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How To Download Music In Laptop From Youtube – 3 Ways

While listening to songs, we often need to save our favorite ones in a folder. But do you know how to download music in laptop from youtube?

If you are not familiar with this, here is our complete article covering how to download music in laptop from youtube. So let us dive in. 

How To Download Music In Laptop From Youtube?

To download music from a popular online platform like YouTube, numerous software and online websites are available. Below are some methods you can download YouTube music to your laptop free of cost.    

1. Download YouTube Music From YTD

  • Download and install YTD video downloader 
  • Launch the YTD video downloader
  • Using your browser, head to the YouTube video that you wanted to download
  • Now copy the address of the YouTube video from your browser URL field 
  • Paste in on the YTD downloader, and now the video file will be saved as an MP4 format
  • You can also convert the format according to your desire
  • Now click the download button in YTD
  • Your Youtube video is successfully downloaded. The downloading time depends upon the size.
How To Download Music In Laptop From Youtube

2. Download YouTube Music From AVC

  • Open the browser on your laptop and type in AVC to download 
  • After downloading and installing the software launch it
  • Now open YouTube from your browser and copy the link address of the video you want to download 
  • Now open the AVC software and choose the “Add URL” option 
  • Directly paste the copied URL on the blank box and click the “Download” button to process
  • You can also download it in the audio format if you wish for
  • Finally, after downloading successfully, click the media and then the download option to play and view the music

3. Download YouTube Music From Loader

  • Open YouTube from your browser and search for the video you want to download 
  • Please open a new tab on your browser and download the Loader and launch it
  • Now paste the youtube link that you copied from YouTube from the URL box on the loader textbox
  • Select the format you wanted to download your music 
  • Your Youtube video is downloaded successfully

These are three simple methods to download YouTube music from YouTube or other websites/software.  

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