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Do You Know How To Redeem A Gift Card In Amazon?

Sending and using Amazon gift cards is one of the easiest and favorite ways of gifting for your loved ones. But are you confused about how to redeem a gift card in amazon? Read till the end. 

How To Redeem A Gift Card In Amazon

How To Redeem A Gift Card In Amazon?

If you are looking to redeem your Amazon Gift Card or gift voucher, here is the step-by-step guide for you to follow.

Method 1: Redeem A Gift Card Through The Amazon App

  • Download the Amazon app on your phone
  • After launching the application, login with your account
  • Now find the claim code 
  • Head to the redeem a gift card
  • Now enter the claim code
  • Select Apply to your balance option
  • You’ve redeemed your Amazon gift card successfully.

Method 2: Redeem A Gift Card Through The Amazon Website

  • Head to the Amazon official website
  • Sign in with your account on the site
  • Tap in the “Accounts and Lists” option from the top right corner
  • Choose the Gift cards option from the Account menu
  • Click the “Redeem a gift card” button
  • Type in your gift card’s claim code on the text field
  • After clicking the “Apply to your balance” option, your card will be validated
  • Finally, you can redeem your Amazon account


You can not use the gift card on any specified occasion. Still, for future purposes also, if your Amazon cart value is higher than your gift card balance, Amazon will charge you with the remaining balance but not the absolute value. 

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