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How To Open apk File On Mac, Windows, iOS?

This article will discuss what an APK file is, how to download the APK file, install and how to open APK file on PC, Windows, Android, iOS, Mac, or iPhone. In the end, we will also tell you about some tools to open APK files. With any further ado, let us find out how to open APK file and how to use it. 

Are you an Android or iOS user? Then, you must have run across APK files at some point in your life. Ever ask yourself what it is?

I am sure you must have. It is imperative to get detailed knowledge to download all the leaked apps and customize your Android experience that is far ahead of using just the play store. APK files download no money-wasted applications, then why don’t you get them?

How To Open apk file

What Is An APK File?

The complete form of the APK file is Android Package Kit designed for Google’s Mobile and Android operating system. When you download Google Play apps, they will be automatically installed on your device. Perverse, you have to install those downloaded from other sources manually.

It is similar to the .exe file in the windows operating system needed to install the software. The APK files contain all the apps’ data from their resources and are apparent to their compiled application code.

We all download apps from the play store without even noticing the word apk. It is ubiquitous among all of us. It is mainly because the Android OS takes care of the complete app installation process in the background. However, if you know how to install apps manually, many other websites offer APK files for download.

But, the main point here is that you must be careful on downloading these files because malware can easily be prepared in apk files.

Why Do One Use APK Files?

There are times when your Android’s default applications and settings restrict your actions.

This is because Android takes care of your device but if you want to do more with your device, installing APK files is your way to do stuff. Using a legit website, you can download apps and games through apk that are still in the beta stage or if it is unavailable in your location.

If you download the region-restricted app, the APK files will be helpful in these cases. In addition to this, by installing apk files, you can install the older version easily, if you like, the older version compared to the latest version, which is not impossible in Google play.

Uses Of An APK File

  • apk files will allow you to download and use leaked apps.
  • They will also allow you to download the latest google updates by overriding carriers.
  • Google imposes region -restrictions over the download of some applications, so you can’t download them. However, all files are the solution to these problems.
  • Many developers don’t offer their applications to the play store. So you will need apk files to download them.

Components In An APK File

The apk files contain all the necessary documents for an Android program like-

  • Lib/ is the library running on a specific architecture of the device.
  • Res/ is the resource that is not compiled into resources. Arcs. For example- images.
  • Assets/ are the raw files of resources bundled with their developers’ apps.
  • AndroidManifest.xml gives detailed information on the contents, versions, and names of the APK file.
  • Classes. dex is the stacked java class that will be run on the device.

How To Open APK file?

Right, apk files can be opened in various OS, but they are commonly used on Android devices.

APK File On Android

For opening an apk file on Android, the device wants you to download it like any file and then open it when asked. But, apk files downloaded outside of the google play store might not install directly because of security blocks.

To overcome these restrictions and to install apk files from unknown sources, go through one of these menus, based on your Android version-

  • Settings > Apps & Notifications > Advanced > Special app access > install the app 
  • Settings > Apps and Notifications
  • Settings > security 

Based on your android device, you might require a specific app such as chrome, permission to install unofficial APK files. And when you see it unable to install unknown apps or from unknown sources.

APK File On Windows

You can open the apk file on your personal computer using an Android emulator like BlueStacks.

In the program, go to my apps tab and then choose Install apk from the corner of the window.

Open An APK File On Mac

There is a Google Chrome Extension by the name of ARC Welder. It is meant for testing android apps for the Chrome Operating System, but it can work on any OS.

This way, you can open an APK file on your Mac or Windows computer when you have this application installed within your chrome browser.

Open An APK Files On iOS.

You can not open or install apk files on your iPhone or iPad because these files are developed entirely differently from the apps used on those devices. Thus, the two platforms are not compatible with each other.

How To View The Content On An APK File?

apk files are saved on your devices in a compressed format. ZIP format and so can be opened only by any Zip decompression tool.

So, if you like to explore the content of an apk file, you can change the name of the file extension to “. zip” and open the file.

You can also open the file directly through the Zip applications open dialogue box.

Software Tool For Opening Of APK Files

There are some tools and software that allow you to open apk files. Some of them are-

  • WinRAR- is an easy-to-use quick compression software program with over 500 million users. And it is available free of cost.
  • WinZip- an extremely compatible and easy-to-use tool. Its features have made it the most famous compression software. It can extract all the content in no time. You can try it for free, but you have to buy its pro version if you want.
  • 7-Zip- it is a free open source file. It is like a utility place for files in archivers or compressed containers. It is one of the promptly used programs to open apk files.
  • BlueStacks is designed for Android applications, which you can run on PCs and Mac. It is the best and free program for PC and a top-rated tool for Windows and Mac. It is one of the safe and legal ways.

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