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Do You Know How To Open Task Manager In Windows 11?

Unlike Windows 10, in Windows 11, the Task Manager is not present on the taskbar. This has led to many users being disappointed and looking for ways to launch the Task Manager. So you need to know How To Open Task Manager In Windows 11?

How To Open Task Manager In Windows 11
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Moreover, there are still various simple ways to open the Task Manager instantly. You might have used some of these in Windows 10 too.

Windows 11 is a highly sophisticated OS. So there are high chances that no matter which way you use it, the Task Manager will open smoothly. This article will help you by discussing how to open Task Manager in Windows 11. There are many methods to do so. 

How To Open Task Manager In Windows 11

All of these ways are pretty straightforward to follow. However, if a method does not seem to work for you, you can jump to the following manner. It is highly recommended that you make sure your drivers are updated since these methods might not work for you if not. 

1. Opening Task Manager via Start Button

Task Manager is easily accessible through the Start button. Start Button is present in the left-most of the Task Bar. It is the icon having four equal squares making one square. If you right-click on it, a menu will open up.

Locate Task Manager in this Menu. It is present above the Settings option. To launch the Task Manager, you need to click on it. 

2. Keyboard Shortcut for Task Manager

If you prefer using keyboard shortcuts over other methods, this is your method. To open Task Manager, press Ctrl+Shift+Escape. This is the quickest method to open it. 

3. Search Bar

When you click on the Start Menu, you can find the search bar at the bottom or top of the menu. Type Task Manager there. It will show you a list of similar results. Task Manager will likely be on top. Click on it to launch it. 

4. Run Window

This is a method not so popularly used to open the Task Manager. However, it works as well as the other ways. For this, you need to bring up the Windows Run Box. 

Windows+R is the keyboard shortcut for Run Window. It asks you to type the name of a program, folder, document, or Internet resource for Windows to open. Once you open it, you will see an empty bar. 

To open Task Manager, type Task Manager in the search bar. Press OK. You can also press the Enter key on the keyboard. This will launch the Task Manager in no time. 

5. Using Command Prompt

Command Prompt is similar to Run Window so that both can be used to open applications easily. 

Click on the Start Menu and type Command Prompt in the Search Bar to open Command Prompt. You can also locate it in the list of applications present in the Start Menu. 

When the Command Prompt window opens, type Task Manager, continuing the first line. Press Enter. The Task Manager will spread quickly. 

6. Ctrl+Alt+Delete Screen 

This is another lesser-used way of opening the Task Manager. It would be best if you pressed Ctrl+Alt+Delete together on your keyboard. In doing so, the screen will turn black. The screen will have a select few options in the center. One of these is going to be Task Manager. 

To open the Task Manager, locate this option in the menu and click on it. This will instantly open the Task Manager.

To Sum It Up

This article lists six different ways to open Task Manager in Windows 11. These will most definitely work for you. 

Drivers could be updated either manually or using the Optional Update feature of Windows. ManagerHowever, if none of them seem to give results, you might need to update the drivers to fix inevitable glitches. You can also verify If you Installed the authentic Windows 11 OS from the official Microsoft Website.

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