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Do You Know How To Download Chrome In Windows 11?

Eager to know how to download chrome in windows 11? 

Here are the steps describing how to download Chrome in Windows 11 in a simple way. So follow these and get benefitted. 

How To Download Chrome In Windows 11

How To Download Chrome In Windows 11?

Generally, Chrome does not come with Windows 11. You can download it on the Edge browser if you seek it. 

  • Head to the Edge browser on the taskbar
  • Then type in Google chrome on the text box to download
  • Click the download button
  • Click Accept and Install button 
  • The Chrome installer should begin Google Chrome installation in a few seconds.
  • After the installation, Google Chrome is ready to use

The steps mentioned earlier are downloading and installing Google Chrome on Windows 11 on your laptop. Further, you can set Chrome as your go-to browser by referring here How To Set Default Browser In Windows 11?

I hope the information significantly provided helps you!

Happy surfing!

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