual, by hand or machine. The stains will be gone quickly if you use alcohol.

8. Alcoholic solution (for cotton)

Soak the stained part of the cloth in as much as possible pure alcohol and leave it for several hours to dry by itself. Then, wash as usual, by hand or machine. The stains will be gone easily if you use this method.

9. Ammonia treatment (for synthetics)

Mix one tablespoon of laundry detergent with half a cup of ammonia and dissolve all this in water. Then, dissolve at least four tablespoons of salt in the solution. Pour this mixture on the stain and leave it to act for one hour. Wash as usual, by hand or machine. The stains will be removed easily if you use this method.

10. Milk treatment (for cotton clothes)

Dilute one tablespoon of milk in water and apply it to the stain. Keep the stained part under running water for five minutes, then wash as usual by hand or machine. The stains will be gone easily if you use this method to remove them.

11. Baby powder/talcum powder

If you’ve got a baby at home, the chances are that you would have some talcum powder lying around. Babies get such chubby cheeks because of the usage of this product on their skin. It has been used for years as an effective way to prevent diaper rash and other minor skin irritations.

You can also use this powder to get rid of oil stains from clothes. Just sprinkle some on the affected area and let it sit there for an hour or so. The talcum powder should absorb all of the oil from your clothes, leaving you with a stain-free outfit.

12. Cornstarch

Cornstarch is another great product for how to remove stains of oil from clothes. It absorbs up to four times its weight in water, making it an ideal product for oil stains. To use cornstarch, you first need to shake some into the stain and rub it in until the cornstarch stops absorbing the oil. After that, use a wet cloth and wipe away as much of the now congealed starch as possible.


The stains of oil on the clothes are very tricky to remove. Typically, you will have a tough time getting rid of the stain if you do not start treating it immediately after it happens. 

Do not fret, though! You can deal with your oil stain just as easily as you would any other type of stain. Just follow these above simple steps, and you will be able to remove the oil stain from your clothes in no time.

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